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  1. Doing a bag rebuild so clearing everything out. You´ll probably want to be regripping these clubs...long story short I was sent ribbed grips when I didn´t order ribbed grips but didn´t realize it until they had dried installed logo down so the ribs are one top. Not even sure if that´s legal : ) See photos for lengths. 1 & 2. Srixon U85 18 & 23 degrees both with Recoil Stiff shaft. Lead tape can be removed if needed...$115 shipped for 1 or $210 shipped for both 3. Srixon Z565 6-PW with Tour Issue Dynamic Gold S400 shafts. Few of the shaft
  2. Thanks! Just looking to try one out so used is great!
  3. Not looking to break the bank so something older like an M6 or M5 would be great. Specs sticker would be a bonus. 9ish loft or lower sitting square or open would be interested potentially in X flex shafts as well thanks!
  4. Know its a long shot but anyone have heavy stiff/x flex irons shafts that were pulled from one length irons?
  5. Looking for 90-100 gram x flex fairway wood shafts for an experiment. Need two matching shafts in a perfect world but let me know what you have even if it is one. Open to older shafts and probably more in my budget, just can’t be high launch/spin shafts thanks!
  6. Looking for a Taylormade T3 head, preferably something older like the M2 or M1 to save some $$$. Thanks!
  7. Hello! no trade interests at this time except for an X flex Bimatrix shaft. See lengths for everything in the photos 1. Diamana D+ 80 gram stiff flex 3 wood shaft with TM tip on it....$80 shipped 2. Tour Issue Dynamic Gold S400 4 & 5 iron shafts. 4 iron isn´t gripped so it looks a little short compared to the 5 with the grip on it. $25 for one or $40 for both 3. Wishon Future Pro 3 wood, 7 & 9 irons + putter. All have junior pink grips on them. Could easily swap the grips if your kiddos doesn´t want pink. Have Wishon´s lightweight jr flex shafts in them.
  8. 3 wood or driver length...thanks!
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