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  1. Tour issue + stamped M4 9.5 driver head with Kingdom head over. Spec sticker included. Used but in good shape, can add more photos tomorrow if needed...$155 shipped
  2. I got a used Tour AD-BB shaft and I’m trying to figure out how much it is tipped. Anyone have one that the know the tipping on that they could measure from the tip to one of the shaft graphics? I’ve got a TM tip on mine if that helps. Thanks!
  3. Looking to try some options but not break the bank. Old models are great, needs to be low/mid launch and spin and either a TM tip or none. Thanks!
  4. Sorry to hear! I like Haggin´s fitting set up for the simple fact that you actually get to see the ball flight and aren´t hitting into a net.
  5. I think they just put it on all of the "Tour Raw" finishes... Yup! Definitely one of the rougher grips you'll find out there! 58 is SOLD pending funds 52 for $115 shipped
  6. Up for sale are a pair of Cleveland RTX Zipcore Tour Raw wedges...both have been used but are in great shape. T stamp on the hosels. They're great wedges, just moving to a different loft configuration for my bag. 52 has mid bounce and the 58 has low bounce. Both have the new Tour Issue Spinner shafts in them and have Royal V Sand grips on them...no one I give the clubs to likes those grips so maybe plan on regripping them : ) 58 is SOLD...$115 shipped for the 52
  7. Thanks! Looking for S400 or x100 shafts. Need to be new blanks, uncut. Also some MCC +4 grips. Pulled are fine as long as they are in good shape. thanks!
  8. Doing a bag rebuild so clearing everything out. You´ll probably want to be regripping these clubs...long story short I was sent ribbed grips when I didn´t order ribbed grips but didn´t realize it until they had dried installed logo down so the ribs are one top. Not even sure if that´s legal : ) See photos for lengths. 1 & 2. Srixon U85 SOLD & 23 degrees both with Recoil Stiff shaft. Lead tape can be removed if needed...$115 shipped for 1 3. Srixon Z565 6-PW with Tour Issue Dynamic Gold S400 shafts. Few of the shaft labels have started t
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