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  1. I have a number of items for sale. Not looking for trades and OBO is on the table. Pricing includes shipping to the continental US. I've bought and sold through the forums a lot over the years, including some of these items, but a close friend of mine who is a senior member typically posts for me. If a reference is needed you can reach out to him. 1. Mizuno MP20 MMCs - 4-PW, KBS C-Taper 130x shafts softstepped, standard lie and loft, Golf Pride Z-Grip Cord Grips. I just got fit for new MMCs with lighter shafts so selling these. Probably have about 15 rounds on them and are in great condition. $700 $675 OBO 2. Mizuno MP58s - 4-PW, Project X 6.0 shafts, 2 degrees flat lie and standard loft, Golf Pride MCC Plus4 grips. I used these for 3 or 4 seasons. 9 through 7 irons have a good amount of wear on the face as seen in pics. SOLD 3. Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2 Putter - 35inch, Brand new still in plastic. SOLD 4. Odyssey Stroke Lab 2-ball 35 inch. $150 OBO 5. Titleist Vokey SM5 M grind 60 degree wedge - 8 degree bounce, stock shaft. Titleist Vokey SM5 M grind 54 degree wedge - 10 degree bounce, stock shaft. $100 for pair or willing to sell separately 6. TaylorMade Rocketballz Stage 2 Tour 3 Wood - 14.5 degree, stiff shaft. $75 OBO 7. Callaway GBB Epic Driver - 10.5 degree, Ozik Black Tie 75m4 Stiff Shaft. $125 OBO 8. Callaway X2 Hot Pro Hybrid - 23 degree, Aldila Tour Green 75 Graphite Stiff shaft. $65 OBO 9. Callaway FT Hybrid 18° 2H Hybrid - STIFF FLEX FUJIKURA M Shaft. $50 OBO 1. Mizuno MP20 MMCs 4. Odyssey Stroke Lab 2-ball 5. Titleist Vokey SM5 6. TaylorMade Rocketballz Stage 2 Tour 3 Wood 7. Callaway GBB Epic Driver 8. Callaway X2 Hot Pro Hybrid 9. Callaway FT Hybrid 18° 2H Hybrid
  2. I have the Country Club Elite and love it. Costco had it for a really good price
  3. You are way too bent over at addressed and have super flat back swing. Get your butt tucked underneath you more at address
  4. No discount but he has added a ton of new content since my first year. A bunch of new content is about to be released as well
  5. You aren't extending your trail leg in the backswing so only place you have to go is pushing right away. You're not getting into the ground
  6. I thought ProV1 was the higher spinning ball?
  7. 233s are definitely looking a bit chunky
  8. Shafts are way more important than the heads IMO
  9. Always been a fan of Mizuno but you gotta hit them all and make a decision for yourself
  10. Mevo+ works great for me in my unfinished basement. Hitting into a net return with about 8 feet of space on each side. Only issue is I have 9 foot ceilings so can't hit a driver
  11. In backswing you need more left bend, more hip depth, don't roll the forearms which make the club go inside, and you have a wide open club face because of a cupped left wrist
  12. need to turn your hips and shoulders way more in backswing
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