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  1. Aaaaaand now it feels like a waste of $ I can just imagine the marketing. "For the low-low price of $1,000 you can pay what everyone else on GolfNow™ pays! Get them while supplies last!"
  2. Seems pretty cheap, how much are greens fees with the pass?
  3. You are right, when I did there was a sign up link. As far as the calls go, Ed has been out sick for the last few days. I was supposed to see him Thursday last week and he had to cancel it so that might have been why he didn't answer. You can also call the Ranch CC golf shop as I believe they can book for Ed also.
  4. So I was playing Spyglass Hill with a friend on Friday night and I kept hitting drives that just fell out of the sky. The GCQuad was giving me backspin rates of 600-1200 which makes no sense for me. I generally spin the ball on the high end of 2200-2700. I chalked it up to a fluke or the GCQuad was misreading my drives (would be the first time.) I played 18 with a friend yesterday and while warming up I noticed that my driver was doing it again! That made me much more curious so I started looking closely and noticed this : Is it ironic that my driver shaft broke three weeks ago (TourAD DI 7x) and I found a replacement and got the PING tip on there? Nahhhhhh I decided that it has been several years and I've made a big swing change over the last 18 months so I might as well get a new fitting. I'll be at Club Champion to see what works on Thursday. Hooray!
  5. I have to second the feel side. Personally, I've never swung a 60g X I liked. They all feel too light. I tried a friends because my shaft broke the night before and it was a SOLID 60y left. The feel for YOU will dictate how good it is no matter what weight it is. Balance your distance/dispersion/trajectory/feel tradeoffs to what works for you.
  6. To re-state it: Any of you are welcome at my house. There is a $0/hr cost. Just shoot me a message
  7. Welcome back! Actually, one of the best instructors/coaches in CO is 5 mins from you. Just about all the best players north of Denver (I don't know that many on the other side) go see Ed Oldham. I go see him 2-3 times a year and he gets me going in the right direction every time. I can also recommend the Sports Stable. I went all winter last year and it was solid. The bays they use are OK but definitely not close to Trackman/GCQuad. The methodology is basically two "laser grids" right in front of the screen that the ball passes through and measurements are taken. Last year I paid $100/mo and got 2h/day for it. That price was worth it for me.
  8. Ooooooo, grinders unite! Welcome from a partial poster. See you on the CGA/USGA Tour™ assuming you're keeping the Am status.
  9. Using the sim this winter to "finalize" changes I started 18 months ago. This is more width at the top, motorcycle down, and a full extended release. Once spring rolls around I can spend more time on chipping and putting Maaaaaaaybe a new Scotty. Otherwise typical replacement of my 54* and 60* at the end of the season. Nope, I still love the Fox HIll Club Already spent 10 days in Tucson. Going to Bandon Dunes with 3 ladies for my wife's 35th and our ten year anniversary (yes it was her idea )
  10. LOL, I remember trying with this group several years ago.
  11. I think this strategy is different for everyone. I ran into the same issue with a huge gap between my 3w and 3i. Honestly, just about any strategy works, it's simply noticing what you can change and also thinking what would help you the most long-term. When I began thinking about closing that gap I realized that my 4i and 5i had an ~8yd gap. It was at this time that I decided to pull my 4i and replace it with a 2h/2i. Because I pulled my 4i I ended up strengthening the loft of my 5i by 1.5* and my 6i by 1*. This gave me the nice, smooth gapping between my long clubs. Current bag (long clubs): Ping G425 Graphite Design Tour-AD DI 7x Titleist 913F 15* 82x Whiteboard (OG Black) Titleist 913h 17* 102x Whiteboard (OG Black) Callaway UT 21* KBS C-Taper 125S+ Callaway X-Forged 25* 5i KBS C-Taper 125S+
  12. Good Ol' trusty yardstick! I had one of these too! I actually brought it in the machine shop at work at the time and had them cut off the end with the hole and smooth the edge. Definitely a great drill and the cheapest way to go. I just got sick of trying to balance a ball on the yardstick and I couldn't ground my club or the ball would roll off it. I agree with the attitude and if just telling yourself you are great putter works then there is no question you should do it. Personally, this idea doesn't work for me. I find I build confidence by "doing the thing." Again, just stating what works for me but I build confidence by working hard at putting and making myself a good putter. To me there is nothing better for confidence then making 100 four-footers in a row or rolling 25 balls in a row through that tiny gate. Once I can do that then I KNOW I'm good. Ironically, I find a correlation between great players and the amount of time spent trying to be great.
  13. Does anyone know if there was any damage to the course outside of some native areas?
  14. Sounds like what you really need is a putting analysis/lesson. The one I did that I would highly recommend was at the Trent Werner Academy @ Meridian. I think they used Quintec(sp?). FYI for everyone, I paid for the putting analysis on my GCQuad. If you want to get an analysis for free let me know and any one of you are welcome at my house any time. I might go into a rant here but I hope someone reads it and at least thinks about putting a bit more than most people do. Being good at putting breaks down into three sub-skills: 1) Reading Greens 2) Speed Control 3) Starting the ball on your line IMO, two of those skills are hard to practice without being on a real putting green. There are some drills for speed control you can do at home but a huge part of speed control is being able to change your feel every day based on the greens you are playing. Since skill #3 is the one we all have the most control over, I think it's EXTREMELY important to be as good at this as you possibly can. The best part about working on skill #3 is you can do it in front of the TV instead of sitting on the couch. You can still watch your show and do your thing. Going into winter, if you care about being good at putting next year this is the time to work. Drill #1 and my new favorite: Buy a putting laser. Yes, they are pricey I know. I waited WAY too long to buy one and now that I have I regret waiting. All you have to do is find (or draw/tape, etc) a straight line on the ground. Now take some putting strokes and keep the laser line on your straight line AND keep it parallel. This will show you IN REAL TIME how square your face is during the entire stroke. In the pic I'm using the seams of the tile as my line. https://eyelinegolf.com/collections/putting-aids/products/groove-putting-laser-green Drill #2 - Gate Drill Pretty simple, make a gate for your ball to pass through. You can start wide but until your gate is 1/8" wider than the ball keep on shrinking it until it gets there. You can see how wide that gate is in the photo. It's TINY and drives me MAD some days but it has also improved my putting faster than anything else. Once you can make 10 in a row you can shrink it. Personally, I love Eyeline golf as they are Colorado local but they also make some of the highest quality training aids. https://eyelinegolf.com/collections/putting-aids/products/path-gate-3-pack https://eyelinegolf.com/collections/putting-aids/products/slot-trainer-by-jon-jim-mclean NOTES (All IMO): 1) The best practice drills build pressure, this is why I'm a huge fan of "in-a-row" drills as the pressure will build until you complete your goal. This will get you used to pressure as you get frustrated knowing you can't leave until you complete it. 2) The best training aids are the ones that give you immediate feedback. They tell you you're doing it wrong at the moment you do it wrong. Those are the tools I own that have made me improve the fastest and it's not close.
  15. I'm excited to hear opinions on good putter fitters. That is the only fitting I have never done. I got some putting lessons but never a fitting.
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