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  1. I was just checking to see if there are any iron loft/lie machines out there? I don't want to break the bank, so less than $500. I live in NE Iowa.
  2. I played with a guy in a tournament that marked his ball on the 1st green with his false eye. We all had a good laugh as he says he just does it to mess with people. Also, nothing better than someone at the end of their round, removing their cap, running their hand through their greasy sweat drenched hair, and extending that same hand towards you for a handshake...
  3. I am looking for an excellent condition RH TSI2 or TS2 16.5* 4 wood head only. Thanks.
  4. Ok, thanks. So over .75", .5729 deg/side
  5. What is the tip angle on a taper tip shaft? Is there an industry standard? I realize I can guess and be successful, I just want to know what it is supposed to be. Thanks!
  6. Tungsten powder down the shaft with a cork or take out the white silicone dots, add lead shot or a little tungsten powder and cover it with new silicone material like it originally was. I have not tried this, but would if it were mine.
  7. Take the spot cleaner bleach and mark up the rest of the shorts for a camo look?
  8. Did anyone see any metallic stickers on the balls or clubs used in the demo videos?
  9. OP, you can make a lot of different putter shapes using a pencil/paper for your design, calipers, and a used mill with a Prototrak age 2/3d control for $5-$15k. $500 for a good used vise and tool holders. Conversational programming with no g/m codes to learn, and auto geometry location with math help. This will get the job done, but You would not be competitive against the putter shops using CNC machines geared towards large production. I say this as a 30 yr shop owner that has personally built a wide variety of molds, dies, custom fixtures, and machined parts for manufacturers
  10. Up for sale is a used 40" RH Evnroll ER11V MidLock putter. It is in great condition with just a little wear on the black grip end and on the black underside of the putter. There are no marks on the shaft and no dings in the head. $325 shipped USA 48. PM any questions. Thanks! ***SOLD***
  11. I just wanted to update this. This morning I received an email from PayPal that I would be receiving a full refund and that the case is now closed.
  12. My bag is set with ZX7, but the Titleist irons look great so far. I wonder if the T200 cavity cover is metal or plastic?
  13. I taped a 9" long, 70g pc of key stock steel to my grip to test the concept. It helped on short putts, but hurt with distance control. After a week, I gave up on it and decided not to put a gravity grip on my ER5V.
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