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  1. EE is usually a reaction or compensation for another issue in the swing (although I will let some of the more experienced scholars of swing theory opine on that). As for the correct use of pivot in the swing feeling unnatural, everyone has their own sense of "natural" and swing thoughts that will or won't work for them. To give myself space to clear my hips in the downswing, I like to feel that my right (trail) hip moves away from the ball and towards the target in the backswing (as addressed in AMG - Cleaning the hips in the golf swing) but obviously effective swing thoughts and "natural" feeling will be unique to each golfer.
  2. If you're struggling with EE, Monte's efficient swing series has a number of drills to train the correct use of the pivot throughout the swing. Athletic Motion Golf also have a few very good videos that are available on their YouTube channel.
  3. @TheInfidel - Did your pro provide any feedback how setting up with "square" clubface is expected to impact your swing and ball flight? I play a push draw and due to a persistent left miss I setup with an open club face. To my eye both picture 1 and 2 look closed and would likely produce draw/hook that would finish well left of my target line. But, as you note, a lot happens between address and impact.
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