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  1. Has anyone reshafted this club. I just pulled a factory shaft out of this and it did not come out clean - ya I know i probably got antsy and didn't put enough heat but have pulled dozens before with no issue, this one the factory shaft crumbled somewhat on the tip. After cleaning out the club head, I found that it was extremely tight in trying to insert a Graphite Design IZ shaft that is .335 as should have been the factory Fujikura Ventus... Wondering if anyone else has a similar experience and if that head may not be perfect .335 . Had to sand down a bit by hand the tip of my GD shaft to get it all the way down.
  2. I would concur having used the DI for a while and then moving to the IZ, the IZ definitely plays higher.
  3. M6 - Standard Set Up, Club has only a few rounds in it, no serious scuffs/scratches/etc. Was purchased and just couldn't replace what was in my bag. Looking to get rid of $215 CONUS. Too many clubs in my bag & back ups, so not interested in trades. ~~GD Tour AD-IZ7 very few rounds perfect condition~~, ~~cut to 5 wood length, TM Tip, $150 no trades, toooo many shafts in my possession~~No longer Available
  4. saw this post from a couple years ago, is this group still active?
  5. Long Beach ---- Eaton's Golf Shop. Guy is old school, does great work, absolutely the most reasonable on club repairs.
  6. Just saw this thread, absolutely..... Dawn Patrol Sat/Sun all the way !!!
  7. I actually made the move 2 years ago doing exactly this. Swapped out KBS Tour steel shafts for UST Recoil shafts in my irons. Obviously they do feel completely different. By feel, to me it was "softer" meaning less vibration, definitely feel the clubhead, lighter overall, etc. I also found that I got a slightly higher ball flight when I struck the clubs well than I did with my steel shafts. Now , I could have gotten this by just changing to a different steel shaft profile as well. What I did not get, was an immediate increase in distance which somewhat surprised me from this video given the swing speed was not drastically increased. All in all, I do like the graphite now.
  8. TM M4 10.5 set to 11 degree's ------ average is right at 250.
  9. on Driver, curious what your findings were on this M6 vs the M5 / M6 Tour heads.... figuring they were better if you are getting rid of this, but curious on your findings.
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