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  1. This is the best feeling set of irons I’ve ever had. KYOEI forgings for a margin of the price! Back story on these… these heads are from a company that closed its doors. The President of this golf company did have people on staff as it was a small sized company. He just happened to be close friends of the VP of production at KYOEI. So he started his small line of CB and MBs under the name Axiom. They are all forged and finished in the KYOEI forgings in Japan as you can see in the head weights and packaging prior to the build was KYOEI. Here are the headweights for each iron:
  2. T100 replacement was said to be more compact than current version.
  3. On TM I find the x100 SS doesn’t have the same spin and launch in the long irons for me at least. Need a higher decent angle
  4. I know. I feel like I’m going to regret it ha. I just can’t swing the x100 like I used to
  5. Got some incredible stuff today! Titleist limited release only 75 sets made! Previous buyer was a scammer… need these to go…. 680 MB 3-PW tour issue x100 soft stepped logo down 2 wraps of tape. Loft and lie angles listed below 9.8/10 condition. These are original 2018 release they are NOT refinished… SERIAL # 0076608 Only a few irons tested. Never on course $1188 shipped. Paid 1800 for these Tour issue and tour van built 21 Callaway Apex Pro 3-PW. Tour issue s400 shafts Standard loft and lie. These are pretty much br
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