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  1. I considered using them a couple of years ago because their price was good. But I ended up using Conn's which has a U. S. number you can call I believe. I had no trouble with them. Be sure to take extra insurance - no or very little deductible. Many horror stories about rip-offs. Now I remember that Conn's price came with zero deductible and was competitive. Best of luck. I drove nearly 1,000 miles over a two week period.
  2. As an fyi I played Terra Lago north and eagle falls last week. First time for both. Terra Lago was a beast especially with the winds up around 20-30 mph. It felt like survival all round. Pretty open to the elements and the course was in ok shape. Eagle Falls on the other hand was a blast. Course in great shape and somewhat protected from the wind. I would say it's a very playable course and reminded me of Firecliff. Would definitely play this one again and the price is very reasonable.
  3. Yes thanks I do check greenskeeper and golfadvisor.
  4. Heading out there next week for some golf. Any recent experience with public courses in excellent/good shape? Thank you.
  5. Agree with others that flying with them is probably low risk but may not be convenient depending on your itinerary. Let me give you an alternative to shipsticks. I shipped my clubs from California to Northern Ireland using Luggage Forward because they were cheaper than shipsticks and at the time (2017) I was not real confident after speaking with the shipsticks international rep about what I wanted to do. Luggage Forward uses DHL. They came to my door and picked them up. Ten days later when I reached Northern Ireland my clubs were waiting for me at the hotel. I then shipped them from Northern
  6. I just returned and wanted to thank those who helped me out. I played Stonebriar Fazio and Old American last week between tornados! Some crazy weather you have there. I enjoyed both courses and was happy I played them. Fazio course as expected is a resort course so it played a little easier and those self- centering fairways came in handy a few times. Everything in fine shape especially the soft cushy bunkers. I don't play on a lot of Bermuda greens so it took some getting used to and were a little slow but rolled true. Grain definitely matters. It was pretty windy so that made it a little tou
  7. Thanks, I'll check those out.
  8. I'm going to play Old American and Stonebriar on a Wednesday in late May. That leaves me with Tuesday afternoon open. Anybody play Pine Dunes recently? Is it worth the drive? Seems to be getting mixed reviews lately. Thanks.
  9. Thanks dfw. I had not considered the Stonebriar. I like Fazio courses. Trying4Better - I will check out the The Cliffs, thanks.
  10. I am traveling for business to DFW area in late May. I will have a Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday for golf. I might try 36 for Wednesday. I have never golfed in the DFW area but when I travel to a new city I like to play the best available and bucket list type courses. I don't have any private course connections. My criteria: Excellent course conditions, challenging well thought-out layout, architectural significance. I am less concerned about cost and I don't care about clubhouse, eating facilities etc.. Its just about the golf. I will have a car. I also don't mind driving 1-2 hrs if the cou
  11. So I just returned from Atlanta. I played the UGA course in the morning then Achasta in the afternoon. Enjoyed both courses and the scenic round trip from downtown Atlanta. UGA: Tough course but in nice shape. Plays long because of the elevation changes. Typical RTJ course with few bunkers but demanding on the approach. Always seemed to be a club short. Bermuda rough was deep which caused some problems finding your ball and then trying to get out of the nest. Greens seemed slow but rolled nice overall. Lucky are those who live nearby and can play this regularly at reasonable rates. Achasta
  12. I'm booked for UGA early morning next week. Will hit Georgia club on the way back to Atlanta. I'll report back. Thanks again.
  13. Thanks everyone for the local knowledge. From what I have heard and read I think I would like the layout of Achasta (I like Nicklaus courses), UGA, and GA club. I am a little less excited about Echelon because of the elevation changes and some fairways cut into hillsides? I will probably try some combination of UGA and GA club. Now I will check tee time availability.
  14. After checking out their websites I like the suggestion of UGA and Georgia Club for 36 in one day. However when I called the Georgia club they told me they punched 9 holes a week ago and I think the rest this week. Worth it to play 2-3 weeks after aeration? Or maybe I should consider 36 at UGA if I feel up to it? Frog, Echelon, and Achasta all punching 1st week of September.
  15. Thanks for the advice thus far. Many courses that I had not even considered. I will call to check aeration schedules.
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