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  1. I agree lol. Nothing new these days (minus circle t's) seems to fit my eye. Still playing with my old school circa 62 no 2.
  2. I doubt he will partner with them again, regardless of their corporate statement.
  3. Same here. I've always played wedge flex and ordered s400 because I play TI x100 now in my irons. All the reviews online i've read about the spinner shaft say its very whippy. I'll just wait and hope they email me saying I will get them sooner lol
  4. I'm aware. My business is in the same boat. What I find weird is that they don't mention to lead time when you are placing your orders. They email after you already paid which I don't agree with.
  5. I am taking the dive into cleveland zipcores coming from vokeys... I thought. Placed my order Dec 14th with no delays relayed to me via email until Dec 28th when they said they would be shipping out mid Jan. Today I received an email stated that the s400 TI shafts I wanted in both wedges is now not expected until mid March. Anyone else have their cleveland order delayed? I'm debating on canceling and going a different route.
  6. I know. Freakin insane. I traded my g400 head for a rogue sub zero and now I want it back lol. I'll wait for prices to go down and maybe pick up a head only if I come across one.
  7. Just go Zforged/z785 combo set and call it a day.
  8. Just got my mtb-x in the mail. Dang they're soft in your hand.
  9. My Zforged pw is 46 and flies around 140. The next club is my 54 bent to 53 which goes about 120 but rips back 10 yards with spin. I've learned to flight down my PW for anything in between those two. This frees me up at the upper end of my bag to allow other clubs I need more than 4 wedges.
  10. The Z585 is a pretty popular iron and offers plenty of forgiveness. What are you currently playing?
  11. Honma if you want something no one has. I tried to buy a couple sets on eBay and was undercut at the last second like 5 times. Callaway or cobra is what I would choose.
  12. What was your handicap prior to your hiatus?
  13. I'd go 56 then 60 just to spread the gap a little. However, two years ago I changed from pw, 52,56,60 to just pw, 54, 58 and I like it way better. My 54 is my 120-90 yard club and my 58 is everything in from that and what I used all around the greens. Consistency went up and scores dropped.
  14. Both of those balls are on complete different spectrums as far as soon goes. The avx being the low spin longer ball, the chrome soft being the spinniest golf ball I've ever tried to play (check txg reviews) It all depends on what you are looking for. I'd sacrifice a couple hards of driver and iron distance to be able to put check on my wedges into greens. AVX is super low spin around the greens and will not work for my style of play.
  15. I'd say go for it if you're used to playing a blade. Some sucker on here will buy them if you end up hating them.
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