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  1. Happy Friday, all! Open to trades. Discounts for head/shaft combos. RE: Trade - Looking for TM driver heads only. Preferably Sim/Max 9 and/or M5/6 9 in similar condition. Let me know if I can send you any additional pics. 1. Epic Flash Sub Zero 10.5 = $225 shipped - No idiot marks or major nicks/scratches 2. Rogue 10.5 = $200 shipped - No idiot marks or major nicks/scratches 3. ProjectX Hand Crafted Evenflow Blue 6S 65G (no tipping, measures 43 3/4 inches, Cally optifit adapter) = $175 shipped 4. ProjectX HZRDUS Black 6S 76G (no
  2. Pics and/or video of this, please! TBM
  3. I'll be up in Hingham come December... let's tee it! TBM
  4. Has anyone tried these? Interestingly, I can't find them anywhere retail - even ECCO's site - but stumbled across a pair on eBay and immediately scooped. Pumped to try them out as they look amazing. Currently wearing G/Fore Gallivanters & Disruptors and own an old pair of Classics. https://global.ecco.com/en/outdoor/product-types/golf/m+golf+soft-151314-01002 TBM
  5. Pic heavy post should tell the story here but please don't hesitate to reach out with any additional questions. Open to dealing via a few trades, namely - 9* Sim/Max, T100/100S with Modus 3 Tour 105 & 009/009M/Tour Rat/Super Rat/Concept 1/T22 TNP (must have toplines but will entertain dots and/or circles). 1. LPGA Tour Rolled Bettinardi BBZero DASS - Condition = 9.5/10 - Length = 34 inches - Loft & Lie = Unknown - Sightline = Topline - Weight = Unknown. 2 pieces of lead tape were added to the sole by the Betti Tour Rep who fitted the player. -
  6. Yessir! Small world. Look me up when you find yourself back this way... we can go see my name on the wall! TBM
  7. Pleased to report that I won our Club Championship this year! Absolutely unreal experience. Keep grinding, all. Dreams do come true! TBM
  8. I own 2 fully custom KP1’s with rounded bumpers - one carbon, the other GSS. Kyle is great to work with and very talented. Can not recommend more highly! TBM
  9. Own 2 KP1’s and they’re awesome! Don’t sleep on the headcover either, the right kind of rigid/stiff with strong magnets so it never comes off when walking (which I do every round). GLWS! TBM
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