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  1. I am not a fan of Pinehurst unless it is very convenient. The course condition is good but the layout is just nothing special. I could not see me being a member. Red Rocks has a few really good holes and is fun to play but has a few holes that feel they are in backyards. Not sure about what the membership looks like or how active they are. When I have played its pretty quiet. The Club at Rolling Hills is the best on your list. Good group of players and would be the one I would join unless I lived on RR. Don't know much about Hiwan. Another good course on the west side is Bear Creek but it is men only. Great club if its a fit.
  2. I would go with Sheep Ranch when there is not wind. Not that long and no bunkers. Without the views the course wouldn't be anything special.
  3. The equity based membership is fairly popular in certain areas of the US. I have been researching joining another club in a different state and most seem to be equity based and what that means seems to vary from club to club. Most of them you can sell your membership at a rate determined by the club and the club retains a portion as a transfer fee. That fee varies from club to club 30% to 65% is what I have seen. I did come across one that is market based meaning you can sell you membership to the highest approved bidder basically and the club retains a % of the sale price. The issue with that is when you can sell your membership for a large profit the club is going to have a high rate of turnover that they can not control. This club had a recent sale of 3x the purchase price of less than 2 years ago. Have seen another club actually buying back memberships to decrease the number of members. They could easily double their fee but won't because they do not want members leaving for a profit. Crazy times for clubs right now.
  4. Can anyone explain the white and black tee programs at grayhawk? I get its discounted tee times but do they offer tournaments? What's the cost? Anyone use it? Thanks for the help. New to the area
  5. There are a few of these clubs out there and the good ones are like Fight Club. You don't talk about them because you don't want the high end clubs to crack down on members hosting as access. The good ones are not in it for the profit. They are in for the social and fun part of bringing people together with common interest. Epic and their mass advertising are obviously in it to turn a profit on other peoples access. Not sure that's cool by me. BTW Thousand Greens is just a mess. Hosting a round is a like a box of chocolates.
  6. Broadmoor in Colorado Springs. Sept is the best month to golf in Colorado. Weather is usually drier, temps are perfect. Just check the aerification schedule. I think they are usually middle of Sept. You will not find a nicer resort, literally 5 star with 2 great courses. Senior open is back there again in 2025.
  7. For that format and 1 round I would go with the River. The river has more elevation changes and feels tighter with the trees and river. I actually enjoy playing the Ranch more as the river has a few "weird" holes but its a fun play. one day=River everyday=Ranch
  8. If you are looking at a stay and play option check out Sonnenalp in Vail Colorado. They have a decent course that is semi-private but the hotel has access and there are several fishing options, Upper and Lower Colorado or the Eagle River. Vail Valley Anglers does a great job with float trips. Floating through Glenwood canyon is amazing.
  9. So I have a X3 on the way and now I need a nice enclosure before winter hits. I'm looking for a fairly nice setup that I can use at my office. I would like to be able to buy everything i need at a one stop shop. Where are the best places to look? Thanks in advance
  10. Going to be a great day. I think my wife and I dropped 300 on lunch at Mama's and it was worth it. Have never had better seafood.
  11. Plantation will feel like a bargain compared to Mama's. Both worth it in my opinion and both on my list when in Maui
  12. I see Austin thrown out quite a few times. I don't think you could beat Austin for the single scene anywhere. The weather meets your requirements and I think you could rent for the budget you have. Golf is going to be the issue. The private clubs are some of the best anywhere but way over your budget to get in. If you could bite the bullet on a private club I don't think you could find a better place.
  13. I would look for onsite lodging with a national membership. I have one and its so convenient once you get there to just be able to stay onsite. I have heard really good things about Dismal River. Clubs in the Colorado Mtns are great beat the heat options as well and most have national memberships
  14. The most dangerous things in Scottsdale are the Cougars hands down. Stay safe Young Tommy!!
  15. Head to old town scottsdale for dinner. Citizen Public house is our favorite and right in the middle of everything. Trendy, good menu and great drinks. City Hall for steaks.
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