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  1. Nike golf t shirt and hoodie now up. Hopefully they keep this up.
  2. It easily holds 12 Really don’t have to read any more of your condescending post. But yeah spend all your money on a Gibson over an epiphone that does the same thing.
  3. While I’ll admit there is definitely a tinge-probably even more than tinge-of hipster with Mackenzie/Seamus (I own a fescue bag), it is also nice to support smaller companies with handmade pieces. So, yes, you pay a premium for handmade vs machine, but you’re getting a solidly made product. When I’ve had an issue with my bag, I was able to send it back and they fixed it at no charge. as far as the dewy mornings, the waxed canvas on my bag never takes in water and has been fine. No issues with towels getting wet unless you’re sloppily lying the bag down. It’s also fun to explain to new people my bag is only 5 years old and not from the 50s with the Harris tweed haha
  4. Tie dye fives easily get the most compliments of any cleat I own.
  5. They fit the Spider perfectly. I feel like these are made for all the scotty cameron Phantom line putters, which is dumb.
  6. That was me for the John Deere release. Didn’t we all agree that a spider is standard size for square back putters moving forward? But seriously, it is huge. Like what putter is that for?
  7. Our boy is back doing his thing. https://www.nike.com/t/team-usa-marathoner-running-jacket-9QKtdg/CV0431-657
  8. it’s a general release preorder for anyone who wants them. These are actually some of the most available covers released so not sure about the resell value.
  9. 1. He's got a little pea head and hats look a little weird on him (more or less a quote he has used) 2. He's not getting paid haha
  10. I could see a drop and I feel like he's given some bags out at past Ringer events too
  11. I’m a huge TBC guy, but I am curious as to the people who are into the bags (feel the same way about sugarloaf when they do releases). Is there any reason you would prefer a TBC mackenzie over just designing your own? Not judging just generally curious.
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