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  1. nbc sports app does work better on Roku but I didn’t try it.
  2. When I used the app today on appletv for the early coverage was locked and asked me to upgrade and enter cc info. The featured groups were available. Either way I still think if NBC owns the rights to the broadcast they could give it to the people who pay for NBC sports gold without forcing you to sign up for something else.
  3. Featured groups are. But full access to early coverage is not and requires premium. Also I don't like having to sign up for an additional service when I have already paid for one.
  4. I think it's pretty stinking crappy that NBC sells the NBC sports gold package (formerly PGA Tour Live) and then puts the US Open on a different service that they also own and if you want to watch full coverage you have to sign up and pay for that streaming service as well.
  5. They have Peter Millar at Marshall’s? Time to give them a visit I guess.
  6. I must have missed the memo, why does this guy rub so many the wrong way?
  7. Thanks for the feedback. How do you like the box? I’ve shied away from it because I don’t really want branded SP4 markers and gloves and such.
  8. Because the most popular PGA guys are struggling financially. Lol. It’s begging for someone to try to get popular for something other than golf. Hopefully the LPGA hasn’t/doesn’t follow suit.
  9. I put a hole in my favorite Cameron PM polo on a roller coaster with kids lol.
  10. Unfortunately my Cameron and Masters PM gear are getting too big. I really like TASC athletic wear and I saw they are making golf stuff now. I may have to check that out.
  11. I never heard of this. I had to google it to figure out what the heck you were talking about. This is the dumbest nonsense I have ever heard. PGA are you kidding me?
  12. I don't mind paying a premium price if you are getting a premium product to go along with it. But lately it seems like a lot of the well known athletic wear brands are peddling off their name and a check mark and are charging a premium price for sub par fabrics. I really like Peter Millar and also think Puma is making some wonderful clothing. What other brands are worth the cost in terms of quality of product (particularly textile)?
  13. I have a spider tour or whatever they called it and quite liked it. Was my main gamer for a couple of seasons. Still comes out when I feel shaky sometimes. but I still wouldn’t call it an attractive putter. Functional though.
  14. I grew up broke and blue collar and believe it or not I was taught to have manners and respect for others (and myself). The idea that respect and decorum are for the elite, white collar, rich, etc. is just straight insulting. Character doesn't have a tax bracket.
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