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  1. Fallen oak is a great Fazio, but as noted above requires a Rivage stay. That is my recommendation if you are looking for a good pitstop, otherwise check out Shell Landing which is also close to I10. I would recommend this route if your trip is more of a stop and play while passing through. It isnt as good a the others listed, but it is a really good course (Davis Love design) and the value and ease of access make it a good choice if you are needing to keep the wheels moving.
  2. Rim club is a gem.......please NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
  3. moral of that story... Clubcorp is like dirt. I jest, but agree with the premise.
  4. The wise CEO responds with tough love....you must walk before you can run. Anyone worth their salt must pass through clubcorp.
  5. Sage advice, now young buck....parlay the former CEO into an invite and the difference in monthly dues for a better club.;) I resigned my clubcorp membership for this reason. It was always over crowded. Day of play had to be afternoon because all tee times were booked, and there seemed to be a lot of tournaments at times I wanted to play. My place had a killer practice facility. Resigned back in 2019 and because of proximity I am considering rejoining just for the practice aspect. Sill a sore spot though. I would pay much more for an open tee sheet.
  6. Totally agree with this, but it is also subjective. Part of what to me made the black fun was its quirk.... but for the most part that is all in front of a player and there are so many different shots to hit that a player may not always be asked to hit. Tobacco roads fun is full of quirky sight lines that a player is not typically presented with, many of which are blind or illusion. Also very fun, just different.
  7. Streamsong black was a fun experinece. Not a popular take, but I have a blast playing that course. Tobacco road would be high on that list as well, but it just seems more quirky than fun.
  8. Just some food for thought on a course that has IMO effectively mitigated some of the modern equipment gains (most pros arent hitting driver too often on St Andrews) First year a champion golfer broke 80 on the old course: 1895 First year a champion golfer broke 70 on the old course: 1927 Next Champion golfer to break 70 1955 Lots of 90's being thrown up in the early years over quite a few tournaments.
  9. https://www.gcmonline.com/course/environment/news/green-speed-history Here is some footage of said US open. Modern Stimps I would guess would be 5-7. Tell tale is in the velcro stopping of the ball at the end of the putts. Original Stimp was obviously calibrated to a shorter reading, but still these greens would be extremely receptive to a high wedge shot.
  10. Glenwild, Talisker, or Promontory ( both good courses at promontory, but I liked the Dye course a little less than the other I cant remember its name....painted canyon???) Theses are all really great courses The course at Tuhaye (talisker) is the hardest of the bunch, but all of them listed are worth your effort to get on.
  11. Agronomy is everything here. Average stimp when Eddie Stimpson invented the stimpmeter in 1937 was 2.5 feet. Admittedly the USGA has since modified to the "speed stick", but in 1963 Stimpson measured the US open greens at 2.7 feet, and then finally 6.5 by the USGA in the mid 70's. That is a big difference in playablility. Also Ouimet Played a course at 6200 yards. Brookline today plays closer to 7000. Big difference. Ouimet played par 5's at 430, 435, 520, and 470 yards respectively. 1913 oepn had 2 par 4's over 400 yards, and 3 par fours 300 yards or less. Scratch golfer playing to every pin on a 6200 yard course without penal greens. I think it is very doable. Weather factor goes to the better ball and equipment.
  12. We all tend to think of slow greens as a handicap, but with modern trajectories every pin is a green light when you dont have to factor in roll out. Even chipping could be played right to the hole in many instances. Wedges werent part of the game at that point.
  13. USA has the advantage for sure. The EU team will show up at WS ready for links golf and be frustrated when they discover it is target golf at its finest.
  14. Golf is maddening. My wife joined me on the range at Pebble before I went out one day. I probably shanked 15 shots, couldnt find the clubface. The poor chap next to me just started laughning out loud and said he would be happy to take my tee time as he was just practicing. I considered it. Crept to the first tee with visions of shanking it into the spa on #1. Shot my best round (71) at Pebble in 20 or so rounds. I would love an explanation for how this happens.
  15. Havent played Paiute yet, it is next on my Vegas list. Ive heard good things, but my buddies all say it is always a gale force out there, so I have been slow to book it. My point above is that repeatedly people here boil course experience to price. Cascata will never be "worth the hype" to someone who is cost averse.
