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  1. PowerBilt Citation. I would have enjoyed trying it with today's insanely long golf balls. I'm sure the result would be a much straighter ball flight vs. using the old balata balls. And of course 20-30 yards longer.
  2. Agreed. I felt Rory set up the reporters to ask him nothing but Bryson questions, which they pretty much did. Rory came off bitter and definitely wanted to undermine / minimize Bryson's accomplishment. Quite a bad look on Rory who keeps giving me more and more reasons to dislike him. And I, too, found Jaime Diaz to be doing much the same as he literally goaded the USGA publicly to do something about this terrible terrible Bryson trend before it catches on. When he said that, I sensed that Brandel Chamblee wanted to take issue with him and defend Bryson but felt he could not go against the elder statesman, Jaime Diaz, or at least that was my impression because he gave a flustered non-answer. Then Justin Leonard, of all people, added fuel to the fire by giving the USGA some ideas such as reducing driver head size. If our drivers become non-conforming next year we will all know who the instigators were.
  3. I've seen a number of posts in Youtube explaining how to do this. I would advise waiting for Taylormade to follow up this club, which I am also VERY interested in having, with a couple of new incarnations. Then you can sell the one you have or trade it in. I think Taylormade has received sufficient feedback from players that the finish does not hold up on their current offering. I don't have a crystal ball but I really believe they want to follow up on their wonderful initial design with at least two additional finishes which will be better battle tested this time. The cynic in me believes they held back the best performing finish because they knew about the problem with the copper finish. Let it sell out and build interest, then replace it or add to the lineup. My best guess is that chrome will be next version of this wonderful wedge to be released since manufacturers have pretty much figured out how to make chrome finishes nearly indestructible. I'm optimistic they will offer it in black as well but that could come with the same challenges as the copper model faced. It seems to me that Cobra is one of the few manufacturers who know how to make irons and wedges with black finishes that resist early wear and tear.
  4. I was very happy to see that Brooks Koepka did not fall victim to the idea that newer is better, especially given that he played so well last season. And I still think the predecessor to the 919, the 900, looks better. I'm sure Mizuno would have loved to have seen Brooks upgrade but why in the world would he? Newer does not mean upgraded. I think Spieth found that out the hard way. In the long run nothing will stop a player like Spieth from winning, but it makes me wonder how many pros sacrificed their careers by honoring contracts to play the latest clubs from their sponsors.
  5. I used to take practice swings. Not anymore. As long as I know what I want to do with the shot and visualize it in my head a practice swing is of no use. I'll go further and say it is actually detrimental since my practice swing would likely be superior to whatever followed as a 'real swing'. There are two notable exceptions: short delicate chip shots and bunker shots. I will take practice swings in those two instances. I believe one of the major causes of slow play is that players take too many practice swings. If you need a practice swing, and most seem to, just take one. Please. I've never seen any evidence of multiple practice swings improving the outcome of the actual shot for anyone.
  6. They finally got with the program and switched to the 7 iron heads, at least that's what I was told would be arriving. Is that what you have? It never made any sense to me why a company would use 6 iron heads on a fitting cart.
  7. Keep in mind that dispersion trumps distance. Better to be shorter with tighter dispersion than longer with wider variances offline. Of course if you can get longer and tighter dispersion that is the best of all, but not often achieved.
  8. Given what you have said I would highly encourage you to try the i210. They are not forged but they feel softer to me than the Mizuno JPX 900 Forged, which undoubtedly is almost the same as the 'new' release. Surprisingly forgiving as well with a nice thinnish topline. The i500's are interesting, but a bit odd sounding. Even though it is impossible to do it will sometimes sound like you are caving in the face at impact.
  9. Yes, I made exactly that discovery today. I was amazed. I'm even more amazed that this particular models tends to be overlooked by reviewers.
  10. Indeed it is. And it's actually tour size and a special edition to celebrate amateur golfers. They sometimes have it on Cobra's website for around $500. He's had it in different colors throughout the year. It's kind of surprising we don't see more stand bags on tour.
  11. I thought both sets retailed for $1200. I understand they marked down the 900's since they are being discontinued, but I don't think they upped the MSRP on the 919's over the 900's (at least in the Tour models). That appears to be correct now that they are actually released. My information came from what I thought was a pretty reliable source, the Mizuno equipment rep that covers my region. He was wrong and therefore I was too. Both sets were released at the same price point: $1200 for a set of 8 irons. (JPX 900 Tour and JPX 919 Tour)
  12. Agreed, the 900 forged is sold out by me most likely due to the MASSIVE price drop, but the second I find a set I'm buying, I could get it reshafted and regripped and still save money compared to the 919's. Not going to lie I will still try the 919's but if I dont see a massive difference I'll stick with buying the 900 forged. Savvy. I truly believe those who didn't pull the trigger on the 900's because they wanted to wait for the 919's just like spending more money.
  13. I think if you can quantify the difference between the 900 line to the 'new and improved' 919 line it would be well worth it. If you can't I'd say it would be money wasted that could have been invested in a great set in the 900 line. That opportunity ends with the 919 release, naturally. At least to order custom. The 919's have a significant price jump over the 900's and are potentially the same thing in terms of playability. This is the first time I've noticed Mizuno aggressively upcharge. To end on a positive note, at least Mizuno is finally getting smarter by using a 7-iron head on their fitting carts rather than their traditional 6-iron. I believe the average player starts to struggle at the 6 so why have that on a fitting cart? I'm glad they wised up.
  14. So true. I stretch after I hit balls at any level, regardless of whether I'm just hitting a few into a net or playing a round of golf. In my case I have to. I can literally feel things tightening up if I don't. I'm sure I don't stretch long enough but I seem to do enough in the short term. Learning more about stretching is something I need to follow up on. I think if I learned more about proper golf related stretching I'd be less likely to feel so constricted as I often do after a round or a round of practice.
  15. You've hit the nail on the proverbial head. But you also allude to whether or not people would admit that the PGA Tour Champions bags are more relatable. Ego will play a large role in that answer. I also love that there are many players without a full sponsors bag. A player like Bernhard Langer is a great example. He has what I would call a 'Frankenstein Bag' and I mean that in the most complimentary sense. I have one too and it's based on playing what works rather than sticking to one brand because you are paid to do so (pro level) or are just a big fan of the brand (most of the rest of us). I just think that it's a shame that there isn't a once a year review of their bags. It doesn't have to be week in and week out like it is on the main tour. As you said they are unlikely to make many if any changes to their bag set up all year...and quite often multiple years.
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