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  1. Thanks! Please include all details and price in message.
  2. Looking for one either head only for shafted with a 90+ gram X shaft. Please include details and price in message. Thanks!
  3. Pulled from Srixon irons...Nippon N.S. Pro 950GH stiff shafts in 6-PW. See photos for length of longest and shortest shaft. Grips are Golf Pride Multicompound in good shape. $58 shipped.
  4. First time posting from my phone so sorry about any formatting issues 1. Selling a MLA Tour Classic Black Edition putter with black shaft and Super Stroke Flatso 1.0 grip. Includes head over and weight kit. In good shape, see photos, alignment aid works well. Just loving my Yes! At the moment. 34.5” long. Retails for $350. Looking for $205 2. Srixon 6-PW combo iron heads. 6 & 7 are 765 model and the 8-PW are 965. Great set to build a combo set off of. Heads have been used and have normal bag chatter for forged clubs. $195
  5. Building a one length set so looking for a decent deal on some shafts. Thanks!
  6. Selling a Taylormade M3 440 driver head. It has a third weight added to the bottom. Third weight is in the back, non OEM but works well. Some paint scuff on the bottom. Look next to the M3 on the bottom. Topline is in good shape. $175 shipped. Sorry no headcover or wrench
  7. Looking for a set of Srixon Z585 irons with X100 shafts or heads only. Would also be open to a combo set built around Z585 long/mid irons. Thanks!
  8. M3/M4/M5/M6...can’t afford a SIM version. 9ish loft. Head only is fine. Looking for one with the + stamp or if you have the CT sticker info. Thanks!
  9. Found a putter that is working well (MLA) so these two need a new home. Only trade interest would be a Sun Mountain 2.5+ bag with the new divider shapes in black, red and white. Sorry, no stock headcovers for either but will ship in some off brand ones I have laying around for protection. Yes! Donna II Putter with a KBS CT Tour Matte Black Shaft and a midsize Royal Grip. Measures approximately 33.75” long and has three strips of lead tape on the bottom. One minor issue, when the lead tape is removed their is a slight wiggle between the grey and black material on the putter head. The lead tap
  10. I have these exact shoes, super comfortable and they provide good ankle support. Think you’ll love them
  11. Thanks! That’s what I thought
  12. Probably a dumb question but is this a single or double bend shaft? Thanks!
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