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  1. A friend of mine was a member until he moved to So Cal. several years ago. I've played it a couple of times and we had a good time. I think that it's about 6485 from the tips and 6170 from the blues so it's not too long. It's a part of Troon so I think that you can play any of the Troon private courses as well.
  2. I'm still putting with a 330gm putter and this weight works best for me.
  3. I bought this 009M at the Gallery although I'm no longer the owner I thought that I'd share a few pics.
  4. Personally I enjoy all the courses Pebble, Spy, SB and even Del Monte. Pasa is another favorite and I'm lucky that I live fairly close.
  5. According to guys that I know at Pebble, Spanish Bay and Del Monte, Pebble is pretty busy into the end of December. Even my connections haven't been able to help me this year with tee times for some friends.
  6. You're absolutely right about good timing or the right person on the phone, it does make a difference.
  7. I've only seen pictures too and it is an interesting story. I had a chance to buy a Circle L headcover but the owner backed out at the last minute.
  8. I always thought that Circle T is a stamp that could be on a tour putter and not an actual type of putter. It seems like everyone thinks that it's a type of putter or am I wrong? I believe that the CT stamp can be found on any style of Cameron putter head, as an indication that the putter was made for the tour or to tour quality specs (finish, hand stamps, grips and special options only available on said putters) Not all tour putters have a CT stamp.
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