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  1. Happy Sony Saturday all! Got a few things just gathering dust around the house so figured I’d see if I could make my wife proud and sell a few of them. As always I cover shipping and CONUS only. PM me for PayPal. I accept standard PayPal only…no F&F. No trades please but I am Open to reasonable offers. Let’s get it… First up we have a set of TM Sim Max 2 irons 5-A. Stock L/L/L with the stock 85g KBS max MT shafts in stiff. Had my local fitter install the GP MC4’s in gray on them. Picked them up from a buddy who needed the $ and he said he had been out with them 2x. I got them to hold me over until my Ping G425’s came in. I only put 3 rounds on them as I also HAD a set of Mizzy HMP’s too and played hose more than these SM2’s. Price is $425. Next up we have a stock Ping Alta CB 70g hybrid shaft. Came out of a G425 Max 3h. Price is $65. Next we have some Adidas Tour 360 XT SL textile in the gray/royal/mint colorway. Size is 10.5M. Wore these dudes for (2) 18h rounds riding in a cart. Not sure why but Adidas shoes just don’t fit my feet…I need to stop buying them blindly. Price is SOLD! Also have a pair of FJ Traditions in the white colorway in 10M. Got these right before I broke my toe a few months back and just never wore them after I healed up. These have (1) 18 hole cart round on them. Price is SOLD! ***WILL SELL BOTH PAIRS TO SAME BUYER FOR $100*** SOLD Next we have a pair of Nike aeroloft “puffer” vests. The vapor blue one is the OG model and the vapor highlighter colored one is the next years model. Both are XL. Just never ever wear these anymore. Not splitting these up….SOLD! And lastly we have pair of Ping hats. Much like Adidas shoes, I love the look of Ping hats but as I have a gigantic melon, they just don’t fit me right. One is navy blue and then other is a mint/teal ish color. I think this may be the Hawaii swing hat from last year. Wore the navy one 1x out of the house and the minty one has never been worn. Again…not splitting these up. SOLD! Thanks for looking guys and enjoy the rest of your weekends. Let me know if you have any questions. Supposed to snow here in western NC…better get to the store for some steaks and beer, i mean bread and milk. Due to the incoming snow prob won’t be able to get anything shipped until Tues at the soonest.
  2. Finally….congrats my man!
  3. Hang in there man…mine were like 5 or 6 days short of 6 months. I promise they’re worth the wait.
  4. I love the idea of a driving iron but I’m off the short grass too often to give up the “getting me out of trouble” aspect of the hybrid. But of the ones I’ve experimented with over the years, the Ping g410 crossover was my personal favorite.
  5. Surprise failures: G425 max…felt heavy and slow and oddly only center strikes really went anywhere; also JPX 921 HM Pros…did not get fitted so mine own fault but just could not get along with Surprise Win: TM 300 mini…just an awesome awesome club…feel and sound are .
  6. Keep hope alive fellas….you will get them eventually…..and they are worth the wait…..
  7. Those irons are niiiiice…but I gotta ask about the driver….is that what’s actually under the headcover….? If it is, that driver was sneaky good. One of the few clubs I wished I’d had kept just for nostalgia sake.
  8. Same here…I saw it and was like hmmmmm wouldn’t have thought there was much pent up demand for this…
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