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  1. Wow... two votes for Liga Privida 9 I will add... Padron 1964 anniversary natural 1926 series maduro 80 year Family reserve 50 year Maduro 1926 series no 90 box press
  2. I have and it seems to be performing very well but I am still in the honeymoon phase. The face seems hot as hell and I think that helps when you step on it a little. The heel to toe length is fairly long so it certainly won't cut through like a butter knife but they have been winners for me so far. I bought a 4 and 5 and spec'd them exactly like my iron set with GD DI-85 Hybrid shafts as well. Love them right now. Took some $$$ off my buddy today and the DHY's were very active. Sleeping with them tonight to take the relationship to the next level. Wifey might get flustere
  3. Well... I knew I had issues. My pro said I was lining up my putter left of target. No matter how much I tried my eyes would not adjust to the correct line. When the putter is on line it looks like I will miss it to the right. He suggested I get the PUTTron alignment aid and practice with it. Went out today and set it up on a straight putt. I was shocked how off I was. Had to recalibrate stance and position moving the ball more forward to allow me to see down the line better. Love this thing. Put a mirror that comes with it on the toe or heel. Has double sided tape on th
  4. I was told before you get married buy a hand full of guns. Even if they are cheap $50.00 old guns. It is easier to start with a high number and when you want a good one you can say that you trading one for another. Same with golf gear. You are int he wheel house with that collection. "Honey, when wee got married I had 50 putters... same still today!"
  5. ok... I will add these. I cant tell you how much I paid because I am blocking the number out. I am in denial. But they were CRAZY... National Custom Don White combo set... with wedges.
  6. Well I lost my shxt one day at the PGA Show and spent $5k on a minty 009 Blue Chromatic. Now it is my gamer. Unless it is in timeout. Looks nothing like this now.
  7. I bought the 4 and 5 TaylorMade SIM DHY and spec'd them as close as I could to the 4 & 5 irons in my P770 set I am gaming. Wanted more height and easier to hit option to get it closer to the pin. It was just a trial but it is working. I have been pissed lately with the 4 and 5 irons and wanted to try an easier option without using a hybrid in the 4 iron slot. To many head covers and my ego just cant take it. So I ordered them with GD Tour AD DI-85 shafts. P770's (stock) 4- Loft/22.5* Length/38.5" Lie/61* 5- Loft/25.5* Length/38.0" Lie/61.5* SIM DHY's (s
  8. They have a 5 on the website. But your right the site doesn't even show it right now. This is from a press release... The DHY ($249) model is equipped with the graphite Mitsubishi Diamana Limited shaft (S 75g, R 65g, A 55g) as well as the Lamkin Crossline 360 grip. Available lofts of 17°, 19°, 22° and 25° in both RH and LH.
  9. I was just told That signifies Japan spec and it’s on the P790s. The lie angle is 0.5deg flatter. That info is from a TM engineer.
  10. OMG Martin!!!! Where have you been? Good to see you here. I remember all the reviews and how active you were in the early days. Meeting with Titleist and how about getting credentialed at the BMW. Championship in 08'? That was fun. Good to see you here and hope all is well. Richard
  11. Here are the specs... 4 and 5 iron replacements. same length as the 770's. loft and lie to match.
  12. Experimenting with the 4 & 5 irons to get more trajectory and distance. Ordered these to the same specs as my new 770’s. Yet to hit them.
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