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  1. I just recently read about Joe Kwok. I am going to look him up for future work. I didn't even think about that before I posted. I apologize. I will edit my post. If any one has pics to share of Kwok's grinds, please post as I am very interested in seeing them. I love looking at grinds from all masters!
  2. Was that the Vintage before? So instead of cokeing them...you vinegar them? Does it reduce spin? These look sick!
  3. Yep...that's him. Custom golf. I want to see the pics of the custom grinded irons. Someone told me to show a little respect and that I wouldnt post this on BSG. (by the way its against BSG rules to promote anyone else that would profit besides BSG) For the record. I love loggin on to BSG as well. I have much respect for Derek. :clapping: But their shop was closed due to a pipe breakage, so I turned to Max. He was also almost 100 cheaper with a free phone consultation. I needed this done ASAP, and he got it done for me and returned back within 5 days. I am very pleased! I cant wait to hit it. :russian_roulette:
  4. I never liked that PM Grind. Got the heel relieved and the bounce taken out for flop shots...at the same time leaving a little of the PM grind in the middle for chipping up hill and to prevent it from digging..
  5. I personally think Nike's SQ2 fairway woods are awesome...I keep going back to the Nike One Platinum...And their Sasquatch was the longest hitting combo I have ever had until I hit the FT5. I think there are a lot of Nike Haters out there...which is sad...Try the product. :russian_roulette:
  6. Hit the ball first...jk...I had the Spin Milled...wonderful on spin...But not as much as the Callaway MD. Eats balls for breakfast though ;)
  7. what is your SS? The Diamana can handle huge loads on the shaft. I can control a stiff in Diamana with a 115-120 SS. The Xflex feels too stiff for me in the Diamana line
  8. No hotmelt. I had this planned before the BDSO :) I havent gotten on the Trackman with this combo. Which I should...but since I dont really dig the shaft...no reason in spending 100.00 extra for something that I dont want. But with the FT3: avg ss 117 ball speed avg 171 launch angle 12-13* avg spin 2400-2600. I am currently seeking a different combo, but 10.5 loft this time around and maybe the Proto by you shaft.
  9. This is my first review on WRX. I recently purchased a FT-5 9.5 tour with a Matrix Ozik XCON6 Xflex. I am a one planer with a low launch type swing. My swing speed is 115-120 and ball speeds are 170+. LOOKS: This driver is very appealing to the eye. Having it set 1* open really gives me confidence over the ball. I feel like there is no way I can go left with this setup. My misses are usually left. The Matrix shaft is beautiful. It shines in the light and I really like the candy apple color. FEEL/SOUND: Balls scream off the face of the FT-5. Coming from an FT-3, I couldnt be happier with my misses. It definately feels longer than the FT-3 with improved higher launch and less spin. But one thing I do miss is the sound of my FT-3. The FT5 has a loud sound that I dont really care for. SHAFT: Ok...this is the reason I wrote this review...Even though people may often bash other websites regarding how much they push the Matrix line. Deep down in everyones heart, you know you want to try the shaft. In all honesty, the shaft performed pretty good. It is a higher launching low spin shaft compared to the Diamana 63 that I had in my FT3. Even with my swing speed, I didn't like the way it felt loading the shaft. But this shaft in my opinining is a very long shaft. I hit some serious bombs with this setup. But for me personally, I am kind of old school...Meaning I like to feel the shaft flex at different points during the swing. With the XCON, I felt the shaft unloading towards the end of the swing. It was more on the boardy side...almost like an NV shaft. I felt like I really had to step on it to feel the shaft through the swing. But as far as dispertion...I could step on it and this shaft made to ball want to go STRAIGHT! Maybe if I dropped down to a stiff, I might achieve the feeling that I am looking for. With someone with a very quick tempo...You would love this shaft. Me, I am more of a smooth 115-120 swing speed. And I am sorry Matrix, but I tried...You cant replace my Diamana BB just yet. But the Matrix XCON is a great shaft for a quick loader of the shaft. Overall thoughts: Well compared to the FT-3...The FT-5 is hotter, longer and more forgiving. I can see why it has produced higher ball speeds than the rest. PERSONALLY TO ME, the FT-5 is strides ahead of the pack. I would pick an FT5 over any other driver on the market. Well I havent hit the D2 nor the Cobra X yet. But as far as Superquad or Burner...The FT5 would melt them. I am going to try out one with a VS PROTO shaft next in the FT5. But in my heart, I know I still cant get away from the Diamana. :) But for those who are a quick loader of the shaft. Before you knock a Matrix Ozik...shutup and try one first. I think you might just end up with one in the bag. :crazy: :russian_roulette:
  10. I am all ears on how your combo turns out, I'll be lurking..... Did you consider keeping the Diamana to see how it works in the FT-5 head? I considered the Diamana BB...But I came across the XCON and was curious to see if all the hype is BS(g) :bad: Or if its really a great shaft. I should get it this week and I will let you all know what the real deal on it is. Thanks for all your replies guys!