  16. Cascata is a really good golf course, both from an experience and design/architecture point of view. Of the courses I have played in LV (and I would include mesquite in that) it ranks second only to SC. Worth the hype is relative. If you are critical of course design based on price (One of the "pebble is terrible because it is $550" guys) then it probably wont be worth the hype. If you arent cost averse, cascata is expensive, then odds are you will really enjoy your round there.
  17. I have never done it, but I have played with a few singles who showed up after calling with little success on the phone and were able to get on. I have also played Pebble on days I didnt have a tee time. I was able to confirm the last tee time of the day(in person) and they put me out at the tail end as a single. A twosome caught me on the 6th hole, but wanted to play as a twosome. It was slow and brilliant, i hit multiple shots into greens, and putt from all the fun locations. Only drawback is I played 17 in near dark, and 18 in complete darkness (I had played it many times so it wasnt like I was missing the big finish. If that is a big deal this wont work). I have fond memories of coming down 18 with the gentleman picking up golfers on 18 using the headlights on his cart to find my (and the two who had now joined) tee shots and layups. Unless it is an abnormal day I dont see much of a chance that if you show up very early and are willing to wait that you cant get out. Edit. My rounds all come in November, not sure if summer is a different beast.
  18. Just one consideration on the schedule. If you are accustomed to walking a lot and in decent shape this schedule is fine. I have played quite a few rounds at pebble with individuals who are on a golf vacation and pebble is near the end of the trip and they are frankly out of gas. Spyglass isnt a stroll in the park for walking, and CPO for riding. Not that it can be helped at this point, but if you are already feeling tired after SH I would skip SB and rest up for Pebble.
  19. Desert dwellers quickly learn evening is great pool time. Morning is golf time. Frankly I prefer to play golf around noon in the summers. Courses are far less busy and rarely is it over 110 before 2-3 pm. Golf IMO in the desert is comfortable up until about 110 without drastic measures. 115 requires wet towels and lots of fluid.
  20. Semantics here. Argentina is most certainly third world (outdated cold war term USA and western Europe were called first world, China and USSR second world, all else non players were third world). Argentina is widely regarded as higher on the human development spectrum than both China and Russia. So there you go.
  21. "If it's not in a place that has year-round tourism it's a bit naïve to expect it to be rented out constantly during those random weeks/weekends during the off season." This is especially true with dynamic pricing. The mountain golf retreat I own pays for 75% of its annual budget (and half of total revenue) on the weeks around the dates you just listed and a few other holidays. Probably wouldnt break even if I didnt open those days up to rental. In unusually busy ski seasons it will see a little winter bump all season long, but the holidays still rule.
  22. This I have a number of rentals that early on my I thought my family would use. Now I just want them rented all the time and the weeks I would want to be there are the weeks they make the best money. I end up just paying to stay elsewhere. Fine to look at as a source of income, but my experience is that expecting it to serve both roles is rare.
  23. I work with a lot of kids that have made a lot of mistakes..... Knowing that you are "freaking pissed" does little to change a childs behavior, it will however have them contemplate what things they want to tell you in the future. I applaud your rule keeping mentality, and agree that you are in the right to be concerned and work to change the behavior. I agree a family apology is frankly in order. I am as concerned about yelling to make a point as I am with innocent albeit wrong range finder usage. The best lesson taught here is that what is good for me is good for you. FYI, a frank discussion about your sons perspective on what he did, and outlining of correct principles based on his understanding, as well as an invitation for him to choose what would be the best corrective action based on the principles discussed, will create future open communication about other even more important things. Just my educated opinion.
  24. Ill third this, norther michigan is awesome but I would do the reverse of this recommendation and stay in Wisconsin (Just north of Milwaukee) Easy day trips to Whistling Straits, Sand Valley, and Erin Hills with a huge amount of great public offerings as well. Then take the trips across the lake for Norther Michigan to Arcadia, Kingsley, and Forest Dunes (and the loop). Northern Michigan has great public golf as well, but I think Wi is just stronger overall with all things factored in. I would not enjoy the southeast in late summer. Way to humid.
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