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  1. Thank you so much for that! I was on mobile and I couldn't quite tell. Looks like they are standard length. I'm looking for +1/2". GLWS.
  2. Forgot about exemptions. I was thinking about the 10 year exemption for winning. I forgot the USGA could just let him in. edit: But I feel somewhat confident that Tiger will never, technically, qualify for the Open again.
  3. After Ben Hogan's accident in 1949 here are the number of tournaments he played in from 1950-1970: 6, 4, 3, 4, 4, 3, 5, 2, 3, 5, 4, 3, 3, 1, 4, 5, 4, 4, 3 Now Hogan was able to be competitive - winning tournament and majors still. Tiger himself seemed unsure of when he'd be able to play (semi) competitively again. I actually think it might be a whole year more until he's back in the Bahamas again. I think the best we could hope for in 2022 is him playing the Par 3 at The Masters. Which would be INCREDIBLE.
  4. Like - I've loved watching Tiger and think he's the GOAT - but he's going to play 5 tournaments a year if we're lucky. And he'll make the cut maybe once. Masters British PGA He probably won't qualify for a US Open again if I understand the rules right. Torrey Pines and Bay Hill. Maybe Riviera? Maybe Players? Maybe Memorial? I can see Tiger making the cut at the Masters and maybe at Riviera. Tiger has absolutely nothing left to prove to any of us and I hope he is able to find peace and be content with his life even without high level competitive golf.
  5. Wanted to say thanks for all the comments. I think I'm going with option 3 - replace the irons basically as they were (with probably an updated version of the Z7/Z5 series), get updated wedges of the same ilk (Zipcores I guess), same putter...and then rework the top end of the bag with hybrid/fairway/driver fitting - I feel like my gaping wasn't great. Are the 765/785 Srixon irons good? It seems to me like the 765s weren't quite as beloved as the 745s...and now everyone seems to think the ZX7s are amazing so I'm not sure what to think about the 785s...I don't know if I want to pony up for the ZX7s or not.
  6. Just to quickly respond - we won't trigger our insurance. The deductible is way more than my clubs were worth. I had almost all used clubs - like the Srixon hybrid I was playing cost $27. And my Anser 4 wood was $40.
  7. My clubs were unfortunately stolen this weekend. So I need...everything. I'm just wondering how other golfers would try to rebuild their bags. I feel like there are two main options: 1.) Remake the bag as close to what it was as possible - I got fit 2 years ago and was happy with everything. 2.) Go all in with another fitting and get something all new going. I tend to buy used clubs and keep them for as long as possible because I'm cheap and I just don't have the desire to constantly chase new stuff. I guess there is a third option: I loved my irons - Srixon z745s with KBS 120s - I was working on turning them into a combo set with the 4/5 as a z5X5 instead of the Z7X5. I feel like getting another iron set up like this is what I'm going to want to do either way. Maybe I save my fitting just for my hyrbids/fairway/driver and wedges? Thanks for any thoughts.
  8. If they have to ask for a waiver then clearly they can be denied that waiver. Seems pretty simple. Are there avenues for appealing? Does the Tour have to even give any kind of reason for denial? Like I don't know what the contractural language looks like here. Also...I think it's crazy to think that it's JUST about the money for these guys. They want to win. They grind and grind and hit thousands of balls and putt hundreds of thousands of times so that they can win. It's a bit of a chicken and egg argument I guess - but I just don't think you can get to where they are and only be motivated by the money. I mean...for example...why has Phil, who is worth $400 million, spent the last five years transforming his body and working his a** off? He could be just playing occasionally on the Senior Tour and then be doing literally anything else he could possibly want. Turns out ALL he wants to do is win and grind and compete (and hit filthy bombs).
  9. Like can you imagine if Rickie actually just puked everywhere instead of hitting 71 golf shots today. Like just on his hands and knees absolutely puking his guts out on the first tee while Rory and Ancer hit their drives and wonder what they're supposed to do. Finally Rickie is done and he slowly stands up and says: "With Farmers Insurance Policy Perks you always get a little extra something."
  10. I actually think Rickie can take some good from this. He just couldn't make a damn putt out there today. He hit 12/14 fairways and 14/18 greens today. But then he missed a 3' putt to make double and then three-putted from 19 feet a few holes later. And on the back nine alone he missed birdie putts from 15', 10' 3" and 6' 10". And on the front nine he missed a 7' 1" putt for bird. None of those are "gimmes" by any stretch - but the point is that he HAD opportunities. Like I think "Sunday Rick" of old would have shot 74 and missed 5 fairways on the front and only hit 10 greens all day and simply never had a chance to shoot a good score. Rickie absolutely put himself in position to shoot 67 and win today.
  11. Also feeling pretty good about this prediction.
  12. Rickie has lost 2.7 strokes putting today. 2.7!!!! Like it’s been a great week for him but jeez…like what are you gonna do? Some days you just don’t make anything.
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