  11. Im curious as to if anyone has thrown a set of black golds in these irons. My SS can handle and X100...but because of ball flight reasons, I went with the s300. I think before the R7tps...The original LT's were the best retail club that taylormade has ever made. I personally think the LT2 sucked...some people loved them though :D
  12. I recently made the switch. I have nothing but great things to say about the r7tps. I was swinging the Original RAC LT's which I believe they made the r7 tps after. Everything that the Original Rac's had plus the added benifit of updated technology. Even when I put a bad swing on these things they tend to want to go straight. Easy to work, high low stingers cuts draws.. I also gained a full club. In the RAC I had 6.0 rifles...and decided to go DGs300 in the TPs. I played Poppy Hills last week and hit a lot of 8 irons into 170 yard par 3's. My SS is 115 on average with the driver. Do it...You will not be dissapointed! :D :)
  13. I am not sure if this is allowed but check this out http://www.bombsquadgolf.com/invboard_rele...60741&st=50 He quoted this... It's sad that instead of coming up with their own content like some REPUTABLE golf web sites (BSG, WRX) that other sites have to resort to stealing posts from other sites and claim them as their own. The word desperate comes to mind. His words not mine...LOL... I will be happy to write a detailed review on the FT5 OZIK vs FT3 Diamana...I should have the club in about 4 days or so. :D
  14. NO...I didnt buy it from BSG...although I was influenced by all the Ozik Reviews....actually got it on fleabay...lol... Derek didn't send me over here for info either...He was just mentioning of all the other forums and said nothing but good things about this one. As far as launch monitor numbers. I havent got on one recently, but my numbers were ideal before with the FT-3 ... 12* launch 2500-2600 rpms 171 ball speed avg...could have carried it further with that ball speed though...my average carry was in the 280 range. My swing speed is 115-120 range... And to clarify, I was asking if it was a down grade going to the XCON shaft. I have nothing but Diamana in all my other shafts. I was wondering if I would expect higher launch numbers with the FT5 combo compared to the FT3 combo??? Anymore thoughts? I am just impatient sorry guys...and I want to be comforted....since I bought the OZIK and all...Hopefully it lives up to its hype :D
  15. This is my first post on what looks like to me a wonderful site to be on and I am glad I joined. I have been a BSG follower for over a year a couple days ago I stumbled upon GolfDiscussion.com (which to me had some good information but a lot of BSG bashers) Today I came across this site because Derek aka DTOWN referred to this site as a great source of legit information. Well enough about that. I just found a 9.5 FT5 with an Ozik XCON 6 X shaft (ok...maybe I was brainwashed for getting the OZIK) seemed like a good deal for 450.00 with an OZIK why not. Well I am coming from an FT-3 with a BLue Board DIamana 63 STiff 9.5...I had some launch issues with that club ever since I have been making my 1 plane swing changes from a 2 plane. Can I expect higher launch angles with the FT-5 with the XCON6? By the way its an X flex. I read that the FT-5 is higher launching than the FT-3 and that the XCON is a high launch shaft...I always have played Diamana's in my woods, I really do hope this isn't a downgrade going to the XCON. Your thoughts???? :D :)
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