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  1. So I have a X3 on the way and now I need a nice enclosure before winter hits. I'm looking for a fairly nice setup that I can use at my office. I would like to be able to buy everything i need at a one stop shop. Where are the best places to look? Thanks in advance
  2. Going to be a great day. I think my wife and I dropped 300 on lunch at Mama's and it was worth it. Have never had better seafood.
  3. Plantation will feel like a bargain compared to Mama's. Both worth it in my opinion and both on my list when in Maui
  4. I see Austin thrown out quite a few times. I don't think you could beat Austin for the single scene anywhere. The weather meets your requirements and I think you could rent for the budget you have. Golf is going to be the issue. The private clubs are some of the best anywhere but way over your budget to get in. If you could bite the bullet on a private club I don't think you could find a better place.
  5. I would look for onsite lodging with a national membership. I have one and its so convenient once you get there to just be able to stay onsite. I have heard really good things about Dismal River. Clubs in the Colorado Mtns are great beat the heat options as well and most have national memberships
  6. The most dangerous things in Scottsdale are the Cougars hands down. Stay safe Young Tommy!!
  7. Head to old town scottsdale for dinner. Citizen Public house is our favorite and right in the middle of everything. Trendy, good menu and great drinks. City Hall for steaks.
  8. Silverleaf has a great caddie program. Agree that most are forecaddie but have seen walking (not an easy walk). Caddies know there stuff and are some of the best I have ever had. Worst caddie award goes to TPC Stadium and I ended up with the same one 2 years in a row.
  9. I disagree. I found AGC to be in the best conditions I have ever seen but the course was not that interesting. Lots of the same and not that challenging. I also don't like that there are only 2 par 5's. I find Spanish has a lot more character as far as a course. AGC has a really cool vibe and better club house but if I was going to play a course everyday it wouldn't be AGC
  10. Don't know that much where all the clubs in Austin are located but the absolute best in the area has to be Spanish Oaks for a pure golf club. Amazing course
  11. Swannies has great shirts at a reasonable price and cool style
  12. If you are not looking for the whole family club just great golf and great guys I would look at the plantation.
  13. one club Blue 7355, white 6651, member 6200, gold 5840 red 5738 (I hate the blues. 240 yard par 3, 611 yard par 5 but it is at 6000ft elevation) other club Copper 7155, Blue 6740, White 6352, Gold 5713, silver 4842
  14. one club is about a 7min walk and the other is a 3hour drive. We get to the one in the mountains a few times a month.
  15. Same color I got. you will not be disappointed
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