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  1. This is a great post.... But I do think you need that confidence and that belief in yourself because golf is about being able to execute the shot. And there is something to be said for the idea that you gotta get while the getting is good so if you're playing well you damn well better being trying to pull off shots. I think stats are awesome and I believe in their power to help golfers make smart decisions - but I also believe that sometimes you gotta just grip it and rip it. Knowing when you CAN do that vs when you CAN'T is hard.
  2. Golf is so dumb. I was the first out this morning - no warm up and I haven’t played in 3 weeks. I somehow manage to get it on the green in two and of course I drain the 35-footer for bird. Never made a birdie at 6:15 am before! Two holes later I four-putted for a triple. What a stupid sport. But I kept it together and shot 81 (43-38) with two birdies - my putting was still really terrible. I think I’m gonna swap putters.
  3. I was watching that - the crazy thing about that drive is, IIRC, he hit it literally perfect and it rolled for like 50 yards all the way through the middle of the green and went into the water behind the green. Look I’m a fan of his so I’m biased but to me it was just a bad break and not a mental mistake. Even up two - he has to assume Hideki will birdie the hole so he has to be thinking birdie IMO. And Hideki did finish birdie-birdie so an even par finish wouldn’t have been enough. 18 is certainly birdieable but 17 is the hole for birdie for sure. He still probably shoul
  4. Keith Mitchell is on fire!!! SEVEN BIRDIES IN A ROW.
  5. I think you guys are right. If only Rickie had gone for it on 15 back in 2011 he would have had a great career and really could have made a life for himself.
  6. The 9th is a beast today. 511 yard par 4 into the wind.
  7. It doesn't really matter and there is a long way to go but a win at the 3M would put him inside the top 50 I think - so he'd have the Wyndham, Northern Trust and BMW to move up inside the top 30 which isn't inconceivable. Not sure about his status for the WGC...and I don't see him playing the Barracuda. After all the nonsense about how Rickie is terrible at golf and overrated and overexposed it would be absolutely hysterical if he made the Tour Championship this year.
  8. He’s had a lot of good opening rounds - he’s been under par a bunch after Thursday it seems - but he has been pretty bad every other round. Here’s hoping he can follow it up tomorrow. As a fan I’m just hoping he doesn’t go completely off the rails but I’m sure he’s thinking 66-67. His strokes gained putting today was/is 4.338 according to what I can see. His season average is -0.167!!!! His driver and irons were solid but he really rolled his rock today. If he can get anywhere close to that the rest of the week he’ll be in the hunt for sure.
  9. I remember a few years ago Ted Potter Jr beat DJ at Pebble.
  10. He’s missed a ton of putts too. I think he missed like 3-4 birdie putts inside 10 feet just today…
  11. Golf is so dumb. Rickie has 3 great looks for birdie on the first three holes (15, 7, 12 feet) and only makes one. Then he hits a short iron 20 yards right of his target on 5, a horrible shot...and of course he pitches it in the hole.
  12. Hideki out with a COVID 19 positive test.
  13. Phil doing some stand up comedy on the first tee. (hopefully people post clips of stand up comedians now)
  14. Several very clear “BRROKSY” yells after Bryson made bogey on two. Like it was funny I guess at first but I’m just reminded of a******* yelling FREEBIRD at every concert they attend. I’m hardly a fan of Bryson but it’s already played out.
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