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  1. G400 5 wood, 145177FL Also has MS #3 on the heel near the loft designation. Thanks
  2. Looking for a Ping Alta CB 65 from the G400 Series (Copper Color) at 3 wood length. Stiff Flex and not looking to spend a great deal on this. Thanks,
  3. All prices include shipping and Paypal fees and the sale is CONUS only. Prices are OBO and the only trades are a SLDR (not C or S) 5 Hybrid, Ping Alta shaft for G400 3 wood or Ping Arna putter 35" (not Sigma 2). Stock TaylorMade and PING Driver Shafts 1. Tensei CK 60 Orange, stiff, 44 5/8", TM Tip 2. Tensei CK 60 Blue, stiff, 44 1/2", TM Tip 3. Ping Alta CB, X flex, 44 3/4", Ping G400, G30, G Tip Titleist 735.CM, 3-P, Heads only. Clubheads are in good condition for their age and show normal bag chatter for a forged iron. The only noticeable ding is on the bottom of the 8 iron as shown in the pics. This is the duller Stainless finish model. PING G2 4 Iron, Black Dot, Stiff Ping shaft Project X Shafts PX 5.0 Flighted, 5-P, .370 Tip, 37" - 34 1/2" in 1/2 increments, shaft labels only on short irons, no grips, the 5 iron has a dent about 3" down from the butt end. PX 5.0 (not flighted) Wedge Shafts, .355 Tip, 33 7/8" and 34 1/8", no grips. PX 6.5 Flighted Wedge Shafts, .355 Tip, 33 3/8" and 33 1/2", no grips.
  4. Items will be shipped UPS Ground with tracking info provided unless otherwise agreed upon with buyer. Sale is CONUS only and NO Trades at this time. Thanks for looking. Titleist 735.CM, 3-P, Heads only. Clubheads are in good condition for their age and show normal bag chatter for a forged iron. The only noticeable ding is on the bottom of the 8 iron as shown in the pics. This is the duller Stainless finish model. Dynamic Gold S200 shafts, .355 tip, pulled from 4-P set of irons. Longest shaft measures 37.5" and shortest is 34.5".
  5. ***I will listen to REASONABLE offers on the G410+ and the Tensei CK but I will continue to IGNORE low ball offers!*** All prices include shipping, insurance and Paypal fees. All items will be shipped UPS Ground unless buyer is willing to assume the risk of delays with USPS. CONUS only. Depending on my box inventory, drivers may be shipped disassembled so let me know if you need a tool. Sorry, but NO trades at this time. I've had several questions about splitting the head and shaft on the G410. I much prefer to sell together but I am willing to do so if I can get a confirmed buyer for both. And please keep in mind when I give you a price that I am going to have to pay shipping twice. 1. PING G410+, 10.5*, Tour 65S, like new MCC Align grip. Bought this recently from a good member here but I'm sticking with my M6 for now. Club is in good condition with some normal brush marks on the sole. Absolutely no skymarks or paint chips. Headcover included and can include a tool if needed. 2. PING G30, 10.5*, Stiff Ping TFC419 shaft. Club is in good condition with normal brush marks on the sole. There are no skymarks or paint chips on the club. There is one small paint scratch near the 2nd turbulator from the toe (see 2nd pic). Headcover included. SOLD!! 3. PING Arna Stealth Putter in excellent condition. Measures 35" and has a new Ping PP58 Midsize grip installed. Headcover included. SOLD!! 4. Stock Tensei CK Orange Stiff from TaylorMade M5 with RH Tip. Measures 44.5" from grip end to tip end so it plays 45.5" in TaylorMade drivers. Grip is in decent shape.
  6. Update - the irons that were shipped on Dec 11th were delivered yesterday Jan 14th. It took over a month but at least they weren't lost, never to be found. Maybe, just maybe, things will start getting a little better with USPS.
  7. The MD was/is a good hybrid but I found the HB-001 to be a bit better for ME. I felt the MD to be more of an iron replacement with a lower flight. The HB gave a little higher flight and the small rails made it more playable from the rough.
  8. All clubs are in used but above average condition and will be shipped quickly with tracking provided. I just don't trust USPS right now so clubs will be shipped UPS Ground. So West coast buyers be patient - it may take 4-5 days but at least you'll get your club. Sale is CONUS only and the ONLY trade interests are a G400 Max or G410+ in 10.5*. Putter is in good used condition and has not been abused. It measures 35" and has 20g weights installed giving it a nice heavy feel. There are a couple of very small marks on the top line that are really not visible and there are a couple of small marks on the toe bumper that are shown in the pics. Grip is functional but really probably should be replaced. Head cover is included. SOLD!! Vokey wedge set - SM6 50/08 F, SM7 54/08 M, SM7 58/08 M. All are in good condition with no browning on the faces. All have the stock wedge flex shaft and all have brand new Tour Velvet Midsize grips. I really prefer to sell as a set but will consider selling individually if I have buyers for all three. Set purchase will have priority. 50*/54* are SOLD! 58* is still available.
  9. I think I've shipped my last package with USPS. Just sold two sets of clubs on eBay and here's how it went: First set sold on Dec 10th, shipped Priority from TN to PA on Dec 11th, last scanned in Norfolk VA on Dec 14th. TN-PA is a normal 2 day delivery and we're on day 12. Thankfully the buyer is being understanding. Second set sold on Dec 13th, shipped Priority from TN to MN on Dec 14th, clubs sat at local post office until Dec 19th before moving, delivered today thankfully. A normal 3 day delivery took 9 days. I know there's bigger things going on now than my golf club habit, but every other carrier seems to be past the initial bumps in the road.
  10. Meerkat is absolutely right. The Tour 65 is a really good shaft and hard to beat for the price. It does play a good bit stiffer than the Alta from my experience but it is an awesome combination with the Max head. If you are patient you can find one cheaper than $75, especially if you are willing to accept one with the older graphics.
  11. Looks like the Golf Pride Niion grip from 6-7 years back.
  12. I play a 53 & 57 Cleveland 588 from time to time and the 57 works just fine.
  13. This statement piqued my interest so yesterday I concentrated on keeping my shoulders steady and letting my arms and hands swing the putter. I'm not sure that's what actually happened but it was the feeling I tried to create. Best putting round all year!!! Many thanks Blade.
  14. ***I am going to over describe so please read the description below*** Selling a set of MP33's in nice condition. This was a "blade" experiment by my son and the experiment is over. The club heads are in really good condition for their age with NO browning on the faces. The only significant marks are a couple dings on the 9 iron sole (see pics) and a small nick on the back of the PW (see pics). There are some bending bar marks on the hosels where someone has adjusted them before but no chrome is cracked. Current lie is 1* degree up from standard Mizuno specs. It appears the clubs have been re-shafted because the ferrules do not have serial #'s as was normal for Mizuno at the time. Also, the shafts bands are all over the place with regards to being square. The shafts in the 6-P are S300 with Sensicore and the 5 iron has an S300, no Sensicore, that is only about 1/8" longer than the 6 iron. The grips are Tour Velvet in good condition. I will throw in a Mizuno Comp EZ 3 iron with a R300 shaft installed if anyone wants it to extend the set. NO Trades Please!
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