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  1. I asked Harry on Twitter the other day about it. He had one of their technical guys chime in. Some new process makes it more durable. He showed us pictures of his wedge that he had been using for about a month and a half and it looked fantastic Possible to post the pic of the smoke wedge here or PM me with it? Thanks! Super curious. I have a combo set on order and debating if I want to change them to smoke.
  2. Keep us updated--really curious as to whether the gapping is fairly even in the real world. Hard to get over a 30.5* 7 iron!
  3. Give me that Azalea. Is it actually coming out?
  4. Jesus. Today bb5 is straight fire. If only it was a flow neck. On the hunt for one. Glws
  5. Can't seem to find anything anywhere about the new Wedgeworks high bounce K grind sand wedges. They are claiming that, even with 16* of bounce, the wedges are versatile and are ideal to hit with an open face on tight(er) lies. Anyone have any experience with these wedges?
  6. OK, I've got a bunch of items here. Everything priced to move. Prices include priority shipping east of the Mississippi. West of the Mississippi, add $10. I WILL: - Describe all items accurately - Ship quickly - Package securely - Answer questions if more detail is needed I WILL NOT: - Do business with Cowboys or Pats fans. Thanks for looking! Index Shafts 1. Veylix Arcane 40T First 40 X-flex shaft - SOLD. To my knowledge, the liquid reveal does not work, but YMMV. 44" tip to grip. Scuffing in one spot. See pictures for more info. 2. Fujikura Atmos Folds of Honor USA edition 6X - SOL
  7. WR, I appreciate the candid and prompt response. What is the composition of your combo set? At first, I was leaning to going heavy with MBs/SCs, now I'm leaning towards MMCs in 7i and stronger. I went fli-hi in the 4, SC for 5 - 7, MB 8 - PW. I wasn't a fan of the MMC's. If I could do it all over, I would probably get MB's from 5 - PW. I don't see a big difference between the MB's and the SC's, and I still get a giddy feeling when I pull one if the MB's out of the bag.
  8. Weightroom, I see you're still bagging the MP18s. Any changes in opinion or update that you can provide since this post about five months ago? Thanks and I look forward to your response. Funny you should mention that. Great minds think alike. I was going to come in here and share an update: After a few months of playing these clubs, my ball striking has gotten better. It has had to. I place a high premium on focusing on centerdness of contact with these clubs. I still do think the Srixons are meaningfully more forgiving. Toey or thin shots are costly with the MP18's. They are, however, m
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