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  1. I have 1 in a TS3 that came in my Exotics 3 wood, meaning it was tipped 1/2". Just an experiment and then extended the other end to playing length. Plays great! Mine's a 6.5 70gr that plays 44 5/8 long
  2. Believe you're close, it's actually measured to the block above the A, in this case 32". I play this shaft in a driver, 3 wd and 7wd. Great shaft! Aldila recommends 1" tipping on all but the driver, no tipping, butt trim only. My driver is a 2016 Tour M2 and it's tipped 1/2", which is minimal. Hope I didn't miss where that was already mentioned
  3. You need a bore thru plug to fill it. I slip em in and trim with a set of dykes on both ends to just over the finished length. Apply a small amount of epoxy and tap to set.If you have a steady hand you can trim it about flush with a utility knife then smooth with acetone and a rag to finish flush. GW has the plugs I'm talking about, use them all the time doing melt jobs.
  4. +1 I've been dealing with Lou for yrs. Best source around for all adapters! And he's still shipping quickly, just received an order including a Titleist adapter a ferrules.
  5. Have the 75 gr F1 in X in my 5 wood. Cally Pro 17*. It was in a 3 wood before and I love it! I haven't hit the F3 but my understanding is it's higher launching than the F1
  6. I have a Roberts, jack type puller, I bought off Ebay years ago and it is still working great!
  7. Try posting your question in the Classic Golfers forum. Wealth of knowledge on older equipment there. I'm a Wilson Staff guy but your numbers look reasonable. Most of the irons from that time frame were very similar in lofts and lies with a few exceptions
  8. Thanks for the advice. I'm moving on from this project. I'll either find another wedge or send mine to Continental to pull. Cost is $8 plus shipping. Told them to just return the head so return shipping will be fairly inexpensive. That said I can probably find one in good shape for $10 or less, so we'll see. Playing with FG 51's and they're in good shape. The wedge replacement was to go with my FG 17's and that's on the back burner for now.
  9. I've seen that lock tight shaft holder. How does it work?
  10. I know that, just a bit of sarcasm! Anyway, they are tingy sounding more times than not
  11. It Should, of course it would likely require a lighter weight to allow for the additional weight of the Hotmelt, thus keeping your swingweight where you want it. Weigh the head, with and without the weight. The weight of the head as is (with weight) will be your target number. Hotmelt is not an exact science, 2 gr is an easy squeeze. So don't get in a hurry, add a little and weigh again. when you get your 2 gr, your done. I would also verify the correct replacement weight is available to use after the Hotmelt. Could be to get the exact swingweight with the melt and lighter weight you can add
  12. I have both and started tipping all TM 1" and Titleist 1/2", works great for me! Project X6A4 in both. 2016 TM M2 8.5, and Titleist TS3 8.5.
  13. Weigh it first, I pass on Melt in most Pings because the swingweight is generally heavy.
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