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  1. I am looking for a RH Lab Golf Mezz.1. 33-35", stock lie/loft.
  2. I would run the block of 1018 through a stress relieving heat/anneal cycle before machining to minimize warp and twisting. The grooves could be put in with a single point thread mill with a modified cutter tip to match your groove profile. Interesting project.
  3. A buffing wheel with the right compound might work.
  4. A real picture of the putter in address position with a ball would be much appreciated. It just makes it easier to visualize the size of the putter head and the look of any alignment lines.
  5. I think Evnroll had plans on selling hosels for their interchangeable hosel V series putter heads after the initial launch of the series. They may still be trying to catch up on demand yet though.
  6. Very interesting post. Now, tig weld both halves back together and put it up on EBay as a " custom head " and see if it sells.
  7. I don't own a R10, but was just curious if a colored ball makes a difference in readings? Especially a darker color.
  8. Resharpen them with a bench grinding wheel? I would get the 118* so that it will want to follow the existing hole better and grab less. Reaming is the best way.
  9. Bryson is Sik with liprocy.
  10. Can't weld aluminum to steel
  11. I wonder how long it will take before the aluminum inserts come loose....
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