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  1. Keep that foam stuff, stuff is expensive. And you prob paid 8x retail prices for it.
  2. You know Men used to hug quite a lot in history. Nowadays it obviously is frowned upon or judged. I dunno, I grew up in the in betweens of it all. This really looks like a beautiful moment of somebody just needing a hug! In 100 years some guru will be teaching hugs for $1000 hour.
  3. Any solutions to upgrade your tabletop? Maybe use a strong wood underneath? Hmmmm gonna have to engineer this. I will be adding one to a bench as well and guess I will attach to studs too. Don’t see cast iron in the future.
  4. No and No. it is a description of my observation of OP’s attack on Faldo. And the strategy employed to wage similar ones. So that intelligent folks can recognize the gas lighting. Btw you fall right into the “Attacking any criticism” mind set. It really is a psychologists dream being alive these days. The mental illness is so palatable and visible. just an observation.
  5. Any idea what that grind is called on the 60? Is that S grind?
  6. Phil sneaking into the TM truck with fake mustache, Whig and funny nose glasses.
  7. Wonder how Artisan stamps Ancer’s sig on there? How does one make a stamp into your signature? Wow
  8. I HAVE to get to this Tourney one day! take a pic of the mountains please! I love those mountains framing everything there.
  9. Ok let’s Psycho Analyze OP I gather from the title he never was a Faldo fan. So he’s just railing on his hate of him here. Love the times we live in. I have heard so many discussions about Tiger woods start the same way. First thing they do is give a compliment, such as: “He does everything right” or “Hes won so much”. Then there’s the big dig!: “But I’ve never liked the guy. Not once.” that’s the hate coming thru. Careful with your hate. remember if you are seething at someone or something. That’s not healthy and not worth your time.
  10. George Carlin “Not your fault, that [email protected]!& happened back there”
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