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  1. Sorry my friend, this golf boom post shutdown and the advent of dynamic pricing makes scottsdale hyper expensive in peak season. I think your circuitous route to troon north is actually going to be the best bet. It is a very good course and wont sting as much at that price. You could spend a lot less and feel a lot more pain.
  2. https://forums.golfwrx.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=540412&key=baeac6e90aaeb5f71cb0459e36deeb5b This is sorted by puttnforthe8 into opening dates.
  3. Id choose Sand Hollow. Other two are good courses, but I enjoyed Sand Hollow so much more.
  4. As a west coaster, I cant think of anything less appealing in retirement than to work hard my whole life and look forward to the bay area. As a former resident and frequent visitor it represents everything I want to get away from in retirement. This has to be a trolling post.
  5. It's almost impossible to create a meaningful post that lists every thought in your head, the post would be too long. um.... It is possible I misread the past decade. But Im pretty sure this is the most precise definition of social media I have ever read
  6. There are a few older couples like this at my club. This is an overgeneralization, but they are the most considerate of all the golfers. Most of the time they are pulling over to let me play through before I even get off the previous hole green. I like them play in the afternoon when it isnt busy. I have never seen them at peak times. Mostly play 9 in 3 hours is my guess, but they try to disappear when other golfers approach. I have stopped to chat from time to time (i usually play alone) and they are hyper aware of the challenges of playing slow. Just my experience. I get that not all will behave like this.
  7. "but they for sure get the complimentary red carpet treatment with golf, dining and accommodations." Often a panelist (for golf digest) will receive a complimentary greens fee. Aside from that a yardage book is the only other freebie that can be accepted. Anything else (even a free drink) would be grounds for dismissal. A man at my club was dismissed from the panel for playing a money game for the last 3 holes of his round. My opinion is that there is far more bias in the private rankings as access to a private course and the commensurate feelings lend heavily to bias. The more exclusive the more the bias. With that said it is VERY clear that there are bias tendencies by raters. Those may very well be baked in by the training given by the directors of the magazines. Im confident they are wined and dined. They chalk it up to the job. This same fellow has commented a few times that Ron Whitten who heads up the golf Digest rankings routinely "calibrates" the panelists. He felt that it was more of a chance to tell the panelists what was and wasnt great, indirectly keeping certain courses at the top.
  8. wait...what...? They have mickey ice cream bars at Magic Kingdom....
  9. Irish is a really good course. I would still choose Straits. While I dont have the Straits rated as highly as most. it is very unique and IMO is better enjoyed on subsequent rounds.
  10. I agree with the Cog Hill assessment. Not sure how it keeps its ranking (lots of Chicago raters with a not great public scene???) Not too many other huge gripes. Still a sham that Southern Dunes (AZ variety) and WeKoPa Saguaro are superior in nearly every way to Quintero and dont get the recognition. IMO at least a third of the bottom 50 are inferior tracks, but still get the nod. Panelists bias against desert courses is real. I have to track down some of the new ones, but I have played over 70 of this years list. Rustic Canyon is another omission. Conditioning may be holding it back. It can at times be a tad bit rough around the edges, but that layout is top notch.
  11. The spa at the Phoenician is fantastic. As mentioned Camelback hiking is within walking distance, and the Scottsdale fashion district is a 3 minute uber. IMO if you want more flexibility for yourself to play better courses, the girls will find much more to do at the Phoenician. That said I am not familiar with Civana.
  12. No availability here, but I have to chuckle at the post. I see a guy suddenly sitting up in the morning waking up with hair sticking up and sleepy face to the epiphany "Im looking to house a golf pro this winter, where can I find one of those". Best of luck finding what you need.
  13. 15 is unplayable period. Recently played an event where the greens were a legitimate 13.5 (I say legitimate because most often the number is fluff for members egos) and my playing partner won with a score of 79. Chips and putts simply rolled to the edges or off the green. Mind you he is a +6 Hcp and has played professionally. I shot my first round in the 90's in many moons as a 4 HCP. I will gladly defer to supers who know the reality of green speeds, but I dont see 15 being a reality for any course.
