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  1. PX Flighted shafts (for me) definitely spun more and launched slightly higher throughout the set over the standard PX shafts. By no means am I saying that the PX Flighted shafts were bad, just not as good a fit for me as the standard PX. I have no experience with PX LZ but I think the PX Flighted shafts should resolve any dislikes you may have had with the standard PX shafts as well as offer the performance aspects of the PX LZ shafts that you did like. Obviously, results may vary from individual to individual but based on my fairly extensive experience with both Flighted PX and standard PX, I think you will kill two birds with one stone so to speak.
  2. I have found that I get a little more distance out of a hybrid (of equivalent loft) vs. higher lofted fairway wood. Take that for what its worth....for me, I generally spin higher lofted fairway woods more than the style of hybrids I gravitate towards. It really isn't a staggering difference in yardage between the two. Granted, there are a few fairway woods in 5 wood(ish) lofts that will launch the ball lower with less spin than others but that is not my cup of tea.
  3. Bump.....Surely someone has tried these out??
  4. OP, I was on the fence regarding these two drivers earlier in the year as well. Went with the F9 due to the Tour Length option and I have been very pleased. Think I could game the ST190 just as easily though. Both drivers look good to my eye at address and both feel solid.....can't imagine one is head and shoulders better than the other if settings are dialed in. About the only thing I preferred about the ST190 over the F9 was the open face......F9 sits square but the ST190 is noticeably more open than just about anything else on the market.
  5. Was unable to locate any previous posts related to this topic. Have seen these wedges in store and they had a nice shape to them. Looked at the price tag and that really got me thinking about trying them out. If anyone has experience with these wedges, share your thoughts.....this can include any iteration of the HL wedge series, not necessarily the most current offering. Thanks!
  6. Yeah, glad that the industry got away from that. Enough options without the . 350 tip diameters.... Not sure why they were phased out but would like to know if anyone can shed some light on the subject.
  7. Aldila Green NV NXT 75X Dumped the HZRDUS Smoke 70 which came in the driver for the same reason you are considering going up in shaft weight. The Smoke shaft was really good actually but the setup at 44" from factory did not offer enough swingweight or overall weight for my preference(which I fully expected and to Cobra's credit, the build was spot on to their listed swingweight so no knock on them). I installed the Green NV NXT 75 at 44.5" which really improved the swingweight as well as the overall weight. For what it is worth, it has been a surprisingly excellent shaft!
  8. Have you tried Lamkin UTx? Perfect blend of tackiness and cord so they are comfortable without sacrificing grip. They are somewhat firm when compared to other popular grips and they are durable. IMO, they do not give the slightest sensation of "twisting" typically associated with grips that offer additional layers of cushioning. With that being said, the Sonar Tour is the next grip on my radar.
  9. Strongly considering one of these for a backup driver to throw into the rotation especially at the price point. Really impressed with everything this driver has to offer and although I have not hit it on the course before, initial impressions from a brief range session were very positive. In fact, I had a hard time pinpointing something I didn't like about the darn thing. Makes you wonder how Tour Edge can offer a driver of this caliber at this price point with no current year model competition from another OEM (that I am aware of)? Heck, might even get the 3 wood just for shiggles!
  10. Thanks OP. I am really excited about the MP20 line, specifically the MMC. Looking forward to more reviews on the entire lineup including the T20 wedges.
  11. The grips may not be the reason you are hitting the irons worse than the driver but if it were me and I suspected the grips were playing a role in the outcome, I would certainly change the grips. All about eliminating variables.
  12. Went with the Smoke (Black) 70 and although it is a great shaft, the setup is a little too light for my liking (both swingweight and overall weight). Call me crazy but I am about to slap a new VS Proto 80 in it.
  13. Not your imagination. Swingweight is simply a universal measure of how the weight of the club feels when you swing it. Swingweight, overall weight(total weight of all the components of a club) and where that weight is positioned throughout the club are noticeable between two clubs. "Listed" swingweights are almost useless......if you were to put 10 of the same drivers (same head, shaft, length, grip, number of wraps of tape) from the same manufacturer on a swingweight scale, you would probably get no less than 6 different swingweights. Some swingweights might be pretty close but there would be a small variance with the occasional odd ball mixed in. Shaft weight, shaft balance point, grip weight, total tape weight, head weight, and adaptor sleeve weight will all play a role with how a club "feels" whilst being swung. You can certainly weigh both of the clubheads for comparison but that may not tell you the entire story especially if both heads weigh about the same. Shaft weight, balance point of the shaft and shaft length would also need to be considered. For example, you could have two heads which weigh exactly the same both with a 70 gram shaft (two different shafts of same total weight) installed at the same length with the same amount of grip tape and the same grip. Let's say the shaft in one driver has a higher balance point than the other and gives you a swingweight of D2 whereas the other driver without the higher balance point shaft may have a swingweight of D4. So, essentially, the overall weight of both drivers are identical yet you are left with two completely different setups. You could achieve similar subtle (or drastic) changes in weight and "feel" by shifting one or multiple variables mentioned above. It can get overwhelming if you are just starting out but to keep it simple I would recommend that you find a driver that you do like the "feel" of and get the swingweight measured. This would at least give you a baseline from which to compare against other drivers or future drivers. You could measure overall weight as well but I think that might add to the confusion....i.e...I think most people could absolutely distinguish between two different swingweights and express a preference to one over the other however, I don't believe you would encounter too many people that could easily identify a difference of several grams in total weight between two clubs or not mis-interpret a slight change in swingweight as a difference in overall weight. Regardless of how you choose to approach it early on is up to you but know that a good fitter could work with you on the additional variables if you wanted to learn more about what works best for you and really fine tune a club's setup. I wish you the best of luck and hope you find a setup that works for you.
  14. Dudee

    Wedge shaft

    > @HappyGilmore22 said: > How do you like playing PX 6.5s in your wedges? Curious since when I order T100's I'm likely getting them in PX 6.5s. About to test out $-tapers this weekend but really like PX. I currently have DG S400s which are good but totally different feeling shafts than PX so kind of worries me with them once I get my new irons. PX in the wedges was the "logical" next step for me about 10 yrs ago. PX shafts had clearly led to a drastic improvement in my iron play over Dynamic Golds....it just didn't make sense to continue struggling with DG shafts in the wedges any longer. Once I made the switch, many of the inconsistency issues I was having with my wedges seemed to vanish immediately. Distance control was much better and accuracy greatly improved.....apparently, I was experiencing the same issues with my wedges that had plagued me with DG shafted irons, just never really connected the dots at the time. Have noticed nothing negative on shots closer to the green either.....chips, pitch shots, flop shots and bunker shots are all very consistent and repeatable. In my experience the PX shafts in the wedges have led to very little, if any, spin reduction on the delicate shots around the green. One of the best things I have ever done for my short game.
  15. Dudee

    Wedge shaft

    > @Tasals said: > I play the same shaft in my wedges as I do my Irons. Its all personal preference. I find no issues with a lob wedge and touch shots or bunker play with keeping all my shafts the same. Its just one less feeling for me to worry about on the course. +1
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