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  1. I never doubted you for a second about the shafts…but I thought maybe my order from June was potentially being held up for another crazy reason of some sort as I thought I was way ahead of the shaft shortage but apparently I was not.
  2. Sorry man….we’ll get them one day!
  3. Bruh….and here I was thinking that I was a club ho….
  4. It appears at this point it’s just iron heads and/or steel shafts being the hold up. Popped by fitters shop today to check on mine (June 14 order date) and still has no clue when.
  5. The_Timmy has always been awesome on sharing what he can and when he can. Once the embargo passes, he’s always good to post. Be patient fellas….
  6. I really really wanted to love my 921 HMP’s….but I just don’t. I traded in a set of fitted G410’s for them and was NOT fitted for the HMP’s. Was just ready to look at something smaller and I enjoyed my 900f’s and was just COVID bored. I think the culprit here for my negativity was probably the stock PX LZ’s I got in them. Those shafts and me are like fire and water. They feel heavy and dead to me. I love the bag appeal of the HMP and they’re great when struck well, but I’m too inconsistent these days and apparently am too shaft sensitive to make them work. I have a set of g425’s on order now but we’re 3 months in on waiting for those and getting them anytime before Nov is looking slim now.
  7. I lounged at the pool with the wife and daughter and some friends and gave my aching back a rest. Taking a few days off always gets me excited to go back!
  8. I’ll be at 3 months on g425 Irons in a few days and at this point my local shop has no clue when they’ll be here. No doubt I’m bummed but it’ll be worth the wait when they do finally make it in.
  9. Mine was my early 30’s when I had some extra disposable income to devote to golf and my wife could care less if I hit balls a few times per week after work and was no big deal to play 27 on Saturday of most weekends and sometimes 27 on sat and then 18 on Sunday. My HC was around an 8. But kids and more work responsibilities changed all that. My HC has swelled to like a 15 or 16 something BUT my rounds are now more fun and my daughter is my whole world. Right now life could not be sweeter. My golf blows but life is fantastic!
  10. Call me crazy but does it seem odd Ping would drop the i59’s with such fanfare with all the existing issues fulfilling current orders? I Ping and I have some g425’s on order ( we’re at the 10 week mark now) but this just seems odd. I get they have to keep rolling with product cycles and what not and driving sales of new product.
  11. Bryson is crazy long for sure but not sure he can hang with those guys….me personally, I’d rather watch those guys play an 18h round with BD and see how many shots he beats them all by
  12. I ordered g425 irons, 5-p with dg105 stiff red dot standard loft and length, on 6-14-21 and I was told “hopefully the end of august”. Will be worth the wait and I don’t hate my current irons but man….I’m ready to get the Pings here!
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