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  1. I think there are several issues with CC. These are my opinion based on a fitting I participated in several years ago for a driver, 3 wood and driving iron. 1. Everyone likes the ability to get clubs fitted with data (trackman) and the I think the customer service is pretty good (from my experience). 2. The fitter is constantly trying to close a sale during the fitting. 3. If you're honest with them in the beginning about not buying clubs from them and only there for the fitting, I felt it turned into a shaft upgrade only fitting. 4. Their prices for clubs are rid
  2. I agree with above comments regarding a larger grip. If I'm not mistaken, arthritic golf grips were larger in size and had the original "reduced taper". Not terribly expensive to switch out grips and see if that helps with your father in law's knuckles and wrist. I'd suspect he'll notice a difference with larger/reduced taper grips. And if the new grips help, but not enough, look into graphite shafts. My father made the switch to graphite shafts and wished he did it years earlier! Best of luck!
  3. @Jackrwesty Could you post a pic of the irons? Curious to see how they turned out raw.
  4. I would also agree with the DG 120 X100 as mentioned above. They are lighter and play more like a S+ than a X-stiff. It's was noticeable to me and I'm sure with your background, it'll be noticeable to you also. Good Luck.
  5. I agree, a head change is probably the ticket. SIM Max and SIM2 Max are more forgiving, but also generate more spin the the SIM or SIM2. Also, I've heard that TM made the SIM2 and SIM2 Max spin more than the previous year SIM because it was so low spin. By spin more, I mean maybe 200-300 RPM. You might want to find a used SIM on BST to try out. Also, the Diamana BF is a mid launch / mid to low spin shaft. You might want to try the DF which is low-mid launch / low spin shaft. I have both the DF and BF and when I wasn't injured, the guy I take lessons from stated my
  6. But the grip is still good, correct? I'm kidding. Sorry this happened to you and the seller. No excuses for a box to be cut in half!
  7. I was fit into a DF shaft for my driver by Club Champion. The fitted told me the DF was basically a whiteboard shaft with more feel. Absolutely love the DF shaft in the driver. In the my 3 & 5 wood, I have the D+ Limited shaft. Off the tee or from the fairway, the D+ is a solid performer. The DF feels like it loads slightly easier than the D+, but the D+ also feels a tad more anti-left, which I need in my fairway woods.
  8. If you would like a rundown on my back issue, please see my prior BST posts. Well, I managed to purchase a set of ZX7 iron heads as I gave my set to my brother since I'm out for the foreseeable future. Figured I buy the iron heads and build a set slowly as I heal, kind of a mental health therapy. So, I have some items to sell to help off-set the purchase. No trades please and CONUS shipping only. I believe the prices are fair, but if I'm way off, please let me know. Additionally, all items will be shipped on Monday. MRI on Saturday and family time Sunday. **** Th
  9. Thanks man! Yeah, a lot of great advice from the previous post and in the PMs I’ve received. The WRX community is pretty awesome.
  10. If it’s an oversized grip, the plug is 40 grams. I’ve heard if it’s a pistol grip then the plug is 30 grams. Not sure how much you plan on extending the shaft but 30-40 grams is a lot to make up with just an extension. If you do try and pull the plug, I’ve heard they are glued in so use low heat and be patient. But I’ve also heard the never models use friction to install the plug, however I haven’t seen one in person. Best of luck.
  11. Thanks. It's an awesome bag. I had a white 2.0 bag that I gamed and loved. But since my kid got me the Player III bag, I kind of have to use it.
  12. If you want to know more about my back issue, please research my previous BST post. Due to the fact I will not be playing for the foreseeable future and that I made an impulse purchase of some Zipcore heads , I have a few items for sale. All prices include shipping and no trades at this time. Shipping only to the CONUS. 1. Vessel 2.0 6-way stand bag - Grey Tech - purchased over a year ago and never gamed. It did however sit in the garage and help my backup set of irons and putter. These are sold out on the Vessel website and not sure if they will make a comeback. The bottom
  13. Locking the thread up. Only one item left: ACCRA TZ6 Proto 85 M5 shaft with Cobra fairway adapter and measures a shade under 41 1/2 inches. Tipped 1.5 inches. Asking $150 shipped or OBRO. Hit me up in a PM if interested.
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