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  1. I hit the TSI3 with driver yesterday at my local DSG. In comparing it to my hotmelted 9.5* TS3 (5 swings ea) (661 vs Tensei blue in the TSI), the TSI3 had 1-3 mph better ball speed, about 400 less spin, a little better accuracy, and was louder than my hotmelted TS3. I also hit the TSI3 9* 2-3* lower launch, both at std settings. The store was closing so I didn't have time to crank the loft up a little. I need to try it again to see what more equal launch angles and resulting increased spin rate will do distance/carry wise. I think a 10* head in the TSI3 would be a better fit for me as it
  2. Really, it is just what I am used to. I've never had an issue with my gas cart, so I am not changing now. Almost everyone has gas carts on the course I play as Electric carts 20 yrs ago were not as powerful and had a hard time climbing the hills on our course. No expensive batteries to replace/recharge, electric cart shed costs more, initial cost more, and terrible resale in my area makes it an easy choice for me. I think I only put a new starter battery in twice over 20 yrs. Gas it up and listen to it purr! I am going to the dealer today to kick some tires...
  3. This NTC swing feel has really changed my swing for the better in a short time. I have been playing for over 35 yrs now, holding a 3 or less cap and played in college. I was always an early extender, swing out to right field, steep shaft, 3* up lies, big push hook player. Because of this, I have always had lower back pain that has gotten worse through the years. Now that I'm 50 I have been looking for swing changes to lessen the pain so that I can keep playing. Up until this year, I had never heard of the concept of shallowing the shaft and bending (flipping) the wrists
  4. I want to replace my 20yr old Club Car with a new Yamaha drive2 gas cart. I just have a few questions for the Yamaha drive owners out there. Is the oem Yamaha cart enclosure and club cover the best choice in regards to fitment and function? Are there better options? What about black seats, in the sun, are they hotter to sit on than gray? 500+ for a basic stereo setup seems very high, so I may look into building my own if I have the time.
  5. I need a TP5X practice ball deal as good as the Lethal practice ball deal a few years ago.... Does anyone remember what store or site had that deal? Was it $10/doz?
  6. BD is making good use of that 48" driver length on his unplayable drops.....
  7. I think the grind looks great. The whole iron in a brushed metal raw finish (no chrome/hydropearl crap) would be awesome looking. I wonder how long it would take for these to rust with no plating?
  8. I wonder if the material in the hollow irons would be too thin to stamp? Maybe a laser or chemical etch would be another option?
  9. You could use just about anything depending on what you are trying to remove. I would first try Bar Keepers or Comet and a few drop of oil to make a paste. If you need something more agresive, maybe a pinch of gravel dust and oil. You could also get some abrasive cloth or sandpaper from the hardware store and wrap it over the wooden tool you make.
  10. Maybe take a wooden dowel and sharpen it to a point or square, and use it with some kind of abrasive to clean out the corners.
  11. Past 275yds out from the tee, water the fairways heavy and cut them long. These guys don't need 80yds of roll.
  12. tdeutmeyer


    Try the 921 with weak lofts? This would give you more bounce angle.
  13. Fill one with water? SW would be to high, but may be a fun experiment.
  14. All T200 vs 770 comments welcome! Feel, sound, turf interaction, offset, etc. Thanks!
  15. I think AMG had a vid on Pro vs Am setup. If I remember right, the pros have their tush line just a couple inches outside their heels where ams were significantly more. They talked about pros having forward leaning shins. I tried the new setup on the range last week with great results once I got used to it. It helped me tame my early extension. It is still a work in progress...
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