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  1. Congrats on the beautiful baby girl! Mine is almost 9 now....seems like just yesterday she was this little. Enjoy every second my man...they truly grow so fast!
  2. If it were just a speaker, I could probably do exactly that, but I do plan on using the gps feature on it. And truth be told, sound volume is pretty subjective too. And of course it (volume) could differ round to round depending on playing group and other players in ear shot. I am always respectful of other golfers and would never disrupt their enjoyment of the game with mine.
  3. Just saw these on ndc...have been so out of the loop, didn’t even even know these were coming...
  4. Unless you’re in my cart or parked right beside me, you won’t hear it.
  5. I enjoy the great outdoors as much as anybody and am always respectful of others on the course but I also enjoy a little music at a friendly volume. Don’t see anything wrong with that at all. And it has the audible gps on it too. I’ll still use my golf buddy gps at places I’ve never played but at my usual rota all I’ll need is just front/middle/back which this does.
  6. Can’t wait to get this guy out on the course. Took forever to get here.....
  7. Huge fan of this guy....on days it’s been at or just below 40 deg, I’ve worn just a golf shirt under this guy and been totally comfortable.
  8. Went the completely opposite way and pulled the trigger on some Mizuno hot metal pros....no need to fight the forgiveness for me and my no practicing self.
  9. Oh man...they (eBay sellers who are in it just for the flip $$$) get super pi$$ed when you ask about the box too.
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