  14. If they could reinvent the inward and outward finishing holes the whole course would be better. Seriously, I think I have played spyglass 10 times and even now if you asked me to tell you the difference between #9 and #18 I dont think I could off the top of my head........uh... they are like mid length dead straight par 4's with elevated greens. Bunker fairway right, two bunkers right and left of the green. Spyglass is a fantastic course with about 4 of the most bland holes ever created. I think more people would enjoy it if those two holes specifically had any character at all. At least on 17 I can play over the tall trees with driver to cut the corner and add some fun. Pity. #1 is one of my favorite holes anywhere.
  15. Scottsdale at the end of April will be stellar. Rent a huge VRBO (many have golf centric back yards), and enjoy having both golf and nightlife available close by. Most cities will have direct flights, and the money you save on accomodations you can put toward some of the higher end courses in peak season. ***Edit I just saw your updated post. You will have to stretch that golf budget for nearly any warm weather destination in April for 6 rounds.
  16. Caddies work hard and earn their keep for sure. After years of taking caddies at every course that offered them, I now only take them at courses I am playing for the first time. I actually find I enjoy the round more. Most are great. But I was kind of done with the commentary on my game, mechanics, energy level or whatever caught their eye that day. Im on vacation playing golf. I just want to stroll along play my shots and enjoy the course. Many caddies added to that, but the number that detracted have made me enjoy more playing without. Double looping actually helps this IMO as the focus is spread out and I can just plan ahead and enjoy.
  17. Lots of great options. Galvin Green has always been fantastic for me, so I havent tried anything else. Look at their latest offerings you cant go wrong (gortex bucket hat as well). https://www.function18.com/collections/galvin-green?productFilter=category%3AWaterproofs
  18. Cascata clubhouse is awesome from a design perspective, but I will admit it felt odd. Kind of like having a 20k sq foot mansion for a single guy. There seemed to be so much open empty space and nobody (employee or otherwise) to give it balance. Any day I expect to see it on the next most haunted list. Kidding aside if that place was busy it would be awesome. Beautiful place though.
  19. Mayakoba, Stay at the fairmont (all inclusive option) and play El Cameleon a few times.
  20. Most Likely. I didnt try, but it is quite exclusive. Traverse city is a great getaway. Arcadia with the group accommodations is awesome. It will be on par with other trips. Only tricky logistics is that FD is over an hour away from traverse city. If you can swing it two days at FD is worth while.
  21. Depending on length of stay there are 3 must play courses. 1. Kingsley club. it is private but a call from a pro gets you on. Not too hard to book. IMO the best course I have played in Michigan (Havn't Played Crystal Downs) 2. Arcadia Bluffs (they have a new south course I have not played but have heard it is adequate). Awesome course fun to play. They also have some large group villas on site that are fun with a private putting green. 3. Forest Dunes. Not super unique, but it is a really good Weiskopf design. I enjoy his designs. The loop is next door with two 18 hole courses. Some love it. Interesting at a minimum. Also has accommodations on site, and not a significant drive from Traverse City which you would use as a home base. There are a bunch of other really good courses (not world class) that you can add it that would be great if you have the time.
  22. If you have flexibility and this is a golf centric trip June at Sand Valley IMO is the better option. The public golf is MUCH better and the cost is MUCH less. Do the Arcadia/forest dunes/Kingsley trip another time. It is worth its own attention and travel between SV and Arcadia isnt simple. So much great golf on the SV trip. You could spend all your time at SV, or depending on travel plans within three hours you have Whistling Straits courses, BlackWolf Run courses, Erin Hills, and Sand Valley. I loved Sea Island, but nothing there can compare with that lineup (except the price if you stay at the American Club at WS). June will be awesome for that trip. If I had 10 trips I would do 9 to Wi and 1 to Ga.
  23. The Arizona stop I would recommend Southern Dunes (15mins off the I10) or Wekopa Saguaro (little more of a trek, but has a hotel casino on site for a convenient stop).
  24. Fallen oak is a great Fazio, but as noted above requires a Rivage stay. That is my recommendation if you are looking for a good pitstop, otherwise check out Shell Landing which is also close to I10. I would recommend this route if your trip is more of a stop and play while passing through. It isnt as good a the others listed, but it is a really good course (Davis Love design) and the value and ease of access make it a good choice if you are needing to keep the wheels moving.
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