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  1. If anyone ends up wanting to part ways with theirs, shoot me a message. Think I may feel like giving it a shot for shts n giggles, but not at the current price bc RBG did their typical "raise prices for the discount promo sale" nonsense....
  2. Have given mine a good run through. Got the forged tec set, and was pretty disappointed with the feel. Granted I’m coming from J15CBs, so it’s not exactly a fair comp in terms of sweetness. But these felt super clicky to me. Obviously not quite as clicky when middled, but still felt more like a hollow head club than a forged one. Definitely not what I was hoping for from a “forged” club. And even if the concept was something I wanted to try for an extended period, the feel isn’t something I’d ever want to game on a regular basis. If I can’t have those couple pure buttery smooth iron shots in m
  3. Price includes shipping via USPS Priority Mail to the CONUS. Cash is king, no trades. First to send PP gets it. Will ship out within a day of receiving payment. PM me with any questions. Cheers! 1. United Golf JDM Kyoei Forged - SBB1 Satin Iron Set 4-PW w/ Recoil Prototype 125 F5 Shafts $529 OBO Make and Model - United Golf SBB1 Iron Set Dexterity - Right-Handed Shaft Details - Recoil Prototype 125 F5 Flex - Extra Stiff Set Makeup - 4-PW Length/Lie/Loft - Standard Grip Type - Iguana Golf Tour Velvet Grip Size - Standard Condition - Brand new, never used. Shafts have been sp
  4. Most all the reviews of this club are from people who got some sort of free shaft upgrade put it (HZRDUS, Tour Blue, Elements, etc.) Has anyone gamed one with the Red Tie installed? Tempted, but not quite sure atm....
  5. I wonder if you can buy it online, wait the 7 days for points to clear, go and buy one in store with points, and then return the original one? Not like they can give you negative points on your account... lololol
  6. I am a huge fan of anything artisan when it comes to golf equipment. Irons, wedges, ball markers, belt buckles, headcovers. They all add that special flair to a bag that puts everyone on notice, "HERE. I. AM". I simply love to see the uniqueness, creativity and craftsmanship of these artisans put on display for the world to enjoy. Its one of the few expressions of artistry that I actually enjoy in this world. But I don't think there's any debate: when it comes to golf artistry, putters are king. I cannot tell you how many nights have been lost after falling down the putter porn rabbit ho
  7. Chip really does some great work, someone's really going to be happy if they decide to pull the trigger on that Lab. It'd be me if it were a BL-02... XD GLWS!
  8. Dunno why y'all are making this so overly complicated? Just get a set of J15 CB's. Done. Turf interaction is perfect. Distance is perfect. Control is perfect. Forgiveness is perfect. Feel is orgasmic. You're welcome in advance. :)
  9. I admittedly know nothing about CT's, but that paintfill looks atrocious on the dots. Milling also looks like trash.
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