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  1. Yeah, I'm skeptical of 165-168 ball speed getting 299-308 carry... And he's only swinging ~110mph... I dunno... Numbers seem a little generous.
  2. I got this putter last year and found that it is the sweet spot for a mild arc putting stroke. I tried face balance and regular plumbers neck with a 45 degree toe hang. This is the first one that I felt confident over the ball. The headshape is perfect down by the ball. The blade shape looks smaller than other blades but the same size. The feel is truly buttery soft, even with the harder x type balls.. I started off with a 35" putter but cut it down to 34" and kept the same stock midsize grip. Can't go wrong with this putter. Personally, the 2020 version isn't as nice as the 2018. The blade is thinner and has a tad more toe hang due to the less weight in the heel.
  3. Hey, Can I get a better look at the 7-PW faces? Can't really see them as well as the long irons. Very interested.
  4. Hey Bud, Are those Irons still available? could you send me clearer images of the faces? Let me know! Ryan
  5. Super clean set. For $600.... Dang Bud. Wish I was looking.. Wait... What am I doing here then? Lol
  6. Those are pretty clean for their age. Great price for them too. Glws
  7. Wow! If only I needed wedges. Great deal on some sweet sweet sweet looking wedges
  8. This is the 12th time I've viewed this ad.... Those United irons. Take em down lol. I can't be tempted by such sexiness....
  9. dude... you got some nice gear. Wish I was in the market for the Nike's. GLWS
  10. Omg those 965s.... And the LZs... *Sigh* ...total club porn...
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