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  1. I work with a lot of kids that have made a lot of mistakes..... Knowing that you are "freaking pissed" does little to change a childs behavior, it will however have them contemplate what things they want to tell you in the future. I applaud your rule keeping mentality, and agree that you are in the right to be concerned and work to change the behavior. I agree a family apology is frankly in order. I am as concerned about yelling to make a point as I am with innocent albeit wrong range finder usage. The best lesson taught here is that what is good for me is good for you. FYI, a frank disc
  2. Ill third this, norther michigan is awesome but I would do the reverse of this recommendation and stay in Wisconsin (Just north of Milwaukee) Easy day trips to Whistling Straits, Sand Valley, and Erin Hills with a huge amount of great public offerings as well. Then take the trips across the lake for Norther Michigan to Arcadia, Kingsley, and Forest Dunes (and the loop). Northern Michigan has great public golf as well, but I think Wi is just stronger overall with all things factored in. I would not enjoy the southeast in late summer. Way to humid.
  3. Mayakoba El Camaleon isnt actually that expensive. I recently played it 4 times on vacation where I was staying at the resort. Cost was just under $500 for the 4 rounds. Had a great time, took my own clubs. It is a very good course with fantastic conditioning. It isnt otherworldly good, but I have played a lot of golf on vacation and I could play this course every day for awhile and not get bored. I agree with much of the sentiment above. I am far more particular about using my own clubs than who I play with. As it was I played all four days solo. For me it was perfect.
  4. This depends on you and your group. I personally see no reason you should use a service. Some where, some how, that service has to get paid. Usually it is in the form of a mandatory round at a real stinker of a course, or other overpriced accomodation. Courses around AZ (like other parts of the country) arent hurting for play, so there isn't a huge incentive to give services a price break for the business. Do a quick search to look for deals online and then book over the phone and see if you can get the same deal for your group. If Wekopa is on the docket, a wekopass will be useful as it
  5. "I've played Southern Dunes and to me it's just not worth the drive. If you're not in the fairway you're likely in sand and that gets old after awhile. Afternoon winds can kick up, too" I appreciate we can all have opinions, but as far as they go this is an outlier opinion. It is definitely worth the drive, and worth playing 18. As far as other offerings check out this thread that has a lot of what you are looking for: https://forums.golfwrx.com/topic/239432-traveling-to-phoenixsome-course-info-for-you/ It has short reviews and relative pricing.
  6. Original designes of most of the top courses did not include many trees. The picture below is #2 at Pine Valley in the 20's. Seminole, Augusta, Pebble and to a lesser extent Cypress Point all had fewer or no Trees early on. The greatest golf IMO fundamentally relies on surface topography to dictate shot shape and trajectory and not obstacles in the flight path of the ball. The current trend to reduce trees is in my opinon great for golf architecture. Check out some of the before and after here: http://thebottomgroove.com/2017/12/22/pine-valley-golf-club-1950-2015/
  7. Austin is OK. There are no destination type courses, but the Barton Creek resorts are much better than average. A little overrated IMO. I have stayed at the Mariott in N San Antonio before and played the TPC courses there and then driven (about 1.5 hrs depending on traffic) to Barton Creek in Austin. Other public offerings werent spectacular.
  8. I agree Vegas is not a golf destination. If you are there, you can play, but as pointed out above Shadow Creek and possibly Cascata are the only elite courses IMO. Shadow Creek requires an MGM affiliate hotel stay and a limo ride out, Cascata is half an hour south of Vegas in some foothills (To play both of those courses will cost nearly a grand per person) Sabram is in my opinion on point with his recommendations. Streamsong is great. Golf is fantastic, but there is nothing there at all even remotely close, and food etc is lets just say not as good as the price they charge would indicate
  9. RTJ might be out as it can require significant travel unless you are interested in the same two or 3 courses in one spot. My experience has been when the budget is that tight on greens fees, especially right now with how high they are nationwide, it can be more fun to save the travel costs, do a staycation and spend the extra cash on higher end courses at home that you may not usually play. I have a hard time justifying all the expense to travel to a destination to play some meh courses. I do think RTJ is the best value. I would consider increasing the golf budget slightly and pick a place
  10. I think it depends on why you play golf most often. If you are in competition often, then as suggested find what is the most consistent for you and your playing style. For me I cant imagine being 240-260 out on a par 5 and not going for it. I play mostly recreationally and that is one of the most exciting shots for me to hit. So in that train of thought I would never abandon my 3 wood as I cant hit a hybrid or long iron 250 yards like many here.
  11. I always appreciate posts from a visitors perspective. I know at times I get quite jaded regarding a courses strengths and weaknesses. I used to try and dissuade my out of town friends from playing quintero and TPC stadium (more hype than champions), and Cholla, but now I just tag along and enjoy the fun they are having. And really, they all are good golf courses for various reasons, even if they arent top 100.
  12. Now in its second season Ill give my 2 cents on copper rock. I played it on a Friday and Sand Hollow on a Saturday (same Saturday as the big Ironman race at the state park). First off I really enjoyed both courses and I will definitely be returning to play both again. I wont review Sand Hollow here as this is a Copper rock thread, but suffice it to say if I was given 10 rounds to split as I wish between the two, I would do 7 at sand hollow and 3 at copper rock. Possibly 8-2. I really enjoyed the green complexes at Copper Rock. The greens were firm but playable, with a great variety of de
  13. I didnt know this. Wow, many snowmen are living in infamy forever.
  14. For golf depending on how many days and how many rounds per day you are looking at. If you stay at Wild Horse 36 there for ease of use is good. Both courses are well above average but not top tier, but well worth playing if you are on site. The other genius here is that Southern Dunes is much closer than it would otherwise be. You are about a half hour out, most other locations put you at an hour. Again I would recommend 36 there. Most of my friends who travel in to play golf enjoy the second time around even more. We Ko Pa Saguaro can be another golf day. if you want 36 play Cholla
  15. Ill assume Augusta #12, or Cypress Point #16, would win in a landslide since it would mean that you got to play all 18. And Im sure Pine valley has lovely par 3's but nobody outside of a select few really think about holing out on the one shotters there, as they have virtually no broad exposure (unlike Cypress's raw beauty and Augusta's prime time tournament). Another thread got me asking myself: If you could hole out on any public access par 3 what would it be.
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