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  1. I’m here to hear Zeppelin
  2. he loses ALOT of balls to the right. Watch the footage. It is a consequence of his swing type. It is the equivalent of throwing sidearm. he’ll be streaky his whole career. All good atm, but we shall see!
  3. Yep, you are speaking the truth there. Not many seriously seeking out Kaizen out there.
  4. The Matrix Black shafts are good at fixing this. The black Ozik line, affordable too since they went out of business.
  5. The stitch: “man moo moo“ out this summer. On their Instagram
  6. It’s an actual epidemiological tool. And they can do it thru smart phones, if they wanted to. Remember we had plans in place to make any pandemic’s impact negligible. They were not followed. In fact our own citizens have been against the very plan the citizens paid for with tax money. If a plane makes a water landing and a number of passengers block the exits. Guess what? A lot of people die. Follow a plan. Stop disrupting the plan! read the fema plan on pandemics, written during george h.w. Bush era I think. not about politics , just about saving lives.
  7. was this a setup? Lol. Whole thread smells funny now
  8. Nah man, people are wearing boxes. Nothing too crazy after that.
  9. Dang that’s pretty frickin sweet. So a theif would have a hard time getting in there?
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