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  1. Sorry for late response, its Carry
  2. As a 5-6 HC I thought I would chime in on my experience with the ZX5 and ZX7's. I went to test graphite shaft options at a local clubfitter with Trackman and ended up trying a few different iron heads as well. I'm generally in the 85-88 mph range with 6 iron with a quick transition and -4 AoA. I ended up hitting the Steelfiber i95's best with multiple heads so compared the two Srixon heads using that shaft. My baseline gamers (716 AP2's with DGs300) exhibited the following for ball speed, launch angle, spin, height, landing angle and carry: BS - 119, LA - 15.4, S - 5459 , H - 83 ,
  3. This! MP-18 shape w copper!
  4. 983k/e, Sonartec 3wd's, R510TP Deepface, Titleist PT, MP-14, MP-33
  5. Agree. Thought the 20’s were big.
  6. I'd agree with the comment that the T100 are close to blades. I love the look of the T100's and I love the look of blades too, I just don't play them. The T100 and i210 are almost apples to oranges in design respects (sole, bounce, offset etc). Comes down to preference on look, feel and how much forgiveness you need. Both are awesome in the right hands.
  7. I'm curious to hear more about the move to lighter weight graphite/steel in these sticks after you get a few rounds. I'm also thinking of going lighter than my current S300's with a set of ZX7s and curious what you settle on and why.
  8. I went to a specialty wedge (46 degree Vokey) a few years ago and eventually migrated back to the set pitching wedge. I play AP2's and found that the Vokey in 46 was much less forgiving and I was likely losing strokes. I leave most of my pitching/chipping to the 50/55/60 so the pitching wedge was really a full swing club only. It took a while to realize but a small miss with the Vokey from 130-140 yards was usually still on the green or just off and that didn't feel like it punished me too badly. Whereas putting the AP2 PW back in really tightened up the dispersion circle. Also, t
  9. OP, I have a similar swingspeed and have (or have hit) the four shafts you highlighted. I didn't see a huge difference in ball height off the driver, or one noticeably lower than the others. Of course this is based on my swing. I have a quick (too quick sometimes) transition, neutral(ish) path at the ball and hit up around 5 degrees. There are probably some other shafts that launch lower than the ones you mentioned if you really want to experiment. I think a ball change could be also be interesting. You didn't mention which ball you play but I've found
  10. First two PXG hybrids are solid, haven't hit the latest. The PXG's on the flattest setting look perfect to me. Also liked the TS3 and first Apex hybrid (non jailbreak) version. Going with a heavier shaft certainly helps a number of people fight the left miss. The Ping hybrid set really flat is worth a try. Similar to you I prefer driving irons/ utility irons and there are certainly higher launch utility irons that may fit your needs paired with the right higher launch shaft.
  11. Your probably due an upgrade and will see a difference in performance. On center hits you may not gain much, but some of the newer heads will be more forgiving over larger percentages of the face. As you mentioned you hit pulls as a miss just be careful with the newer lower spin heads (SIM, Mavrik SZ) as they could make this miss even worse. Just a thought as I dealt with a similar decision.
  12. OP, I have a few miles more in swing speed, low 100's. I put the Mavrik SZ Triple Diamond against the TSi's on a Quad. I was lucky to hit all three (Mavrik, Tsi2, Tsi3) in the same shaft, a GD IZ. Ballspeeds were not materially different and I was getting a bit more spin in the Titleists. Dispersion on the Mavrik and Tsi3 were similar but the Tsi2 was better than both. Honestly I liked the shape and feel of all three but was surprised to like the Tsi2 as much as I did. I felt like I couldn't miss that stick and look forward to giving it another go soon. Your results will likely v
  13. Go 4 wood. Pings get up there in the air and I was surprised how high the new TSi2 launched.
  14. As a 983e fan and proud owner ( not in the bag though) I couldn't help but chime in here. For me the 983e is within striking range on distance but I still see more distance in modern drivers and dispersion is way better. You could certainly see increased club head speed with the smaller 983 versus a bigger modern day driver but the gap described above seems a bit large. Also, would be interesting to test the face on your 983E, given its age and use maybe the face is no longer legal and too thin? Just speculating, I thought I had read somewhere that if you are really pounding a driver you can w
  15. Yep, a nice explosive "thwack" is my preference which is what I think "heavy" describes. I'm allergic to the tinny hollow aluminum baseball bat feel some of the drivers have featured.
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