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  1. Following. Also looking to purchase one of these 2. Anybody??
  2. > @Buzzkill said: > They're going to be 3 points lower BUT can be tip weighted - just depends on your preferred clubhead/swingweight feel. Gotcha, thanks! As mentioned above I've got lighter grips on order, along with some of the rubberized tungsten weights so I should be able to get the SW up as high as needed. Was just hoping to get a baseline as I don't like adding any more weight in the hosel than needed
  3. > @Nessism said: > Your question relates to feel, and each person is different so you need to decide for yourself. I can say that if a person is used to 125 gram shafts they may not like light shafts regardless of the swingweight. Also, if using a high balance point shaft, which counterbalances the swingweight scale, you may find a slightly lower swingweight acceptable. Hey Ness, appreciate your input as always! I am dropping a few grams from 125's to the 110 in the SF's. I've also ordered a set of the Winn Lite 25g grips for these to offset the high balance point
  4. Hey guys, Doing my second build with steelfibers. I was wondering what everyone has deemed an "acceptable" swingweight for these with the balance point being so high... For reference: I've been playing Recoil Proto 125's. And without any added weight they played just a hair under D0 and haven't had any problems with feel.
  5. Hey guys, just a few shafts that didnt make the cut... as always prices are shipped CONUS. 1. Graphite Design AD-DI 6x -Tipped 1" plays 45" in G400 **$180obo** 2. PING Tour 65 X - Straight from ping, no tipping. Plays 45" in G400 **$80obo** 3. Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 Wedge Shaft Set Play standard length in RTX-4s. No grips **$old**
  6. Hey guys, a couple shafts up for grabs today. 1. HZRDUS HandCrafted T1100 6.0 65g w/ PING tip. 43.75" butt to tip. Plays 45" in G400 **$250** (pretty firm on this one, literally just got it and not totally sure I want to sell) 2. Kiyoshi Black 75 05 w/ LH TM adapter. 43.5" butt to tip. Played 45" in M3 **$old** 3. Kuro Kage XT 70X w/ LH TM adapter. 43.5" butt to tip. Played 45" in M3 **$145obo** Will be happy to send additional pics if needed! Trades: -Kiyoshi White 05 65g -Simliar shafts in the 60-65g range
  7. Hey guys, Just one item up today. Scotty Pro Platinum Newport 2 Tri-Sole model. Not a ton to say here, putter is in good shape no nicks or scratches, just normal ware from being gamed. Plays 33.5" Sorry no headcover $250 shipped
  8. Hey guys, Looking for a little help here.. I've been fighting a big push fade lately when my stock shot has always been a draw. Im playing some fairly aggressive x stiff shafts throughout the bag to combat an extremely high ball flight with too much spin due to the majority of my speed coming right at impact, a lot like Jason Day. I've been trying to dial back a bit lately to gain some control and help combat spin especially in the irons. Since the change I'm hitting a lot of balls flush but with a slightly open club face (ball starting left and drifting left). Im wondering if going back to stout stiff shafts will help me get the club back to square a little easier or if its strictly a swing flaw. I play to a 10hc, average ss around 108 Any insight would be helpful, thanks guys!
  9. 2ball said: is the Hzrdus a made for or from OEM? To the best of my knowledge its an OEM. Bought off another member here in a Titleist then swapped the tip
  10. Trades: -G400 Stetch 13* head only or X-flex -Low/Low Driver Shafts (PING tip preferred) Tensei Pro White/Orange 60TX Atmos Tour Spec Black 6X
  11. Hey guys, One Driver for sale today with a couple shaft options (assuming I can navigate the update) Taylormade M3 9.5* Driver Head Gamed this since about July. Has some normal play ware on the sole but nothing out of the ordinary. Face and crown are perfect. Headcover included. Shaft options (Both play 44.5" and have LH tips) -HZRDUS Smoke 6.5 60g $250 NOW $225 - Kuro Kage XT 70X $300 NOW $275
  12. Looking for a tank #1. Either the original white hot insert or o works at 38” Not interested in the 1W model must have the plumbers neck.
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