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  1. Would love to see it at Sand Hills.. not sure if 7100 yards is really long enough for an open, but with the wind, I think it would be doable... awesome track
  2. First things first... where are you living and what is your budget? DFW is huge and one course might be 60-90 minutes away from another depending on traffic. Where you settle down will narrow your choices significantly.. maybe a little more info and we can shed some light on what your best options are. i will say DFW is a great place to be able to play golf year round... welcome
  3. CC courses are very crowded... they are designed to make money for club Corp so I find that conditions take a gradual decline... my 02, never been a member at a club Corp course but have probably played 30-40 rounds on 7 different CC courses in the last 6 years... overall, not bad, not great, some better than others..
  4. You need a routine and a trigger. Should be quick and the same every time you putt.. Ie, two practice strokes looking At the hole, address ball, forward press, and go. <10 seconds start to finish, every time. When this becomes ingrained your putting will be more like muscle memory, there will be less thinking, less yips. imo changing grip and putter may help temporarily while you are adjusting but from what I have seen the yips will come back when you get used to the new grip / putter... key is routine and speed
  5. Takes a while to get down but took me from a horrific putter to putting is now the strength of my game... stick with it. Doubt there’s a better system to go by than aim point express, in my 02..
  6. I enjoy it.. big fan of being able to carry and walk without risking my back. I’ve even taken it to the point of taking a half bag to money games, as I found it rarely seemed to cost me more than a shot or two a round, and made me a much more capable player with in between yardages and controlling trajectory. I also don’t think I’ve ever lost a game with a half bag, I think it gets in a competitors head for some reason. I like to go: driver, 4, 6, 8, p, 54, putter. 7 clubs. My other setup is driver, 3,5,7,9,50,58, putter, which is an additional club (8). 3 balls, couple tees, divo
  7. I personally think the lack of wrist extension is a grip problem. Your right hand is way too strong (palm upwards) which limits wrist extension. I would fix this by moving your right hand into a weaker position (moving towards palm down/on top of club position). This allows your right wrist to extend properly...
  8. I've had these issues too. You are more like the "toward heels" setup, need to be more like the middle one. With your weight so far back, there's nowhere to shift but toward the ball in transition which is why you early extend. It's impossible not to based on your setup. I know why you say you need to keep your back facing the target longer in transition but I don't really think that's the issue. It looks like it though because you reach your max hip turn at around P3 and then your arms overrun the rest of the way. The result of this is that your arms and hips are way out of sync a
  9. I also stayed at the Monterey Plaza hotel when I played pebble.. right on the water, highly recommend..
  10. The sound seems to have gotten better after removing the sole weights and tightening them and the shaft adapter all two clicks. I do think everything came fractionally loose over time. Thanks all, hope that did the trick! Pugs, I had an issue with the original epic where after a few years the head broke somehow, spin went to 4-5k and I lost about 30 yards of carry. Club guy could never figure out exactly where the head was broken but new club did the trick... I played with it like that for about 2 months... thought I was getting old... lolol
  11. I’ve had a Mav SZ for a few months now and the last two rounds I think it sounds different at contact... sounds about the same when I hit the sweet spot, yardage and spin seem okay... but when I hit a little toward the heel, it’s an odd tin-can like sound... sounds different and it’s a sound I have never heard until the last two rounds... Is there something up with the driver? Nothing rattles in it.. externally looks okay.. Any way to tell? Thoughts, gearheads?
  12. Nothing wrong with you other than you decided to walk in that. My hard cutoff is 95 no walking. You need electrolytes big time to make it through in that heat. Plain water is a no no in large volume. You also need to prehydrate for hours and preferably a day before attempting something like that...
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