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  1. When do rejections letter come out? I made it to the 2015 Masters, but have been rejected about 10 other times.
  2. About how long before I get my annual rejection letter?
  3. Had a couple close. On one, it hit a foot or so in front of the cup, bounced up and hit the flag and came to rest about 2" in front of the cup. Another was on a long par 3 and it hit in front of the green and rolled just a little too fast and did a 180° around the cup and came out a couple inches in front.
  4. No stories to share, but I got to play Sunnehanna a couple years ago. It's a fantastic course. Hopefully I'll get invited back to play again someday. The clubhouse has pictures of some of the greats that have played there over the years, pretty impressive group.
  5. I think it's just the way the country in general has changed. When we were kids, we'd be outside all the time playing baseball or football, riding bikes, etc. Now kids are addicted to video games and if they want to play golf, they download the latest version of "Tiger Woods Golf" and play on their computer.
  6. For comparason, Bobby Jones played in 20 majors and won 13, that's a 65% win rate. He also finished 2nd 4 times, so of the 20 majors he played in, he finished first or second 85% of the time.
  7. Yes, they have specific searches for cell phones and cameras during tournament days. Not only do they discourage you from bringing in cell phones, the policy is to check everyone before entering with metal detectors and not to let anyone in with one. If caught, the penalty is lifetime forfiture of tickets.
  8. rlconklin

    The Masters

    I was there in 2015, incredible experience. The food is very good and dirt cheap, the most expensive item on the menu was only $3.
  9. I've always been a Phil fan. I like his style, creativeness, and always going for it no matter the situation.
  10. One of the reasons Majors are considered "Majors" is history. Starting out a new tournament bases soley on money might attract a lot of top players, but without history, it's just a high paying golf tournament.
  11. Have you ever had the chance to play Augusta?
  12. I went last year. I guarantee you will hate every second of it, so just to show you what a nice guy I am, I'll help you out and take those nasty things off your hands. JK of course, you'll have a great time. I noticed you were looking for a hotel as well. I stayed in Columbia, SC which is just an easy hour drive away on I-20. I stayed at the Double Tree which had pretty reasonable rates and was a pretty nice hotel as well.
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