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  1. Favorite headcover? USA Red/White/Blue What accessory would you customize? Mallet head coverWhat prize do you want to win? Stars and Stripes Set
  2. Or the fact that you can zoom in on the face photo and see there aren't any screws. OR you know the 94.1% Feedback
  3. We need the 3balls deal again when they had a coupon on top of the B1G1 from last year.
  4. Wait......someone paid close to $1k for some old A....S clearly used VR blades!? I am sitting on a gold mine of old Nike crap then! OP I would have NEVER bought those and assumed they were new(other) you can see the nicks and face wear in the short clubs. Those have been played for several rounds or range sessions. A few times is a flat out lie. Good luck in the return but the pictures from the original auction (eBay item number:264717252238) do not hide what you received.
  5. The wingtips of course! Every sporting goods store near me always has a great selection of custom wingtips in stock.
  6. My 5’s finally showed up from Nike yesterday. I love them. Easily the most “authentic” reproduction into a golf shoe. I think they are extremely comfy. Mine squeaked out of the box but once that little shiny paper around the tongue came out they are nice and quiet. Im a 10.5 in every shoes but FJ. These fit fine. Typical one foot slightly larger than the other for me. Roomy too. I removed the little laces thing and laced them up to the top holes. Very stable.
  7. Ahhhh yes.... The Dicks sporting goods/Academy/any half as**d sporting good store with a little golf section always in stock adidas special. The shoes my 65 yr old pops enjoys wearing. The shoes that look like they come with a free bowl of soup or oatmeal. The shoes that automatically match the white new balances in your closet and the corvette in the garage. The shoes of the dude that hits it 150 down the middle but still waits for the green to clear on a par 5. The shoes of free golf lessons mid round. The shoes that say I collect social security. The shoes that conversations always start wi
  8. > @sharkiesj said: > Golf Galaxy also has Air Zoom Victory Tours marked down to $108.98 - Dick’s $20 anything over $100 coupon= $88.98 + tax. Not bad for a good shoe And just like that the all whites are coming my way!
  9. I don't even bother with the BST or ebay for clubs anymore unless its a random limited release I snagged and didn't want. Just wait until RBG or GG run 50% trade in bonuses now. Usually gets close enough to the going rate after fees/shipping and you dont have deal with the hassle of buyers expectations.
  10. Just finally got my first round in with it last night. Rolls pretty darn nice. Hate the grip but then again I've always hated this type of grip and I hadn't had a chance to throw a 3.0 on it yet.
  11. Anyone else’s insert not flush with the rest of the face? Like you can drag your fingernail and feel it? I tried to grab some pics of it...
  12. Soooooooooo...... Is anyone else’s insert not flush with the rest of the machined face? Enough to catch a finger nail on? When I look down at address I can see the milled edge reflecting back up to me with normal ceiling fan lighting let alone sunlight.
  13. Yes I will game my NP and I sold the extra NP2. The end. *also needs to move to the putters section.
  14. > @IvanDrago said: > So whats happening then with the batch thats supposed to be coming in september? > > are they more on top of the 6000 already made? > > i'd assume with a limited edition release all 6000 would be made and shipped at the same time? Again I’ll glady eat crow...But unless it’s CAMERON saying there’s more coming take it with a grain of salt. Again for the 100th time that isn’t how Cameron limiteds work with a second “release”. If you think the outrage is bad about being sold out already imagine the horde of loyal Cameron fans who find out their limi
  15. > @Scotty1140 said: > Got a NP2 from Golf Galaxy. The feel is awesome. Does not disappoint. I just can’t believe how cheap the headcover is. Every time I grab mine the headcover aggravates me. The OTR normal stuff feels better than the t22 cover.
  16. The Nike’s from Ross/Burlington we’re banned because the BST became literally OVERRUN by people coming out of the woodwork listing 20-30 pairs of shoes at one time with all the different sizes etc. Yuge difference. The BST was a Nike outlet for a few days. And then people started posting what they had in the main threads and the mods locked that down too. Clearly flipping for INCOME purposes. Joe_forum member flipping his extra T22 for a few hundy is not in the same league. Get over it or keep whining let the butthurt flow through you. It’s just another limited Scotty release. As of
  17. This was every bit a limited release of around 2000 of each model if the numbers match other releases. That’s very limited just this time it’s multiplied by 3 at once. None of what the big box retailers are going through is Cameron’s fault. They chose to open up preorders to basically the internets without knowing which store was getting what. It’s on them if you guys aren’t lucking out. I’m sure SC allocated putters by business especially based on what DD’s told me. I called Discount Dan’s the day it was announced 20 mins after it went live. They were straight up and said we were told 6 @
  18. > @BTmizuno1983 said: > The flood has begun on the BST. It always entertains me to watch the responses of the people who are agitated by the price they list it at:) Yep goes with the territory...And the pricing is all over on Ebay right now with newly listed anywhere between $800 and $1050 and selling is still averaging about $850ish so I priced mine smack in the middle. I'm sure if I listed mine at $600, ate the paypal fees, and shipping the same ones complaining about making a few $$ would have no problem with me losing money so long as they were happy. Like I said yesterday its t
  19. Title says it all. Putter is in hand and will ship out next day once PP hits. **_$925 OBO Shipped and Paypal'd. _** Shipping included above will be either UPS or Fedex ground with insurance for sold value and Require Adult Signature (no signature release). Anything faster will be on the buyer i.e. costs based on coming from 32826/Orlando, FL if you would like to estimate. 36x5x5 @5lbs. **Absolutely no trades. I will not waive insurance or the signature please do not ask.** I'm expecting a ton of PM's so please don't waste each others time with lowballs. First to pay gets the goods e
  20. > @jschwarb said: > I think the market right now is about $100-$150 over the $599 MSRP, but on eBay there's no money to be made at those prices after fees so sellers have to ask for more. Maybe the market changes in the coming weeks/months, who knows. The three recent NP2’s sold on eBay (today) for around $860 average. Sellers net means nothing when buyers are paying ~$250 over retail. The market right now is right around $900 OBO based on eBay. Sell on eBay make less after fees or sell outside, possibly a little less, and make a little more. The supply is going to be limited regardl
  21. Am I the only one not impressed with the headcover at all? It feels so weak and flimsy. Visually they are nice but the material feels the worst compared to any others Scotty headcover I have both retail and limited.
  22. Just got confirmation that my NP2 shipped from Carl’s and they shipped it 2day! And my NP arrived today from DD’s!
  23. > @KYGolfer11 said: > > @Crooksc17 said: > > Got my shipment email last night from club champion. Scheduled for delivery tomorrow. > > You’re so lucky! Carl’s shipment slow to the draw or they’re REALLY sticking to that 8/16 release.. > > Yes Carl’s is a little aggravating right now. No word besides the initial confirmation on my NP2. Meanwhile DD’s shipped my NP Monday and it will be here on the 12th.
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