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  1. No temp greens anywhere (on pebble) as of 11/14
  2. IMO some of the best public golf anywhere, you just booked. Enjoy it will be an awesome few days.
  3. Lets find other areas to gripe about pace. This is one of the few areas of golf that Im willing to wait around for. IMO the best feature of a golf course it the driveable par 4 where a score of 2-7 could be had on any day of the week. Please dont give the bean counters voices to start changing these holes. If your schedule is so tight that you cant afford 5 more minutes for a driveable par 4 then you may want to consider loosening up a bit......or take up drag racing. It ends fairly quickly. Im not a fan of slow play to any degree, but Im not a fan of dragging the driveable par 4 at its expense.
  4. To me total yardage is irrelevant except off the tee, and even then carry distance is more important. Playing conditions, pin placements, and other factors affect so much more shots into the greens. Pros will be much more likely to "flight" a ball and use trajectory to affect total distance than to play a set shot for a specific "roll out". Weekend golfers cant do this. Best option for a higher handicap is be honest about carry. Forget roll out, and CARRY irons to the line between the first and second thirds in the center of every green.
  5. Hadn't even considered #16 at TPC Scottsdale, but that would be an awesome reminder every year as that hole gets so much press. It for sure would be more iconic in your golf circles than many others on the list.
  6. How times change. Remember a few short years back when golf was dubbed a dying sport, and the only question was how many courses are going to close that year. This is a nationwide phenomenon. All of the regular locations I frequent are much harder to book, and prices have gone up everywhere. Good for the industry, bad for easy access to a wide open course. The course I joined in 2013 for 5k and $499/month is now 30k and 1K/month. Private is no better, unless you are willing to pony up for the very high end (six figure initiations)
  7. Sand Hollow has a restaurant on site, I never ate there, but it was busy, so i assume it was decent. If you just want nature and golf then stay at Sand Hollow. If you want other things in any quantity I would stay in town.
  8. Sand Hollow, and Copper Rock are two I would recommend. Sand hollow has on site condos, and there is a state park across the street, as well as side by side rentals for desert running on site. April should be fine.
  9. Also, be aware, Flagstaff is going to have sub freezing temperatures that time of year.
  10. I wanted to improve my game, and proximity to my home was the biggest factor. from my 2013 join date my HCP has come down 11 points.
  11. Pace of play is better at Pasatiempo, but you will still be close. Even if you are at the 4 hour pace you would finish up at sunset. Best case scenario you could get two possibly three more holes in before darkness. Pace of play at Pebble is slower IMO because people are actively enjoying the round through photos and conversation. At times it is also due to individuals who are new to golf and visiting california and want to check off the "I played pebble" box when they go back home. I was once paired with a couple and their friend, that had taken up golf 3 months earlier..... when we were 2 holes behind two more caddies showed up (they had a forecaddie) and the marshal from the proshop watched a couple of shots and privately asked me to play alone moving ahead of the group. I played #5-18 on my own. It was awesome.
  12. If you are asking about pebble beach, then the answer is probably not. Ask at the pro shop if the fee is GTF (guaranteed to finish). If it isnt then most likely you will be playing at a minimum 17 and 18 in the dark. They know very well what pace and light will work. If for some reason you are playing on a day that has a little faster pace then you will be close. If it is a little slower then you most likely wont be done by dark. Sunset is 5pm that weekend. Pace of play will most likely be about 4:45-5:15 hr rounds (later rounds are usually slower. Early rounds are closer to 4:15-4:45 pace in my experience).
  13. My experience is that a private is superior in all facets of golf nearly always. I dont get bored, but I play other courses often. If you are retired most likely you will find a group that you will be able to play with at a private. I use very little of the club I belong to other than the practice areas and the course.
  14. Papago: Solid course for a muni. Not WOW territory, but if you can get times for 2 foursomes it wont disappoint for the price Dinosaur: Form over function for sure. Quirky layout very polarizing. Like Quintero most enjoy their first round there and out of towners love the views (design snobs in the group will loath it) Longbow. Solid course rough around the edges but I really enjoy my rounds there. Upper mid level course. Whirlwind. Same level as Longbow. Good courses well maintained (I prefer longbow if just slightly) Wildfire. Expensive for what it is, but not a terrible course I would put it in the Whirlwind category, but it always seems to be more pricy. Aguila: Solid course. For me it would be between Longbow, Whirlwind, and Aguila. But Papago is much closer to Orange Tree. It always humors me that people are willing to drive 1 hour for a poor Dinosaur mountain course, but are unwilling to drive and extra 15 minutes for Wikenberg Ranch. To each their own.
  15. Proximity is the biggest reason for me. My work is tied to a location, and my time is my least available resource. If I could just fix that work thing....double edge sword. If I had an exclusive club within 15 mins I would join immediately (actually probably wouldn't pass the interveiw:).
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