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  1. Got my invite this AM. Was SUPER slow. Not 100% if it was site or my computer. Huzzah. Now to hide all this merch from the wife.
  2. I have not got my invite yet. You are making me antsy.
  3. BTW I haven’t been here in a while. The forums are a bit...different.
  4. Ok. I was nervous mine got spam filtered or something.
  5. I'm seeing people post stuff from the store online, but I haven't got my link yet. Have you guys got a link?
  6. JunkerJorge


    Read it Roll itHole it
  7. I like to come here to look at cool putters. Surely there is somewhere else you can go on the interwebs to flex your moral superiority. I didn’t even vote for “you know who” but the cancel playbook is getting tired.
  8. There's probably a more appropriate forum for woke scolding. Edit: You posted this literally 10 minutes after joining the site?
  9. Thanks for the response! We have been there and it serves our purposes well. The only downsides are a) it's 30 min away, and b) walking 9 for our family of 4 is more expensive than 18 at a founders course. That is a great option, but I would love to also find a place that we could get out for a quick outing and let them hit a few even if they weren't playing on every hole.
  10. I have a couple of little guys who can't get enough of hitting balls. I want to encourage them to play (and it's fun for me) but there is not really much in the way of par 3 courses or first tee type stuff down here like where we moved from. Any recommendations for the least busy or kid friendly facilities south of Myrtle Beach? We are down in Pawleys. Thanks.
  11. They are an accessory company that makes a few putters. Not vice versa.
  12. All misses left (or right) are not created equal.
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