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  1. Massive lucky break off the tee to find his first tee ball.
  2. That is a huge break. That ball did not deserve to be found.
  3. Anyone else watching Featured Groups on the Masters App? Are there announcers?
  4. Looking for recommendations. I’m happy with my bag and have decided to invest in some one-on-one lessons for the first time ever. Played some of my best golf ever this summer and I’d like to be even better next year.
  5. Always like it when the older guys win. 37 ain’t all that old I guess but he’s 16 years older than Wolff! The Eagle from the bunker and the up and down on 17 in regulation were absolutely ridiculous. I thought Cook or Wolff were gonna steal this one after it being Laird all day but he had just enough.
  6. Also I can’t believe Cook missed his putts on 16 and 18 and made on 17. The one on 18 was a heartbreaker.
  7. Laird with an unbelievable up and down. Absolutely ridiculous.
  8. Matthew Wolff!!! Are you guys watching this. THREE Eagles on the back nine. He barely missed a fourth. Like it needed another inch of pace. Unreal.
  9. He literally switched his coach and made swing changes this year. And for the first time in...10 years (??) this week he has a new style of putter in the bag. I don’t know why this happens either - but he’s not just like lazing around doing nothing to try and change things.
  10. The deeper they get into the round the better the course looks.
  11. Also I’ve always really liked Henni Zuel. More of her on every golf broadcast please.
  12. Rory hitting wedge from the green. Awesome - and absolutely no divot. Perfect contact.
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