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  1. He didn’t look much smaller. He’s big but never look shredded.
  2. Confidence will serve him well. Still don’t think he will win it but he will be in contention.
  3. “I usually hit driver 310”. Immediately slices one 180
  4. I have and their shots just look and sound different from the low to mid handicapper. We can all hit good shots but the consistency a scratch has is impressive and lag putting. They miss too, but ability to recover and not try hero shots allows them to score.
  5. Try just playing 9 rather than a full 18. You get your fix but save money and time!
  6. Played the boulders before and it is absolutely a must. Loved it. Thanks for the recos!
  7. To save some money, do not get into exotic shafts. Your wallet will thank you!
  8. yep love Gary’s swing too. So much lag
  9. You hit a bucket of pre round range balls and never found the middle
  10. I think tommy fleetwood. Love how controlled yet aggressive it is, and his abbreviated follow through on his irons. Many will say Rory, but I’d take Tommy’s swing over Rory even though Rory is longer.
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