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  1. The "ruling" amounted to the rules official saying that Reed in fact claimed his ball was embedded and that based on that claim the proper step was to take a drop. I agree there was nothing else the rules official could or should have done there - he has no way to know whether the ball was embedded or not. I'm not sayin the rules official was wrong, simply that his ruling doesn't exonerate Reed. It's hardly unreasonable to be skeptical of Reed's claim of an embedded ball considering he was seeking to be able to claim his ball was plugged prior to even seeing it, the fact his ball did bounce wh
  2. The fact that Reed removed the ball leaves nothing for a rules official to rule on except whether the player claims the ball was embedded or not. The rules official clearing Reed tells us nothing except that Reed says his ball was embedded.
  3. I'm honestly shocked at the number of Reed defenders. I can't say with certainty his ball was or was not plugged, but there's plenty of reason to be skeptical particularly in the context of Reed's history of pushing the envelope with the rules. Would I convict him of cheating in a criminal court ("beyond a reasonable doubt")? No, probably not. Civil court ("preponderance of the evidence" or >50% certain)? Pretty sure I would. Yes, he asked the volunteer if she saw the ball bounce and she said it didn't, but... he did this as he was walking up to the ball. He was clearly looking
  4. Lux Pros arrived today. Have only worn around the house and to hit a few balls off a mat, but so far think they were worth the wait. Definitely one of TL's better looking shoes. A little cushier than other models I've worn (TL-01, OG Premium), but not in bad way, and the heel-toe drop feels a little more pronounced even if it's only 5-6mm. Will be interesting to see how they break in as it doesn't have the same synthetic lining as in other shoes, so thinking they will stretch/mold to my feet a little better.
  5. Really surprising nobody has mentioned Justin Thomas on the modern list. Assuming current stat rankings hold this year, he will be at 5 consecutive years of top 5 SG Approach and Tee-to-Green. Hard to argue with that.
  6. Finish holding up pretty well after several hundred shots including a couple decently long bunker practice sessions. One other observation to add... did some more testing against the Ping Glide 3.0 and while I think they are comparably forgiving on mishits, there’s at least a little more feedback on mishits with the Zipcore. Bad shots aren’t punished, but I can definitely feel it more if I hit one off the toe than with the Ping.
  7. I think the point of the lighter grip/shaft is really about having a bit more of a normal progression from irons to wedges, especially with the trend of lighter stock shafts in most GI/SGI irons. For your average golfer, it doesn’t make much sense to go from a PW with something like a 100 gram shaft to a gap wedge with a DG at 120. I just went through a wedge fitting and picked up Glide 3.0s in 50/54. Kept the stock shaft in the 50 as I will take full swings with it and it blends much better with my iron shafts (100g) than jumping straight to a heavy wedge shaft. Went with a heavier Hi-Rev in
  8. Tour Edge EXS 220 is one of the easiest to hit 3 woods I have ever encountered. Spins a bit more than is ideal for me, but I deal with it because it's a fairway finder on the many days I'm not getting along with the driver.
  9. Delays seem to vary pretty widely by product. My fitter ordered Glide 3.0s on June 16 and they just arrived today.
  10. Just got my OG Feels. First impression is they fit a shade looser than the OG Premiums, which makes sense with the unstructured toe box. Really like the way they structured the heel cup - I sometimes have issues with my feet sliding out of shoes, but these hold very well.
  11. Got in some on course testing with an early morning 9 today... Played the Zipcore 58* Mid Sole and SM7 D Grind head-to-head on a number of shots. Results broadly similar to what I saw in practice, but one observation: the Zipcore seemed to hold spin better in wet morning conditions. Had two ~80 yard shots into greens and in both cases the SM7 actually landed a bit short of the Zipcore and still rolled out 5-6 feet farther.
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