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  1. Hi all, Wanted your expert look at this listing. There is no spec on a IZ 6R (regular) on https://proschoicegolfshafts.com. The softest shaft on the site is 6SR. Do you say fake? I asked the seller if the shaft is sourced from Japan and he said he was not sure. Apparently, the seller either pulled it off ebay or sold it. 98.6% rating on ebay though
  2. All im doing now at the range is making half shots with all clubs lol
  3. Hi, I have a World Wide Golf Shops Store Credit of $438.85 good for Roger Dunn and all the stores listed on the card (see below). We can meet at Roger Dunn locations in LA or OC to verify the balance. Sale price: $400 Cash
  4. My vote go to Cobra King Pro CB and look beautiful in chrome. More compact (read: shorter blade length) than Iblades which I also own, less offset than Iblades and more forgiving. My toe hits feel flushed and go same distance as middled shots that I cannot say about Iblades.
  5. So I wonder if someone can give me an opinion with this event that happened yesterday Story: We booked a 9 hole tee time for the back 9 at 12 noon. As we were getting ready to tee off on the back 9 on time, this one group came out of no where and and said "hey we're gonna tee off, since we started playing our 18 hole at 10am". It wasn't like they asking us, they told us and just went. I thought that was out of ordinary. Can someone chime in? Thanks
  6. Monte is gold and I'm sure other instructors who frequent this site are too. I took 2 lessons with Monte and its night and day in my ball striking before and after.
  7. I play the 440 with ad-tp 6s and its staying in the bag. I have the front screw a notch toward the toe and the back screw in the middle setting. Nice boring mid flight that flys forever and great roll. I played the 16’ M2 for 1 season and switch to this with no regrets. Love the smaller look, deeper face, and way more solid feel. I used to be on average 30 yards behind my playing partner who regularly drives 260-280 but now we pretty much even!
  8. TRaded in my 16’ M2 for this and the feeling is so much better. Feel super solid all almost all strikes. Low on the face still produce very solid numbers on course. Toe hits block to the right but still great distance and and not far off fairway. The smaller look and deeper face def fit my eyes better. Now all my testing were done on course too. Def keep this for very long time!
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