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  1. It will be interesting to see how many pros have these in the bag this week.
  2. I wonder if this is a forged stainless head with a bead blast finish? No rust issues and finally no chrome or hydropearl? The non polished numbers on the bottom of the club are back to how they used to do it. These look great!
  3. I am looking for a set of I210 or I500 heads in excellent condition. Std to 2* up lie.
  4. To those that ordered ZX7 with the MMT 105S shafts, I was updated yesterday with a shipping date of ~May 10. They will ship overnight when they ship. Order placed on 1/25....
  5. Has anyone received a set of irons in the last month from any of the OEM's with the MMT 105S? I am just curious if Mitsubishi is producing this shaft or if production is at a standstill? I have a set of ZX7 irons with MMT 105s on order since mid Jan...
  6. Starting week 12 of waiting for Zx7 with MMT 105 shafts. The last update 2 weeks ago was shipping end of April 1st week in May....
  7. I would buy a satin chrome, forged set of Ping Eye 2+ irons with stronger lofts and less offset. Zz-65 shafts.
  8. I am looking for an untipped velocore Ventus blue or red stiff flex driver shaft that will play at least 44.5". 5s or 6s. I am also looking for a Ventus red fairway pull for a 3 wood.
  9. I've been waiting 10 weeks now for ZX7 irons with MMT 105S shafts. I am beginning to wonder if Mitsubishi is even running production on these shafts....
  10. I'm just guessing that the Sim2 has a longer shaft than the R1. An Inch or more would do the increase in club head speed.
  11. Awesome! I ordered the same set 1/23. Did you order these through Srixon or are these a custom build?
  12. I love the diamonds. My first couple of set of clubs had them. I also played Palmer Axiom II in college, and they had a vertical straight line that connected the groove ends on the toe and heel. I still think having the face defined like that helped my accuracy.
  13. As a machinist/shop owner for over 30 yrs, I have to say the face milling in the first picture is just so piss poor it is not even funny.
  14. Does the shaft have the normal TM 1" tip before putting on the adaptor?
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