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  1. Emailed them and got a response quickly. Unfortunately they're saying it may be 48 hours before Android will pair. At this point I've told them I want to return it as my fear is ongoing connection and software issues. Bummer because it seems like a cool product but given it was later than expected delivery and doesn't work, it's not a good look. I know I'm probably in the minority with Android but still definitely disappointed
  2. Welp, got mine today. Unfortunately it will not connect to my Pixel 5, tried various ways the past 30 minutes with no luck. Hoping it's a quick fix otherwise this thing is headed back ASAP
  3. I did inquire and the response was in the next week or 2. Though before that they told me they wanted to have it hands for July 4th weekend (which obviously didn't happen). Hoping it's a supply chain issue and not a technical one
  4. Used for about 5 rounds, 3 of which were carry...all others on a cart. Just have too many bags, but this thing is super nice so not going to complaining it doesn't sell. Includes both dual and single strap and rain hood (never used) Price is firm $400 + $10 if shipped west of Detroit/Cleveland (shipping will be pricey)
  5. A couple of wedge heads, one assembled and a Gapr Lo DI. Can work discounts for multiple purchases. Thanks 46⁰/08⁰ Vokey SM6 F Grind Chrome - used for about 1/2 season $60 50⁰/08⁰ F Grind Vokey SM7 Jet Black, used about a season $70 Vokey 56⁰/14⁰ SM6 F Grind Tour Chrome, used about a season $60 Assembled Vokey SM7 Jet Black 60⁰/12⁰ D Grind w/ B&B F Co + KBS Nickel Wedge Shaft, used about 1/2 season $95 TaylorMade Gapr Lo 3 w/ Project X Hzrdus 100g, 6.5 $120
  6. I do have a caliper (that's how I got .345) as well I cannot get my .355 shaft to fit. But thanks for the response just questioning the validity of the question
  7. Anyone know where to purchase a shaft that fits? The hosel diameter on this seems to be about .345 Or is there any trick to getting a .355 shaft to fit? Thanks!
  8. I typically wear a 12, but have read footjoy sometimes is a bit big. How do these fit?
  9. Cleaning out the closet with some shorts that I have barely worn. Most show as size 30 but honestly got closer to a 31/32. One pair is a true 32. $20 per pair Blue UA - sold Forest Green UA - sold Grey Pumas - sold Black/grey Adidas Black Pumas - sold
  10. Selling 3 wedge shaft pulls from a few vokeys I had. One is an S400, the other 2 I'm unsure other than they state BV on them. Minor chipping but not anything noticeable at address Note: had these for sale a few weeks back and there was a misunderstanding with the buyer and I. All resolved easily but these were sent back almost immediately after arrival. Looking for $50 (for the 2 BV - s400 sold) Pair of G/Fore Gallivanter White 12.5. Worn for 2 rounds and stored with shoe trees. Just not the right fit for me, I tried a half size larger but feel lik
  11. Probably have enough clothes...but I'm always tempted on a trade. What do you have?
  12. Prices are OBRO too. New shoes, just way too many and the wife wants me to clean them out $old SM7 62*/08 Tour Chrome. Used not abused $70
  13. M3 5 wood head. Pretty low spin but elevates easily $75 Black wedge shafts, lengths as shown. Really only want to sell as a set. Pulled from 50,54,60 wedges. The one with grip is basically a brand new golf pride tour 360, felt bad to cut it off $80
  14. A couple of heads that don't fit my current yardage gaps. All in used but not abused condition. Each head $50, all 3 for $old Vokey SM7 54/10 Jet Black Vokey SM6 52/08 Vokey 58/08
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