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  1. I don’t have any complaints. Reminds me of a Kuro Kage XT TX. I have gotten slower with my back issues
  2. Tensei 1k 60TX. Excellent condition. Titleist Tsi3 tip (I can have the tip removed if needed). Measures a hair under 44… will play 45. Golf pride tour velvet full chord grip. Untipped to my knowledge. $225 shipped Super Speed light/medium/heavy set $175 shipped
  3. This is the best feeling set of irons I’ve ever had. KYOEI forgings for a margin of the price! Back story on these… these heads are from a company that closed its doors. The President of this golf company did have people on staff as it was a small sized company. He just happened to be close friends of the VP of production at KYOEI. So he started his small line of CB and MBs under the name Axiom. They are all forged and finished in the KYOEI forgings in Japan as you can see in the head weights and packaging prior to the build was KYOEI. Here are the headweights for each iron: 4i - 250.5 5i - 257.3 6i - 263.1 7i - 270.1 8i - 278.5 9i - 284.2 P - 294.4 These heads were then sent to Artisan for MT to inspect and also have the set built by DR, Tigers builder. I had the set built to TW length and spec for grip and grip install TW spec. Golf pride tour velvet full chord logo down 2 wraps. 4-5 are CB and the 6-PW or blades. They have an similar look to older Mizuno irons. MP-29 type look. On to the shafts… weight sorted s400 with foam inserts in the handle to reduce vibrations. The set had lead tape because I wanted them all at D4… take a look at the 9 iron… but I’ve taken the tape off the rest and Right now they are all D3 and the PW is D4. KYOEI forgings normally sell for 2000-2500 built. You will not find a better build anywhere in these. I’ve attached a comparison photo so you can see their forgings are almost identical to the “new line” also comparison to size of VR PRO used for a few months very little wear. Only reason for the switch is I have a new instructor and my swing has drastically changed. I’m going to a graphite shaft now. $795 shipped 4 iron CB 8 Iron pin 7/21
  4. Doesn’t look like the same leading edge on the T100?
  5. T100 replacement was said to be more compact than current version.
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