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  1. The Hay course is now open, I've posted the rates and booking below Rates & Booking Rate Booking Guidelines Cancellation Policy Resort Guest / General Public $65 18 months (Resort Guest) / 6 months (Public) 72 hours Del Monte Forest Resident $40 30 days out; residents only 72 hours Teens (13-19) $30 30 days out 72 hours Youth on
  2. Non-Playing Guests Non-playing guests may walk along with golfers or share a cart provided they are from the same household. Individual carts are not available to non-playing guests.
  3. Nice review of your experience at Pebble and like you I'm the anxious type too that has a hard time falling asleep and waking up early if I'm going to do something exciting the next day. The first tee can get to you if you're not used to all the people watching you tee off. I remember the first time I played Pebble and my tee shot was a lot worse than yours but now I'm getting used to it. Even if you never make it back you'll always have the memories of playing Pebble. Are you walking Pasa with your knee as it is? It is a walkable course as every tee is close to the previous green but it
  4. Since you're playing right after the tourney the course should be in excellent shape!!
  5. Thanks for your thoughts on the courses you've played so far. I also like Carmel Valley Ranch as well as Spanish Bay too. But I also like Spy although being a Duke's club member you get to play Spanish for $170 and Spy for $240 which is really good to me. I don't know what happened to Bayonet as they used to keep the course in really good shape. When are you playing Pasa? They're currently holding the Western Intercollegiate tournament this week and the last tournament day is today Weds. the 14th.
  6. Just an Fyi all the rooms were renovated at Pebble, Spanish Bay and Casa Palermo in 2018 - 2019. Vesuvio in Carmel and Peppoli at Spanish Bay are owned by the Pepe family. Vesuvio also has the only rooftop bar in Carmel
  7. And just the normal Duke's discounts for Spy and Spanish in which you can bring 3 friends for the same price
  8. That guy's an a_ _ Looks like the weather is supposed to be okay next week.
  9. I still have one pair of Classics in black but these Classics were my all time favorite
  10. That's not a good way to treat anyone especially with an open tee sheet. Maybe you should have talked to the manager.
  11. If you like Macadamia nuts visit the Hamakua Macadamia Nut Company in Kawaihae since you're staying on the Kohala Coast. They also have chocolates, coffee, etc. You can walk around and see how they make everything including their delicious peanut brittle. There's also a lunch wagon in Kawaihae that sells really good fish tacos.
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