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  1. My bag is all over the place. Mizzy irons, Ping hybrids and putter, Titleist Driver and fairway, Vokey wedges. I used to be all Titleist but in the past like 5 years have sort of let the clubs pick me as my game improved, and as a result my game improved. If that makes sense. If I did have to only play one brand I'd go Ping.
  2. After a lifetime of playing a 3 wood, like most do, I am considering dropping it. About 5 years ago I started with replacing my 5 wood with a 3 hybrid. Then my 4 iron with a 4 hybrid. In the past year have found myself preferring to hit my 3 hybrid over my 3 wood in almost all instances more and more often. I played a 2 day tournament this weekend and didn't hit my 3 wood once. At every shot where I could have hit either 3 wood or 3 hybrid I just felt the most confident I'd hit the hybrid well. I may have gained a few yards with the 3 wood, but being straight has it's advantages. Particularly
  3. Not range stuff, but prepping your gear. Do you clean your clubs, clean out your bag, mark some balls? I generally set out the clothes I plan to wear so I don't have to monkey around too much in the morning. I mark up a fresh sleeve of balls. Remove any unnecessary junk from my bag to keep it light. And gather up a little pile of snacks for my bag. And then just try to get a good night of sleep! I almost never clean my irons or anything like that. I have a superstition about that. I clean the grooves as I play. Wipe then down as needed. But I've always felt cleaning all my clubs be
  4. To be within plausible reason I would say a 12 and had a freak day. 17 is a miracle. Even a 10 HC, to shoot a 77 in a tournament is 276 to 1 odds.
  5. I think it's pretty much universally understood that anyone who plays and has a high handcap can shoot in the vicinity of 90 on a random day when their slices don't go behind trees, their thin shots actually roll out 200 years, they don't completely chunk one all day, avoid losing a ball or an OB and make 1 or 2 putts. But to shoot 5 over takes more than luck. Every coach I have ever worked with has told me it's far easier to take a 25 to 15 than it is to take a 10 to a 5. The places to shave strokes becomes narrower and narrower.
  6. ACTUALLY....true story. I took a group of golfers from my club to a pro-am: a 25, a 19, and a 12. The 19 thinned his 3rd shot on a par 5 (you guessed it...it went in for a 3, net 1) A few holes later, short par 4....he drove the front fringe of the green, the pin is at least 70' at the back of the green..... Walloped his putt, and you guessed it again....hits the pin and drops for a 2....net 1. Now, I played with these guys for over 2 years, and recorded all their scores when they played on their home course, where I was Asst Pro, and they were as honest as the day is long. Forge
  7. I sent that chart to the tournament director. 37,000 to 1 odds. Pft. I'm sure I'm not the only guy grumbling. I fluctuate between 14 and 16. When I was at 14 I shot my best round ever, non tournament 81. That's only 4 strokes below my HC. Odds on that according to that chart are 87 to one. Well, I've played far more than 87 rounds. So that's well within reason. I've shot 83 twice. If I was at 15 when I shot those that's only 43 to 1. I have yet to have a day when things just "go my way" and I shoot 75 in a tournament. Much less when my HC was at 17. I haven't been a 17 since I started. A
  8. There are about 4 guys in my men's club that always seem to shoot miracle rounds in tournaments and take big $ in the games. I've only been in the club for about 3 years. I only play about 4 a year. But I see all the results of all the tourney's because they send them out to the members. After this past weeks tournament I wrote the club and told them these handful of guys who claim to be 17 and 18 HCs that seem to have their "best round all year" in tournaments only need to be put on notice. And that I'm not paying into side games anymore until it's addressed. Just this last week we had a du
  9. It would not make sense to not work into a net if it requires magnetic dots for spin. My main questions are what is going to actually make this better, and therefore worth the extra money over the SC200. I've had one finger on the buy button for the SC200 for about 8 weeks, since I put together my backyard mat/net practice set up. But I saw the talk of the Mevo at the same time so I've held off awaiting info. The SC200 isn't going anywhere. But I do want to know if the Mevo is better, or offers more information that is actually useful. I also want to know how the app works. In the end I
  10. That's what I figured seeing the USB port on the side. I'm glad it's small. I recently bought a mat and net for my yard and have really been enjoying working on my swing at home with my iPhone camera as reference. I was going to order a SC200 but decided to wait for this to release. Looks like people are chomping at the bit and some are getting ruffled because it's not yet released. Comes with the territory for new products. I've been checking around myself. Hoping it hits air soon. Look forward to adding it to my set up, assuming it works as advertised.
  11. test of Time?!?! It's 2 years old. They JUST released its replacement. Like you couldn't have even upgraded to a new titleist until a month ago. 2 years, 4 months. Which with my O.C.D. and A.D.D., is an eternity. In that time I've had 2 or 4 drivers and at least 4 sets of irons. And switched out all my wedges when the SM6's came out. Nothing is safe in my bag.
  12. It's interesting how many people, myself included get attached to a fairway metal or hybrid as much as people get attached to a putter. That ever important second shot, or go to shot off the tee...
  13. Its unlikely to be the clubs. Its much more likely you are getting better. You can't hit shots that far without a center-face strike, and on a center-face strike most clubs are identical (both are the maximum of the legal limit). It is outside of the center where we usually see clubs that are "longer" than other clubs. For example, they all hit right at the limit when hit by a testing robot. When I started getting significantly better this started happening to me. You will start hitting more and more like that until you have to adjust your distance and your planning. It can be a frustr
  14. Mines my Titleist 915f 3 wood. I still love the sound, feel, and flight so it's standing the test of time like a champ. How about you?
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