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  1. i think i am really looking for graphite recommendations that might play similar to the KBS tour v that I am playing in my irons.
  2. i dont think higher launch is my issue....i hit the ball plenty high and with enough spin already.....last week i sucked back the 3 iron a foot hitting it into the par 5
  3. my old 3 iron is a Bridgestone J15DF. I have thought about gong with the same shaft, but i primarily use it for off the tee box, so ive always leaned towards graphite just to inch out a couple extra yards.
  4. So i recently was fitted for the Srixon ZX7 irons, with KBS Tour V 120 X flex. I absolutley love them. However, i have found that i hit my 4 iron as far as my old 3 iron. The 4 iron is at a standard stock loft at 22*. I have my 3 iron bent down to 18-19*, with an axivcore black 100g s in it....i do like the way it feels, it just doesnt seem to go as far as my new 4 iron anymore. Any suggestions on a graphite shaft to look into for it?
  5. you have any pics of the butt end of the accra shaft? i would like to see the extension put in please
  6. thats some killer swing speed that day....i will say i saw something similar in my fitting. However, the modus, being a little softer, had teh occasional miss way left (my typical miss), where the KBS were all within a 12x4 yard box
  7. I have the modus 130's in my 50 and 54 (picked them up from another buddy, and liked his wedges so much i just bought them from him). I like them and hit them in the fitting, but the shaft still didnt work for me. I have played x100, s400 and s300 at various other times in the last 5 years...but never got fully fit. I will say, i was SOOOOOO happy i did the full fitting, and even happier i just paid him to build them. the last set i bought from a rep, came to me 1/2 in short, 1 degree flat, and at a high C on the SW, when i ordered a D3....now i dont have to worry about any of t
  8. man.....i feel the struggle on this. I had the same feeling when playing the modus. All in all, the modus were probably my tightest dispersion when i was hitting them all great. My misses on it were rough. And if you gave a shot into the wind....forget about it. I struggled with flighting it down WITHOUT increasing the spin. Got fit into the KBS Tour V 120X and am looking forward to a round on the course with the new irons. In teh fitting, I was able to flight the ball without a drastic change in spin. Additionally, it felt much more stable in the transition for me. I have a quick tem
  9. agreed with what the other person said. I had the modus 120S hard stepped once in my gamer irons. Went in and did my fitting over the weekend and walked out with KBS tour V 120X. I am not an X swinging player, but the quick tempo and transition warrant a more stable butt and mid section in the iron. All in all....loved the numbers i was getting with the irons.
  10. Im not sure how you can make such a blanket statement about it being a dream shaft for all stiff/x golfers. I just finished my fitting for a new set of irons on Friday, and the 2 worst shafts for me were the Elevate and the Modus (hit in 120, 130 and 125 grams). In each of these cases, the dispersion on the shots were just too big. I ended up getting fit for the LBS Tour V in X flex. I am by no way an X flex swing speed, but for me and my swing, it was about finding a shaft stable enough for my quick tempo and transition. I would suggest, if you have the ability to......go g
  11. So....hating all of my new 3 wood adventures. Contemplating getting a new shaft into it...anyone still game their old J33 3 wood? Or anyone still game an older (10+ years old) fairway wood?
  12. OK...so i have hit both, and like both. I think i know which way i am leaning towards, but would like to hear other peoples feedback. Who is gaming which and why did you go that route. For some information, i do prefer smaller/more compact heads, and typically carry my 3 wood about 235-245. Having adjustability in the head is not a necessity, but would be an added benefit that i would probably never/seldomly use. Additionally, i typically only hit my 3 wood off the tee box.
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