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  1. If you were fitted, did you not hit the Miura next to your gamer PXG?
  2. I’m level 2. Thought about getting master, and it’s pretty easy. I just left the industry. All you do is take a test after the online courses. To get master you need to write 2 articles
  3. You likely did some fast twitch training without even knowing it, ie swinging whiffle bats. Ever hear of Titleist Performance Institute? (TPI) this article also mentions a number of studies:http://moving-the-future.blogspot.com/2012/11/speed-windows.html
  4. So how exactly do you ask we use “our eyes” when he’s telling us how far he hits a ball online?
  5. Zero way to know anything without trackman numbers /thread
  6. You don’t turn at all in your backswing, these you have high hands and a shaft very vertical compared to your shoulder line. you need to turn to accomplish anything. Check out the Gankas G box to help you turn.
  7. I don't get along with blades. it's all I can look at, and all I want to look at...but just can't roll them. I just bought a spider again as that's the best I've ever rolled a putter.
  8. This was Logan Olson's 1st ever Retro bullet sole. He released 3 prototypes...2 righty's and 1 lefty. This bad boy has ghost tape on the sole, so there are zero marks. I've only played 3 rounds with it. This thing is in mint condition! Standard loft and lie. I believe it's 34 inches. He said he was going to cut it down but may have forgot to...it feels longer than my normal 33"Asking $1200 OBO $975
  9. Callaway x18 OG ap2’s titleist 710MB miura CB (lh) mizuno JPX 900 forged mizuno mp 32 mizuno Jpx 919 forged ping blueprints
  10. Don’t need a video your path is left, and your face is pointing way right of said path.
  11. Have heard from a reputable builder at a tier 1 club fitter, and is giant cobra ambassador
  12. Custom options available this fall $2,200-2,600
  13. If you miss these critical windows, no matter how much you train, no matter how much you have perfect form...you will never be able to have as much speed as if you had trained in those windows.
  14. You can’t teach speed. Is engrained at certain age gaps. If you miss the age gaps, your “max” won’t be able to be as high no matter what you do. get as fast as you can....and I can teach you to hit it straight. Speed is an unbelievable advantage in terms of strokes gained.
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