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  1. I have heard nothing but good things about the Tour G grips but Im sure like the Masda's they are super hard to find. I was surprised how easily I could find comic grips these days! They've come a long way! Still don't know the difference from the 30,50 and 70 in the Tour G's. If anyone has tried them and has input that would be awesome.
  2. Anyone have any feedback on non mainstream grips or something new to try? A couple years ago I was an MCC+4 guy. Since then I have played iomic and I am more interested in the Tour G golf grips (Specifically the Cord ones). Is the only difference between the 30,50, and 70 the softness? or is it size too? Any opinions on the following would be helpful. It's a lot of money for grips and don't know much about either of them. Perfect Pro Grips (Perfect Pro X with Phiten) Tour G 30,50,70
  3. I love the OG PX shafts but I loved the way impact felt with the xp95 (far cheaper shaft) but I felt like my ball flight was WAY too high with the xp95s. So I'm kind of hoping the PX LZs are a combo of the 2. I'm looking for perfection in a shaft instead of focusing on my swing I get it, but its an every little bit helps thing.
  4. Thanks! I've played around with the Modus 120s felt pretty good. But have only swung them a few times. I see the tour v's a lot but never played them
  5. Just wanted to get peoples thoughts on the PX shafts. I have been playing the old PX 6.0 shafts for years and absolutely love them. I tried some lighter shafts through the years on my "Guests set" that I keep in case a guest comes and we find the opportunity to catch a quick round! I've tried a few including the KBS C Taper Lite and even the XP 95s. Long story short, I decided to experiment and tried the PXi 6.0 shafts in my set a while back. I absolutely hated them. I expected a cleaner lighter feel and they felt like a rock (maybe I mis-read what they were supposed to feel like). So, now I see all this talk and all these players playing the LZ's there's also the LS and IO shafts. I wanted to get peoples opinions here before I went out to buy or started testing (I'm obviously hesitant). I'm REALLY interested in the LZ shafts specifically but would love to hear any and all opinions.
  6. Love these wedges. Saw Oost had at least 1 in his bag at the match play. Actually trying to find a 50* in black. GLWS
  7. That's one of the best looking putters I've ever seen!!! That's a steal on the TP shaft alone! GLWS
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