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  1. Worth checking out Zenmarket for JDM equipment. I saw a lot of listins from golfpartner there
  2. I always wondered why getting fit is a 'must do' when you're a beginner golfer. If you have a bad swing to start off, you're getting fit for clubs based on numbers from that lousy swing right? Eventually the swing will change/improve which would require getting fit again. But I also see the point where you don't want to start learning golf on equipment that is totally wrong for you from a weight and flex perspective. I think a high level fitting makes more sense for a beginner where they know what weight/flex will be easiest to use as they learn how to swing
  3. Looks legit. Maybe you can email Scotty Cameron customer support and attach some pics and get their feedback
  4. FGP Mallet putter is great. Milled face and super soft on impact.
  5. Still game the MC-3i, love it.
  6. Very nice setup. How are the wedges? Never hit those before.
  7. Can junior golfers accept sponsorships from club companies? Are these considered sponsorships or being an ambassador? I figure they get free equipment to an extent, but seems like that would violate amateur status or NCAA rules. Hoping someone could provide some clarification.
  8. When conditions require CPO, the pro shops should lower the price to rent the cart.
  9. Agree for the most part, unless it's super muddy and the cart will have noticeable impact on the fairways.
  10. anyone know how this compares to the Odyssey DF 882?
  11. Any blade putters with a similar insert as Phil's? Have an old Wilson Tour Special 1, which is great but wish it were a softer feel on impact.
  12. I also purchased a set of Mizuno's on Zenmarket recently. Fedex 2-4 day shipping was expensive.. ~$87 for 6 irons (total shipping weight ~4500g). But they arrived basically 1 day after being picked up from Japan. Customer service was responsive and overall pretty happy with the experience. The Yen conversion to USD is tricky, and agree with original post to add funds in two parts, first when paying for the item, and second when paying for shipping.
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