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  1. I have played my MX-20s forever now. Amazing blend of performance, forgiveness and feel with a great low offset look. I keep buying other sets of irons to keep in the closet for the backup bag though. :)
  2. I think it depends where you draw the line for what you consider a "players" cavity back.
  3. [quote name='BigGameBalls' timestamp='1376070262' post='7641654'] Let's add bang for the buck into the equation. I do really like the Ping and Mizuno offerings. [/quote] A set of exc condition Mizzy MX-20s. Awesome look, feel, performance. Very forgiving, limited offset, playable sole. Pretty, too. Granted, they aren't of "last few years" vintage but I don't see any meaningful difference in iron technology occurring over the past decade...
  4. goto10


    [quote name='TPDawnPatrol ' timestamp='1338858804' post='5031212'] [quote name='INWOOD1953' timestamp='1338782358' post='5026034'] Hi, I can't find the search area. Pls indulge. What is a good reasonable priced epoxy. Where to find, Thanks, Mike [/quote] I like the Golfworks Tour Set Plus. Gels in a half hour. Haven't had a club come loose with it. Had several failures with Golfsmith 30/60 before switching. Brampton also has a nice quick set epoxy that dries almost clear, great for working with white heads and white shafts . [/quote] I also use the GW Tour Set Plus. I pref
  5. To be 100% honest, yes I do. Anyone with a 65-70 MPH 5i would be very ill-fit in the 1150s in R flex, IMO. It's much too much shaft for that speed (or lack thereof).
  6. The Nippon 1150 shafts are not your grandaddy's Nippons... They are a seriously stable and beefy shaft. The R flex 1150s will play SIGNIFICANTLY stiffer, heavier and lower launching than the FST 115R, TT Lite R, M10 uni or Dynalite R. I would say the R flex 1150s may play even stiffer than the 115 S or Dynalite S.
  7. goto10

    Mid Cap Irons

    You sound like me... I gamed the ISI for a loooong time. Digger, about 105-108 driver. Lots of spin, misses are pulls, got tired of the offset look of the Pings. I highly suggest the Wishon 560MC... if you must OEM, then a set of the MX-25s would be great. I prefer the MX-20, am gaming those and the 560MC. Both a mid-sized forgiving cavity back, very little offset, rolled leading edges for fat proofness and forged buttery feel.
  8. I'm gaming a set of MX-20s... now with KBS Tour. Awesome irons. They are as good as anything offered today IMO.
  9. [quote name='markheardjr' date='26 April 2010 - 06:37 PM' timestamp='1272325044' post='2402577'] He should see a significant increase in spin and trajectory hard-stepping 2x. The more you hardstep the lower the kickpoint is on the shaft... [/quote] This is incorrect information. Hardstepping reduces spin and launch. Hardstepping is essentially the same as tip trimming the shafts. Needless to say, trimming sayyyyyy a Whiteboard 2" is not going to increase launch and spin. Quite the contrary. "lowering the kickpoint" is not accurate at all.
  10. I used a 2-wheel pull cart my whole life and recently changed to a 3-wheel push cart. Once you push one for a round, you will know why... Its night-and-day easier on your back and body.
  11. Sweet Nak setup Ariel. Those high-end component stick need to be gamed more than once a year, I'll tell ya that much right now!!!
  12. Please count me in. I game Mizzy MP60s and the F60 4 wood. I have a Whiteboard in my gamer driver which I love, so this would really fit in the bag perfectly!!!
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