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  1. Still playing my G15's since June 2011. I am thinking of going to G410's but mostly to get graphite shafts. I still love my G15's! I also still have a 20 degree G15 hybrid and K15 driver and 3 wood.
  2. Well here goes my annual contribution to people discussing the Malby Playability Factor. I know many think its useless and some find it a little useful. So here are the 2020 additions. Callaway Mavrik Max 780, Mavrik 677, Epic E19 631, Mavrik Pro 592. Cobra SZ One 865, SZ 824, T Rail 770. King Forged Tec One 570, Forged Tec 472. Mizuno MP20 HMB 478, MP20 MMC 416, MP20 359. Taylor Made Sim Max 834, Sim Max OS 651, P790 607, P7TW 282. Ping G710 749, Blueprint 458. Titleist T300 895, T400 851, T200 690, T100 530, 620 CB 465. 620 Blade 287. Tommy Armour 845 828, 845 Forged 415. Wilson Launch Pad 5
  3. Our distances with clubs sound very similar. A good drive for me is 210. For the past six years my fairway wood has been a Ping K15. It says its a three wood but its really a 4 wood at 16 degrees. I adore the club and its great off tee and fairway. So getting rid of a lower lofted three wood is a great idea. My next club is a 20 degree hybrid. I also moved up a set of tees this year bringing most courses I play to 5300 to 5800 yards. The 400 yard plus par fours were killing me as a driver and fairway wood were always needed. The 420 plus par fours were really tough for me so moving up a tee bo
  4. I use a Sunmoutain Microcart. I do ride about 5 times out of 30 rounds a year.
  5. I remember finding these when they came out. Yes I am old and have been playing golf since I was around 10.
  6. We started selling these at my store. Cant find out any info on them. Im know they are just cheap surlyn balls but I am curious. They dont seem to be on the USGA conforming list and I tried typing the name into Google to see if they have a website.
  7. I was on the Golfworks website and I went to the Maltby ratings and the new 2019 club ratings are up. I know many don't care but for those who do I thought I would post them. Callaway: Big Bertha CF 19 924, Apex Forged 476, Apex Forged Pro 460 Cleveland: Launcher HB 789, CBX 706 Cobra: F9 887, King Forged Tec 495, King Forged MB 262 Mizuno: JPX 919 Hot Metal 754, JPX 919 Hot Metal Pro 660, JPX 919 Forged 619, JPX Forged Tour 433 Ping G410 738 Srixon: Z585 504, Z785 402, Z Forged 350 Taylor Made: M5 687, M6 806, P760 432 Tommy Armour Atomic 794 Wilson D7 517
  8. I was playing my first round of the year. Got in a sand trap, grabbed what I thought was my sand wedge. Hit a pretty good sand shot, got out nicely, Went to put my club back in the bag and there was my sand wedge, in the bag! I had my Ping U(gap) wedge. I was a little shocked and even more amazed.
  9. I still love my Ping K15 3 wood. Which at 16 degrees is really a 4 wood.
  10. Im still playing my K15 driver and 3 wood, which at 16 degrees is really close to a 4 wood. The 3 wood is amazing. Probably my favorite club in my bag and I use it to tee off with a fair amount.
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