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  1. Those Titleist are seriously unreal! I think I need to start myself a GoFund me account! Absolutely beautiful.
  2. I'll be locking this thread shortly. Heads and Spinner shafts still available. Just PM me if interested.
  3. https://www.tourshopfresno.com is offering 15% orders of $100 or more on all inventory items (code: BF15). I'll admit they do not have a ton of items, but they have a good selection of shafts (irons and woods) and they carry Miura clubs (discount works for them also). I've only purchased shafts from them in the past. But I've found them to be quick with emails and shipping. Looking at a set of MMT right now.
  4. About to re-shaft the irons heads into a DG AMT S300 and sanded the heads down with 320/400 grit sandpaper to clean off some patina. Did not sand the 3 iron since I don't use it. Posting updated photos in case someone is interested in the heads. Otherwise these will be sticking around in the backup bag.
  5. Dropping items off to ship tomorrow. Someone make an offer...would love to ship these out tomorrow.
  6. No trades please. All pricing includes shipping. I typically ship via UPS 3 day but if ground is faster (like it was for some other items I sold), I'll ship via UPS ground. 1. Cobra CB/MB heads only 3-PW stripped raw. I believe these are either the 2015 or 2016 model with only one tungsten plug in the irons. As far as I know it's standard lie and lofts. It's amazing how the finished applied to the clubs really hide the perfect imperfections of the irons. Purchased from a member here months ago, stripped the irons and gamed them sparingly. Love the look and feel, j
  7. P7TW still available. Just locking up to place new ad with other items in a few days.
  8. 1. P7TW. Purchased the P7TW heads used from BirdieBob several months ago. Shafted them up with DG Tour Issue X100 (not soft stepped like TM) and Golf Pride Tour Velvets Cord Midsize. Played 2 rounds and a few range sessions (maybe 3 if not less). I took off the X100 labels to look like Tiger, but obviously ran out of talent. Love the clubs, just more consistent with my T100. Clubs are standard loft and lie (bent by BirdieBob on request, NOT TIGER SPECS) and standard length. Very minimal club chatter or wear, I'd rate this set as 9/10. Clubs come with TM irons covers and P7TW box.
  9. Currently using Tour Velvet Plus4 and considering a change to the Lamkin Crossline Plus grip. Does anyone know if the the grips have similar sizing regarding reduced taper? I really like the TV Plus4, but seem to wear out faster than I would like. Based on the comments above, it appears the Lamkin grips would/could last longer, thus saving me $$ to play more golf then re-grip my clubs.
  10. I agree with @HateTheHighDraw. Most that go with S400 in their wedges, play shafts slightly lighter in their irons (I.E S300 in irons and S400 in wedges). You could also look at the AMT S300 shafts, where the longer iron shafts are light and progressively get heavier into the shorter irons where they play closer to a true S300 shaft. However, like @Puttersaurus Rex mentioned, all the guess work would be done if you are able to get a proper fitting. This will save money long term rather than the trial and error method. BTW, I have a set of RTX4 wedges and
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