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  1. Looking for good condition, head only or with a lighter regular flex shaft
  2. definitely most of my birdies come from being on or around the green in 2 on par 5s. Next would be a hitting a good drive on a par 4 and giving myself something inside 90 yards and getting the wedge shot close. Tied for third is making a long putt, hitting a mid iron close on a par 4, and hitting my tee shot close on a par 3.
  3. Bought these new from Titleist. Driver has seen maybe 15 balls and has the plus 4 gram weight, 3 wood maybe 3 balls and 5 wood maybe 5 balls. Just can’t justify the price for my game right now. They all feel and look amazing but I can duck hook and banana slice the old titleist drivers just as well lol. I’m trying to just make my money back but I am open to offers and possible trades for a 910 or 913 D3 and 913 F 3 wood and 5 wood. Driver Head: $450 3 Wood Head: $250 5 Wood Head: $250
  4. No unfortunately Ive never been able to find them for anything less than a few bucks off retail. But definitely worth the price no matter what!
  5. Tour Velvet Cord for me. Best feeling grip in my opinion and good grip for sweaty hands. Regular tour velvets get slippery for me
  6. ok thanks, is there a difference between the 37" shaft that comes in a full set like ordering 3-PW and ordering a separate "wedge" shaft
  7. Just want to double check what the standard process is for installing dynamic gold tour issue X100s in a set of irons. I've seen the 9 iron and PW use the same length. Is the correct length the 37" wedge shaft for both? I am ordering an individual shaft for my PW off GolfWorks and want to make sure it is the correct one.
  8. How do you know where in the shaft it sits? Or does it not matter?
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