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  1. I don’t think the release date timing matters as much as some in this thread think. Sure, there’s the GolfWRX segment that buys and sells two new drivers before Valentine’s Day, but your average golfer probably isn’t thinking about new clubs for a few more months. If it performs, it will sell, especially if it comes at a lower price point than competitors.
  2. Based on that catalogue, looks like about a 10% across the board price hike, even for the stuff that isn’t changed for 2022.
  3. I would also point out their tops tend to run on the longer side. Great if you’re tall, but if you’re a 5’ 8” guy like me and getting a L, some of the stuff can be comically long.
  4. I’m probably a shining example of swing efficiency mattering orders of magnitude more than anything else. I started working with Monte a couple years ago - got fit right before COVID and had an average driver SS of 97. A little less than 2 years later, I got fit again - up to 108 and hit as high as 112-113. In those 2 years I have gained 20lbs of bad weight and lost strength and flexibility. Fitness helps on the margin, but it’s swing first and foremost.
  5. The five pocket style runs slimmer than the chino style. I wear my normal size in the 5 pocket and one inch smaller in the chino style.
  6. I just grabbed a pair of the Target All in Motion pants and think they are pretty great quality for the price
  7. A lot of the new Ecco models are designed to be "adjustable width" by taking out the extra insole. I just picked up a pair of the S-Threes and they fit a bit snug for me until I popped out the extra insole and now they fit as well as any Eccos I've had in the past.
  8. 1. Done 2. Yes 3. Black matte 4. I've tested dozens of putters over the years, but have never actually tested a non-stock putter shaft
  9. Title says nearly all. Prices include PayPal and shipping via USPS (CONUS only, please). Not looking for any trades right now. Happy to provide additional details or photos, just ask. Thanks for looking. 1. Fujikura Atmos Tour Spec 6s with Callaway adapter and GP Z-Grip Align. Still in great shape, played only one season before moving on to the Ventus. Measures 44.5" grip to tip (played -0.5" in an Epic Flash). $145. $130. 2. Bettinardi Studio Stock 2. Plays 33". Only saw a handful of rounds outside - I really need to play a mallet. Some very light brush marks on the sole that don't really show through in photos, but otherwise pristine. Has a SS Pistol GT (no counterweight) on it currently, but will also ship with the original grip (never used - had it shipped in box). Original headcover (like new - never brought it outside) also included. $SOLD. 3 & 4. Callaway Apex '19 3 hybrid (19*) and 4 hybrid (23*). Both have KBS Tour Graphite Hybrid Proto shaft, 85g, stiff flex, -0.25", Pured and installed by Club Champion. 3h has a GP Z-Grip Align and 4h has a GP Z-Grip Plus2. 3h is top and 4h on bottom in all photos - 4h has seen much more wear, as you can see, and it does have one small scratch on the top line near the heel of the club. $149 $135 for the 3h and $139 $125 for the 4h, or take the pair $245. 5-9. 5 Piece Stitch Head Cover Set. Includes Driver, 3w, 5w and two hybrid covers (H and Diamond). Used for one season, all still in great condition. Only selling as a set, will not split. $135. $SOLD.
  10. So after Fuji declined to warranty the Ventus Blue I had in my 3w, I went to get my driver and 3w shafts refit with the only stipulation to the fitter being "no more Fujikura products" (not that they will care, but screw them). I've been almost exclusively a Fuji player the past decade or so (played the Atmos Blue before the Ventus, and a couple different Speeder models prior to that) so the Fuji feel is definitely something I have gravitated towards. I ended up going from the Ventus Blue in my driver and 3w into the Diamana TB. Slightly smoother feel than the Ventus, at least to me, but seems stiffer in the tip than past blueboard models. I picked up a couple mph of swing speed vs. the Ventus with relatively similar launch/spin. I can struggle to close the face sometimes and find the TB easier to turn over.
  11. Thanks for the clarification. Is there some trick to making photos appear? This is the first ad I have posted since the site migration... I dragged and dropped the photos as shown on the instructions in the post pinned at the top of this forum and apparently that is how they came through...
  12. My ad was deleted. Stated reason was “images not present.” Not sure what happened there because I could see the images fine and I have no idea how I am supposed to fix a problem I can’t see. Regardless, do I now need to wait 30 days to repost an ad with the same items?
  13. I occasionally fight the same issue. For days when I just can't close the damn club face I have an Epic Max LS. Set it to D and put the sliding weight all the way over to the heel and it at least keeps the right miss in the rough as opposed to the next fairway over. On neutral settings, it's definitely less draw biased than the standard Max or the Epic Speed, but you can absolutely make it draw biased with the hosel adjustments and sliding weight.
  14. 1. Merrimack, NH 2. 12.7 3. Titleist TS2 5w, Callaway Apex 19 4h 4. Have been trying for some time to fill the gap between 3w and 4h. Prefer a hybrid to a fairway, but looking for a bit more launch/distance than I got from the Apex 19 3h. Seems like this would fit the bill. 5. Yes, of course
  15. 1. Subscribed ([email protected]gmail.com) 2. Done. Bedford, MA 3. Probably Needham, MA as a I have been fit there in the past 4. Yes 5. Iron shafts, putter
  16. If you have a Fleet Feet near you (I would imagine other specialty running store too) they actually use a digital device that measures all aspects of your foot (e.g arch height, instep) not just length/width like a Brannock device. I measure to an 8.0 D on a traditional measure, but based on other measures I actually fit better to an 8.5 E. A good shoe fitter at a running store can also show you the best lacing pattern to use as well that can often address minor fit issues. Mentioned already upthread, but insole changes can be hugely helpful - Johnston & Murphy developed an adjustable width system based on multiple insoles. Thinner insole = wider fit. I would also throw out that True Linkswear has a 30 day trial policy. You can return or exchange up to 2 pairs per year even after wearing them on the course. I think you just pay return shipping. No idea how they will fit you, but at least a lower risk option to try.
  17. 1. Merrimack, NH 2. Nashua Country Club 3. Titleist ProV1x, Yellow 4. Always interested in experimenting with new equipment. Competing products with enhanced alignment aids have been helpful for putting, but didn’t like the ball.
  18. Just one data point, but ordered a TSi2 fairway 7/29 and it shipped yesterday. Custom build, but confirmed before I ordered that all components were in stock. So turnaround time isn’t too bad for anything they have the components for…
  19. I've had one for a little over a year and have probably walked 25 rounds with it. Overall, it's probably my favorite cart I've used (had 3 over the past decade), though it's not without drawbacks (and at the price, I kinda want something close to perfect). Pros: -Incredibly well built -Looks great -Very easy to fold/unfold -Wheels can power through anything - goes over beat up cart paths or roots with ease, doesn't get bogged down in wet grass or mud. -Fewer moving parts - don't need to worry about tightening brake cables, etc. My last two carts ended up going because of small parts breaking and challenges getting replacements. Cons: -Heavy. I don't notice it so much when pushing, but it can be a little less stable on any type of side hills, particularly since it's so high off the ground. -Steering. It's not bad, it's just not as easy as some other carts out there. -The brake can be a bit finicky - on/off with the foot is easy, but sometimes it doesn't fully disengage and you have to lock/unlock it again. -No locking mechanism once folded up - you can use the bag straps to mostly keep it folded together, but no designed locking mechanism makes it a little awkward to load/unload -It's on the big side when folded - not an issue for me, but depending on your car space it could be a consideration (e.g. you aren't fitting two of these and two golf bags in any trunk outside of a large SUV Nothing on the "con" list is a deal breaker for me, but definitely some elements of personal preference in there.
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