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  1. I know when my daughter was born, it was quite a long time until I had enough courage to ask the wife if I had permission to go play...maybe it took him longer than expected to finally get his full on hall pass. He’ll be fine...life happens to us all.
  2. Wonder if we’ll see these in the US....based on what we saw with the Zoom IT’s I’ll guess no....
  3. I actually like the ones you got more than the expected ones!
  4. Yep....me too. Just wish they were a little cheaper.
  5. At first glance....gotta be honest...thought this was a pillow and thought...that’s a very kick a** pillow
  6. 158-165 (not striking it too consistently right now) with a project x LZ 5.5. But am enjoying getting back into the flow!
  7. Ever been in one when someone inevitably tries to take the shopping cart out the door? Always a pretty funny event.....
  8. All in good fun @ErnieMcCracken....remember this madness (and yes I went to App State)....
  9. Watching the early pga coverage right now...is it just me or does Keegan wear the worst Jordan’s? Or is just him NOT pulling them off?
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