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  1. Looking to try some new 3 & 5 wood options. Few guidelines - interested in non-stock, upgraded shafts in S or X flex - only major OEM brands - don't have a ton to spend so models from the price 2-3 years are probably more in my price range Please send as much info in first message with price...thanks!
  2. only trade would be for tour issue OG Sim head…lengths of everything are in the last photos. 6 and PW measured for the irons. 1. CLeveland Zipcore Tour Raw 48 degree wedge with Spinner shade and newish GP MCC +4 grip. Stock everything. Used maybe 3 rounds. $115 shipped 2. Aldila Rogue Silver 70-TX flex with TM tip on it. Measures just over 44" from tip to grip end. $115 shipped 3. Srixon U85 3 & 4 with Tour Issue S400 shafts & GP MC +4 grips (3 is the Align). Both in great shape, $115 shipped for each 4. Srixon Z565 6-PW with DG Tour Issue S400 shafts. GP MC +4 grips again. They have been used but in great shape, some nicks on the PW. $300 shipped pin 11/27
  3. Thanks! saw that but than when they often come with a stock graphite shaft that is much lighter it seems like the swingweight would be completely different which seems to go against the philosophy as well...
  4. Looking for some previous year fairway woods or 18-9 degree hybrids to put against my gamers. Older models preferred due to cost and only really interested in the major brands with aftermarket shafts. Prefer adjustable heads as well. Currently bagging a Sim Max 14 degree with Ventus Blue 7x and a Sim Ti 5 wood with Atmos Black 8x shaft and want to give them some competition. Please include the specs, condition, & price in your message to move along the conversation. Photos are great to if you already have them on hand.
  5. Is the Cobra One Length Hybrid the same weight as their irons? I assumed they would be as that is part of the one length concept but than I saw they often come stock with a much lighter shaft than the irons which makes me wonder if they are different. Using KBS 130 shafts in my Cobra One irons and wondering if I could throw one of those into the hybrid or if it is a different headweight if it would throw it all off...thanks!
  6. Have a Ventus Blue Velocore 8X shaft tipped 1.5” with a Lamkin Pro Cord grip and a Taylormade adapter. Measures 41 3/4” long from butt of grip to tip. $195 shipped
  7. 1. Folsom, CA 2. 0.7 3. L.A.B. Brass B.2 with 1.5 press grip! 4. Yes! See above 5. I LOVE the L.A.B. B.2 putter...it cured my putter ho addiction. I used to have a new putter every few months but ever since I got the B.2 about a year ago I haven't bought another putter since! So much better on midrange putts. It seems like for the first time I know the way the ball is going to roll off the putter I just need to read it right. Was deadly as the 4th putter in a recent scramble I played in. I always said if you guys ever built something between the B.2 and DF 2.1 I would have to try it and here it is! DF 2.1 is just a little to big for my eye but I would actually love to have a putter with this tech that is a little bigger than my B.2. 6. 100%!!!
  8. No trade interests at the moment, see photos for lengths. 1. Ventus Black 6X driver shaft with Taylormade Adapter, bought new a few months ago. $245 shipped 2. Taylormade Sim UDI 3 with Ventus Blue 9X shaft in it. In great shape, really fun to hit but loving my 5 wood at the moment. $245 shipped 3. One length KBS Tour FLT 120 Stiff shafts pulled from Cobra one length irons. Super stroke grips. $95 shipped
  9. Thanks! I sped read this spec charge and assumed it was showing an X flex but appears you are correct!
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